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The Massive was an impressive sight for any Invader, even if they had seen it before. As it were, Zim had seen the Massive on many occasions, mostly in part to his own hijacking skills. Nevertheless, he gawked idly at the huge red spaceship as it towered over his tiny Voot cruiser for a couple seconds when he arrived at the Armada. Finally shaking his head to rid himself of the awe, he approached by weaving in and out of the various smaller warships. In due time, he was hovering outside the docking ramp. Once he radioed inside, the Voot cruiser was allowed to land. He drifted through an opening in the hull, then, and landed softly on the giant dock fit for any number of ships. As soon as he had touched down, he snapped the shield off of the cruiser. With some difficulty, the Invader climbed out of his ship and gently stepped down onto the metal floor of the ship he had never officially been on before. The hanger he was in had a couple Irken soldiers in it. Most of them gave him dirty or strange looks, but he kindly ignored them.

Rather, Zim marched from the hanger to the giant metal doors that were already whizzing open. From the other side, Tallest Purple and Red floated in, their eyes bored and their hands full of a wide variety of snacks. Around them were a bunch of guards, all of whom added their own looks to the mix. The Invader pretended he didn't see them as he stood in front of his leaders for the first time since he had been assigned his mission to conquer Earth, several years ago. The changes since then rendered them all a little shocked. After all, then Zim had barely come up to their knees and had been labeled the smallest Invader. Now, he stood to their shoulders and was sporting a large, rounded belly firm with child. Nervously, he saluted them.

" Greetings, my Tallest. It is a pleasure to see you again and an honor to be here at the Massive. I can't thank you enough for allowing me access to your home while I wait out the duration of this unfortunate turn of events. Then, Zim will return to Earth to smite it and turn it's glorious burning ruin over to your Empire, sirs," Zim proudly announced, his smile widening characteristically as his ego began to revive itself from his horrible encounter with Dib.

" Aw, yes. . . hello, Zim," Red weakly answered, his voice as monotone as it possible could be. Beside him, Purple snorted into his shoulder in a desperate attempt not to start laughing out loud. His counterpart shot him a dark glower that went unheeded, as the snickering continued, " You. . . look great,"

" Thank you, sir," Zim couldn't hide the aggravation from his voice, despite his obvious attempt to do so. Red felt his interest growing, only to quell it quickly by jabbing Purple in the ribs. The other could barely keep himself upright, the snorting and giggling had grown so bad. Of course, Zim failed to notice.

" Knock it off, Purple. . ." Red sneered under his breath, elbowing him one more time. Purple gasped out an apology that was strangled by more laughter. The Invader gazed at his leader, but didn't ask to be let in on the joke. Vaguely, Red wondered if he already knew. Still, he just motioned to the doorway that remained open, " Um. . . a drone will take you to your room, Zim. I'm sure. . . you're tired- would you shut up- from your trip. It must of been a grueling two week journey. . . being expectant and everything. . ."

" Yes, sir. Thank you, my Tallest. Zim shall never forget the kindness you have shown him," he answered with one last salute. From the crowd of guards, a single drone stumbled forward to lead the Exile to his new quarters. Red sighed loudly as the one Irken he had tried to keep out of the Massive happily marched into it. To his side, Purple burst out in wild, unchecked laughter as all his snacks fell to the roof before being grabbed by the guards.

" Oh my! Did you see how big he's gotten?!"

With that, the doors to the hanger whizzed shut. Zim was left in the hallways of his leaders as he followed a drone to what would be his home for the next couple of weeks. He tried not to think about those weeks as he looked around the familiar and homely scenery of the universe he hailed from. Years stuck on Earth, surrounded by only his small base, and those feelings of homesickness finally evaporated. A small smile smoothed over his lips as he felt the chill in the air from the metal walls, heard the whirl of engines of a spacecraft, smelt the harsh chemicals of weaponry. After so long, he was glad to be away from dirt, water, and humans. These sensations were what he filled his mind up with as he was lead deeper and deeper into the belly of his mothership. Just as he was thinking he was starting to get dizzy, the drone informed him that they were there. He didn't thank the slave. He merely walked inside the modest room and snapped the door shut.

