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Dib pulled on his trench coat, standing in front of his sister's full length mirror. His hair was slicked back and straight. His glasses were shiny, having just been washed. His pants were pressed, his shirt ironed, his shoes shined. If he had to say so, he looked rather impressive. He smiled to his reflection, trying to look official and responsible. Today was the big day and he wanted to make sure he looked as professional as possible. He looked the part, he thought, as he smoothed out his blue T-shirt over his wash board flat stomach.

" Well, Gaz, what'd you think?" he asked, turning to his sister. She gave him a wicked glare from under the covers of her purple flame sheets. Dib shuddered, then smiled, " I'll be gone for a little bit. Let Dad know where I am in case I'm not back in time for dinner,"

" Get out,"

Waving, Dib left her bedroom just as the lamp crashed into the wall. He headed out of the house as he checked to make sure he had all his note cards in order. All fifty two of them were numbered and together. He let out a sigh and began the walk to his destination.

Dib was finally going to apply for the job of his dreams. He was sixteen, in high school, and completely prepared for the responsibility this particular job would require. He'd gotten his resume ready and called over and over again until he was granted the time to apply for the job. Today was his interview for the highly sought after position since it had been announced that the job was available to the public and not just members of the organization associated with this local branch. Three weeks of prep and he was finally getting his chance to explain why he was the perfect person for the job.

He'd wanted this chance for years. He'd been obsessed with this field of study for so long that the obsession had become love and then a part of his soul. Without it, he would be nothing. He could just crawl in a hole and die, for all he cared if it weren't for this highlighted aspect of his paranormal studies. For years now, he'd had an ongoing affair with his obsession, yet nothing permanent had been done to give him a place in the actual organization. Now was his chance to beat down all those who thought they were worthy of this job.

And surely, he would. Dib had superior intelligence to, it seemed, every other person on the planet. That sort of intelligence was highly valued in the job he wanted so badly. Besides that, he was already personally associated with the subject matter and had connections within the inner workings of the organizations. He had the time for the hours required and he lived close enough that commuting wasn't going to be a problem. He was okay with overtime and his hours were flexible. As for pay, he'd accept whatever was given. He also had a reputation for dedicated work ethic and a willingness to submit.

In other words, Dib was perfect for the job. He knew this, yet he couldn't help be nervous. He had no idea how many other people had applied and what rank he had over them. If someone seemed more appetizing for some reason, his chances were shot. Despite the utter perfection of his resume, he lacked the personal experience that might be sought out in this field. He had some experience in his own experiments and such, but in all truth, nothing had ever worked out and he was laughed at for his attempts. Therefore, someone with more experience might be chosen over him.

" I won't let that happen! I'll get this job if it kills me!" he declared to himself, clutching his note cards to his chest. With that, he hurried down the last block that lead to the place he was going to be interviewed.

He slowed to a stop, looking at the building with fear growing deep in his stomach. His eyes shot nervously down that the cards in his hands. These cards had detailed explanations as to why he was the perfect person for the job. Quotes from people who agreed with him, lengthy points, and good qualities that made him a match for the job he sought. All of it ordered to flow from one point to the next flawlessly. He'd wanted to make the interview longer by including a full fledged resume and list of contacts and such, but he'd been given a time limit of only a minute and twenty three seconds to explain his case.

A minute and twenty three seconds. That was all he had to explain. He'd fit in as much as he could by practicing for days on how fast he could talk and still be understood. He'd cut out a lot just to make sure he made the limit. If he didn't, he knew he wouldn't get the job. This place was very serious when it handed out limits and rules. But he was confident that he could say every word coherently in that little amount of time.

" My resume is impeccable. There's no way a little inexperience is going to cost me this position," he assured himself, marching up to the door. He was early and knew he'd have to wait. Three minutes early was three minutes too early. He'd be let in when he was supposed to have shown up and not a second before. So, he stood just outside the door, reviewing his notes.

The seconds ticked away on his watch. The moment was upon him. This was it, he knew, as he raised his hand to knock. If he didn't get this job, his life in the paranormal was all over. He'd never be able to think about the subject again. All that would be left to him was his father's lab and normal science. This job would make or break him. It all depended on his rather short interview and the way he presented the material he hoped would land him this job. If he failed, the subject would be ruined for him, utterly and completely.

