Privet Drive was by all means a completely normal neighborhood. It had a park a school and a multitude of houses that all looked exactly the same in every way. On the street though you will be pleased to find that not everyone was as normal as them. In fact if we head on over to the Dursley household you will find that is not the case at all. Because in that household you will find one boy who was extremely abnormal in every way. His name was Harry Potter, a sixteen year old who was known as the criminal boy as he goes to St.Brutus School for Criminal Boys. Everyone in the neighborhood stuck their nose up at his very name. However that is not the case as Harry Potter is not a criminal; he is in fact a wizard. One of the best in a long long time. However he was currently in a big dilemma over something.

Harry stared at the mirror in horror as he tried to put his glammar up. Staring back at him was not the famous wizard everyone knows him as; in fact nobody would even be able to recognize him. His hair reached his shoulders in spiky locks of beautiful raven. His eyes were the same brilliant emerald color, but they had a slit in them like cats eyes. His skin was an luminescent ivory color with two jungle green stars on each cheek only about an inch big. His lanky body was now lean with muscles on them although he still stayed at a height of 5''4. What was perhaps the most unique however were the new appendages added to his person. He had a pair of black cat ears on top of his head along with a smooth and sleek panther like tail that was twitching in aggravation. His hands now had finely manicured claws on them that looked sharp and deadly. Finally he had a thin layer of black fur running down his spine and towards his tail.

Harry hissed in anger as he blew his hair out of his eyes, 'As if things couldn't get any worse I decide to grow a fucking tail!" he thought plopping down on his bed and looking through his care of magical creatures' book. He searched for awhile before he found something that looked right. At the top it said "Panther Demons" and had a picture of something that looked like him on the page.

Panther Demons are essentially what it says. They are a demon that takes on the characteristics of a panther. They are closely related to cat demons, except for the differences in animal forms and the animalistic characteristics. Panther demons are said to be fiercely independent, playful, and love to cause chaos. They are very protective over their own territory and will protect their pride to the end. They are alpha in most cases except in a relationship with their mate where they are mostly submissive a dominant has to prove they are worthy of being their dominant first. There are two different kinds of Panther Demons, those of blood, and those of worth. The ones of blood are ones that were born as a panther demon and have always been panther demons along with their parents being ones. The ones of Worth however are the ones who were not born as a Panther Demon, but were reincarnated as a Panther Demon. That means they were a human, but was then chosen by a dead panther demon to be one. They are in a way like half demons, half human and half demon. However Panther demons are very possessive even after death, so there are barely any ones of Worth.

Harry closed the book in deep thought for a minute as he took it all in. He thought for a minute before deciding against telling Dumbledore, 'It's none of his damn business anyways!' he thought with a sneer on his face before blinking slightly. 'Okay attitude change, I'm chalking that up to the demon thing.' He pondered some more before he through his hands up in disgust.

"You know what? Fuck it! I'm going to bed," he stated before falling on his bed and pulling the covers up and falling asleep. A couple of hours after he went to sleep it chimed twelve on his clock stating it was his birthday. The moment it chimed twelve he and his luggage all disappeared with nothing but a rumpled bed to show anyone had inhabited the place.

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