The room reminded him slightly of the bedroom he had left on Earth. There was a circular bed with purple sheets and a metal headboard bolted to the wall. A door to a cleaning facility was off to one side. The rest of the room was bare, as it didn't serve any other function then a sleeping area. Spying that bed, Zim strolled over, pulling his gloves off with his teeth. Free of their protection, he rubbed his slender fingers over the insanely soft fabric of the imperial sheets. That was really all he needed. Letting out a moan, Zim eased himself down onto the feather like mattress and silky sheets that caressed his tense skin. The pressure that had been tugging on his middle was immediately washed away, leaving him feeling lighter then he had in several weeks. Kicking off his overly tight boots, the Invader just laid there, grinning for the simple pleasure of being able to rest.

Tallest Red would never know how right he had been when he said Zim was tired from his trip. The flight from Earth to the current location of the Armada had been a whopping two week trip. Two weeks, then, he had spent in his cramped Voot cruiser, sitting in that less then plush chair with it's stiff and unforgiving back. Being seven months pregnant, Zim had been utterly miserable. His back had throbbed, his neck had ached, his head had spun, his feet had swollen, and his belly had continued to weigh him down. Sometimes, he swore he was growing larger by the minute. He knew that wasn't possible, though. Locked in that tiny ship for such a long amount of time, however, had made him look down at his vastly swollen middle with disdain. At that moment, he truly wished he could just make his smeet and it's resulting curve vanish if only so he could stand up without so much agony.

" All in due time, Zim. . . all in due time. . ." he mumbled to himself in a dazed sort of voice. Sleep was starting to overtake him even if he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to go to bed. He really wanted to get up and drag his heavy butt over to his Tallest to ask them questions about what to do with the smeet once it was born. He wished to discuss the war and his invasion of the humans. He longed to get some snacks and watch some good old fashioned Irken broadcasts. Instead, he just sighed loudly and patted the side of his large middle.

As much as he wanted to, wished to, longed to, Zim knew the bed was going to win out. He was an Invader and an Irken and he was ready for any sort of pain, true. Right then and there, however, he just yawned and relaxed his body to accept the mattress. His body was sore in places he hadn't felt during his entire course of training. He knew his Tallest would understand if he wanted to get in a couple hours of sleep. They would forgive him for being so exhausted he couldn't even bring himself to move from the edge of the bed to the mountains of pillows at the headboard. Deciding that to be the best course of action, then, Zim settled into the bed and merely stroked the sides of his stomach. The only comfort to the action was in that he wouldn't have to do it for much longer.

For all his previous worrying and maternal instincts, Zim wasn't about to give up his world to become a mother and a housewife. He could never forgive himself for letting himself become an Irken whore, but he could at least salvage his future. He may have gone and married an alien race. He may have gotten pregnant with the spawn of an alien. He may have become such a whore, but he wasn't going to stay that way. He didn't have to remain on Earth with his filthy husband and their bawling smeet half breed, trying to blow up the planet to return home. He didn't have to do anything. He was an Invader, and a damn good one at that. His place was in the army, destroying planets and receiving praise from his Tallest. There was no way he was going to surrender that to stay on a smelly dirt rock, pregnant with smeets, until he went insane. He refused to. Dib was right. If he stayed there, his future was as bleak as the night sky.

Thus, he was giving it up to go back to what he did best. He would bare his half breed smeet, give it to the Irken population to raise properly, and blow Earth into a pile of space dust that could be turned into pretty eye shadow for the females back on Irk. Zim didn't need the 'love' he had for Dib. As far as he was concerned, he had just been brainwashed by an enemy who sought to ruin his wonderful career as an Invader.