This was really it. Now or never. Sink or swim. Live or die. Knowing this, Dib had still applied and he still knocked on the door at the exact time he knew he was meant to.

The door ripped open and Zim glared out at him before grabbing the front of his shirt and jerking him inside his strange home. Dib was thrown into the couch and the door shut.

" You have one minute and twenty three seconds to tell me why you should have the honor of being my boyfriend, Dib human. Start now," Zim clicked a button on his glove and turned viciously narrowed pinkish red eyes on him.

Dib choked, then began to talk rapidly. Sweat rolled down his brow as he went through the cards in his shaking hands, those eyes making him want to start crying. He went through the motions. They'd been friends for the last few years and they'd had an ongoing affair of romance for years. They might've had different opinions on the future of the Earth, but they could work through the little complication. There was a great deal of frictional passion between the two. They worked well together. They'd both come out to one another. They'd shared their first kiss with each other. They'd been experimenting with the other for quite some time now. The time had come for them to seal the deal and become an official couple.

" Time," Zim snapped just as Dib finished and looked up from his note cards. After that, there was silence. Zim hadn't taken his eyes off him the entire time. Now, his eyes remained focused and angry, his antennae slicked back as though he was truly pissed off. His arms were crossed over his chest, his claws digging into his forearms. One foot tapped a few times, then he walked across the floor until he was standing in front of the human in front of him. Still, he said nothing.

Feeling nervous, Dib glanced around, waiting to be told to leave. No one else was there. They were alone. He looked up at Zim. Nothing was happening. Had he offended the alien? Had he pissed him off? What was going on? He had no idea. He didn't even know if this sort of reaction was a good thing or a bad thing, although he strongly suspected it was a bad thing. He swallowed hard, wishing those eyes would change or something would be said.

" S-so... Zim... do I get to be y-your boyfriend?" he questioned, fixing his glasses. The alien leaned in close until there was merely an inch between their lips. Time froze for just a second but that was all it took for Dib's face to grow incredibly hot and his body to start to shake.

Zim pushed his lips against Dib's, hard and passionate. His tongue slipped effortlessly into the boy's mouth and began to explore. Dib's hands found his beloved's hips and he pulled him into his lap. Zim's hands ran through the black hair, jerking it back and exposing the line of the human's neck. He licked Dib's lips, then switched to the younger boy's neck and bite down hard. Dib let out a cry, his hands gripping at the tight black pants the other was wearing. Zim's tongue ran along the red mark before he bit down again and began to suck on the wound. Gasps came from his partner's mouth as he did.

Dib cried out when he felt teeth in his shoulder. His hands ran up Zim's backside, then back down until he found the swell of his ass. He cupped it and squeezed hard, enjoying the feel of that flesh in his palms. Zim smiled through the biting, pushing Dib's head to the side as he bit down on the human's collar bone. One of those three fingered hands grabbed hold of Dib's hair so he wouldn't move, whereas the other held onto Dib's elbow.

The alien lapped up the blood before engaging in a kiss again. They both tasted the metallic taste of the red liquid as their tongues caressed the other's. Zim's hands locked in place on the back of the younger's neck, relishing the idea of keeping him from moving. Dib's fingers dug into the flesh of his partner's sweet ass, his eyes closing in the moment. He felt one hand release his head and run up his bare back. Taking the hint, he slipped one hand under the uniform of the invader. He ran his fingers tenderly over that smooth skin, loving the feel of it under his skin. He wanted to feel more of it. The thought of that brought heat to various parts of his body and he moaned into the wet kiss, his hand dipping down to free his lover from those black pants.

Zim's hand grabbed his wrist and suddenly Dib was on his feet and standing outside the door. Zim's pinkish red eyes matched the blush on his face as he held the door open. Dib, confused, looked around every which way.

" I have a review with My Tallest in a minute. Go home, Dib," he roughly said, before shutting the door in Dib's face. The human gawked, not understanding what was going on. The door opened again and Zim's head popped out long enough to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, " Call me later, Love Slave,"

The door snapped shut and Dib heard Zim shouting for Gir. Smiling and touching his cheek, Dib began the walk back home, feeling elated that he'd landed the job he'd wanted for years.

He was Zim's boyfriend. And he couldn't wait for his first business call.