Sure, he might miss the quirky cuteness of his devoted lover. He might miss the strangely comforting suspicions of that annoying bug of a creature. He might miss the warmth of someone's body next to him own, holding him at night. He might miss the coy sarcasm of a playful fight that didn't even make sense. He might miss all that, he knew, but he was strong enough to forget about it, about Dib. He could forget the smiling face that laughed at his jokes, rolled his eyes at his weird claims, shrugged off his abusive nature, and accepted wholeheartedly who and what he was. He could forget all the passionate nights together and the sweetness that followed. He could forget about all his careful planning to create a world just for the two of them. He could forget that, he told himself firmly. He didn't need presents that made no sense or teasing that poked fun at his being an alien or kind noticing of his nervous habits. He didn't need Dib, so he could just as easily forget all about him and his silly hairstyle and strange habits and absolute fascination with everything that was Zim's world.

Surely he could forget that. All of that. Right down to the smallest detail like how Dib's eyes shimmered whenever he saw Zim's pregnant belly or the way he laughed at inferior intelligence. Yes, he could forget Dib and their world and their love and their everything. He just had to stop thinking about it. He had to stop thinking about that questioning nature that made his head hurt. He had to stop thinking about all the times Dib had walked him home. He had to stop thinking about Dib period. Zim knew he could, if only he could stop thinking about what he was supposed to not be thinking about. Yet, he found his mind continually wandering from his exhausted state to that boy with his glasses and black trench coat. He could almost hear Dib telling him to stop thinking and to just go to sleep. He was always telling him that. Always trying to tell him what to do.

The smallest of smiles formed slowly on Zim's lips then as he felt the smeet kick. Absentmindedly, he rubbed his stomach. Yes, he could forget about that stupid human boy. Just as soon as he stopped having things to remember. Eventually, though, he assumed he would stop thinking about Dib and their love altogether. He just had to forget about Dib first. He just had to. In time, he knew he would. He just had to give it time.

The walk to school grew longer every single time Dib had to walk it nowadays. He walked alone, for Gaz left him to go over to Tak's base so they could walk together. He trudged along, staring at the broken sidewalk without care to whether he made it to the school or not. He found that he didn't care for much except his memories anymore. He spent his time thinking about all those years he'd had at Zim's side. He thought about the childhood wars to the middle school flirtation to the high school engagement. He thought about the day he met that alien. He thought about the day Zim showed him all those stars when he first fell in love with him. He thought about the interview that had changed everything. He thought about the night they first made love. He thought about the day Zim handed him that pregnancy test. He thought about everything right up until his lover had thrown the ring back into his face and left him to rot alone on a planet slated for destruction.

For all the pain it brought him, Dib found that he couldn't stop thinking about Zim. He missed that manic laughter and those gleaming evil eyes. He missed the confused look of an alien attempting to pass for human. He missed that bitch slap attitude towards back talk. He longed for that gently rough touch of Ikren fabric, the tapping of those boots on metal, and the scent of soap from a religious neat freak. Everything from the way Zim rolled his eyes to the way he blew things up without a second thought brought a sigh of wishful thinking to Dib's mouth. He knew he shouldn't be punishing himself like this, but he couldn't help it. Every thought since that night had been consumed by that green skinned, loud mouthed Irken Invader Exile named Zim.

Of course, a month was a long time to drown himself in the painful memories. Dib was well aware of that. Gaz continually told him he needed to move on. She understood that when Zim decided he was done with something, he was done. Dib, however, couldn't bring himself to accept that the love of his life had just disappeared into the stars and wouldn't come back. That might of been because he knew that Zim would most definitely come back to blow Earth up. Either way, he couldn't let himself give up on that relationship. There wasn't anything he could do to patch things up, but he couldn't give up. He couldn't talk to Zim to apologize or beg him to come back. He couldn't even get back into the base. He had just been living at home under the delirious belief that his alien would come looking for him in time, once he had cooled his heels.

Letting out a loud sigh, Dib stepped onto the school's court yard. There was a giant sign that said something about an all day pep rally being held out at the football field. He took one look at it before going inside the empty building anyways. He didn't honestly care about a pep rally. They were a waste of time. He would rather just spend his school day sitting in a classroom trying to get an Irken signal off his telecommunications watch. If he could get in contact with Zim's mothership, he might be able to convince someone to let him talk to his estranged lover. He didn't know what Irken's were like when it came to social taboos like a thoughtless boyfriend contacting his pregnant lover. He hoped they were a bit more friendly then the human traditions of cussing and hanging up. Thus, he continued on to Ms. Bitters' room for some peace and quiet. Upon entering, however, Dib realized that neither would be taking place any time soon.

Seated at Ms. Bitters' desk, one foot on the desk itself and the other tucked under it, was none other then Invader Zim himself. He was dressed in his traditional uniform, his wig and contacts in place. He had his arms draped over the sides of the plush air chair, his gloved hands tapping lightly on the air as if to the beat of some song Dib couldn't hear. This alien looked over at the human with cold eyes that were borderline wicked. There was no kind greeting. There wasn't even a vicious one. Zim just motioned vaguely for the other to shut the door and take a seat. Dib did both, locking the door to make sure they had their peace and leaning back against one of the student desks in front of his lover. He didn't say anything, for the shock of seeing him had yet to fade.

" Surprised to see me, eh, pathetic little worm?" Zim cooed out in an unnaturally calm voice. There was no bite, no edge, just plain and simple calmness. That alone was unnerving. Dib realized in slow horror that he had never heard what Zim sounded like right before he murdered someone. He knew, of course, that his lover was capable of murder. He had been banished to Earth for blowing up part of, presumably, the strongest army in the universe. Faintly, Dib recalled Zim's threat to only return when he could destroy Earth once and for all.

" Um. . . actually. . . yeah, I am. . ." he answered anyways, wondering if he had enough time to charge up the paralysis gun he thought might possibly be in his school bag. Zim's lips curled into a malicious smile at his response. Dib, again, wondered about the threat, " Are you. . . here to kill me?"

" Enh? What? Kill you?" Zim's face contracted that oddly comforting look of confusion, one eye opening as the other remained narrowed. The look was enough to draw a smile to Dib's mouth. He couldn't help it. Four weeks had gone by since last he'd seen that expression. Then it was replaced by that cold face of stone as Zim waved his hand to the side, dismissing the very idea, " No, no. Zim has not come to do in your pitiful dirt clod just yet,"

" Then. . . why. . . are you here?" Dib meekly asked, just vaguely starting to hope. Zim's smile vanished in a flicker, his eyes narrowing darkly. Instantly, that hope was replaced with the fear that perhaps Zim was just going to badly maim him. After all, he had no idea how much he might have offended him during that last fight. As much as he knew about Zim, he knew little to nothing about his actual culture outside it's military. That fact, of course, wasn't helping him relax at all.

" Why, I came back to see you beg. I thought it would be funner in person," Zim said in a semi cheerful voice, smiling a bright yet icy grin. Dib shivered on reaction.

" Beg? Beg. . . for my life?"

" Oh, would you shut up about the whole 'destroy the Earth Invader thing', Dib-human!" Zim suddenly shouted, beginning to sound much like his old self. For a split second, the human wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not, considering everything, " Zim just told you he didn't come back to blow up your filthy planet! I have more important things to be doing then wasting time like this! Now, would you just beg or whatever it is you feel you must so I can get on with my life?! I am an Invader, you know, and I do have planets to conquer!"

" I thought you said to shut up about the whole Inva-"

" I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO BEG!!!" Zim screamed, his voice echoing in the quiet of the school. Automatically, Dib covered his face to block whatever blow his alien lover was going to throw his way. When it didn't come, he lowered his arms, looking for why he hadn't been struck to the floor.

" Shit," was all he got out before the blue lights of the spider legs glowed. Dib let out a scream before one of the lasers slammed into the ground besides him. He knew that it was a warning shot, not a miss. Searching frantically for the words to say, he dropped to his knees and covered his head from whatever was coming next. The room was still a soft blue glow when he felt the words just spilling from his mouth, " I'm sorry, Zim! I'm sorry, okay?! Please don't kill me! I'm sorry I called you a bad Invader and-and everything else! I didn't mean it! I was just mad that you weren't getting into the wedding planning! I know it's not your thing! I just. . . I just wanted you to like my world the way I like yours!"

" YOU'RE LYING!!!" Zim hollered, the desk skidding across the floor. Dib tore himself off the floor to run when his shirt collar was grabbed. He was dragged backwards to face his enraged lover, " LIAR!!! You've never asked anything about Irk! You didn't even know we were married! You don't even know what my rank is, pitiful human! You've never bothered to ask! You don't know ANYTHING about me!!!"

" That's not true! I know lots about you! You don't know anything about me!!! You didn't even know we weren't married! You're too selfish to know anything about me!" Dib shouted back, pulling out of Zim's grip. The two glared at one another in a hauntingly familiar way, Dib's hands in the air and Zim's on his curved hips, " Name ONE thing that you know about me, space boy!"

" Your name is Dib Membrane, you have a little sister named Gaz, your father is the head of the science world, you never see him, you hate school, you're at the top of our class, you excel at computer skills, hacking, and programming. You've been stalking me for six years, you have no other friends, you like space, you've never been out of this city, you call yourself a paranormal investigator, you really want children, you want them to go to some school called Harvard here, and you can barely drive a damn car but you can pilot at a decent level. Your favorite color is the color of my eyes, you hate the way I talk in third person, you think my gloves and boots are excessive, you don't know how to shut up or do a hard days work. You've never had a job and you've never even tried to get one. You are planning our wedding, have never gotten over your encounter with ghosts, like to plant spy bugs in the homes of your enemies, and religiously talk to yourself when you think no one is listening. You like to dominate in the bedroom, you think I'm the female in this relationship, and you think I work way too much. And right now you want to kick yourself for asking what the Almighty Zim knows about you BECAUSE you really thought I wasn't listening all these years to everything you've ever said!" Zim smugly stated with an arrogant smile that really did make Dib want to kick himself for actually asking.

" Oh, okay, fine! But you're not the only one!" Dib retorted, glaring at his lover with venom. Zim haughtily laughed, rubbing his fingers over his chest before gazing at his nails. The habit was as smug as that look on his face, " I know plenty about you too, Zim!"

" Do enlighten me, Dib,"

" Your name is Elite Invader Zim, you were banished to Foodcourtia for blowing up half your planet, and then got sent to Earth to invade it. You're Irken, the smallest Invader, have a personal vendetta against Tak, and idolize your Tallest Red and Purple. You're incredibly talented at making death machines, don't have the patience to actually go through with anything, and defeated the Planet Jackers with little to no effort. You hate germs, you clean everything religiously, and you talk in third person because you think your name is cool. You don't really want smeets, you hate the idea of giving up your mission, you're a workaholic, you hate dancing, you hate singing, and you can't pilot worth shit but you're pretty handy when it comes to hijacking things. Your favorite colors are pink and purple, you're allergic to water, you have an extremely obsessive compulsive need to prove your self worth, and you hate just about everyone you've ever come in contact with. You're incredibly dominate in our relationship, you think I'm the female, and you really enjoy slapping me around. You hate to admit weakness and you really think I'm a pathetic, useless worm. And now you're fucking speechless because you really thought that I zoned out during all your rants, which, by the way, you love to launch into without any provocation." Dib arrogantly replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

A second passed in which Zim merely glared ice at Dib's slowly dimming smile. There was a fire building up around his Irken lover when the human recalled just how much Zim liked to slap him around. Just as he took a step backwards into the desk behind him, though, Zim let out a wordless scream that might have been his native tongue. He slammed his fist down onto Ms. Bitters desk so hard that the entire thing jumped at the pressure. Dib said a silent prayer that he hadn't been the object struck.

" This proves nothing! This is a waste of time!" Zim yelled in a thoroughly annoyed voice. He jerked away from Dib to march back around the desk. There, he angrily sat in the chair and resumed his previous position. The way he slammed his foot down on the top of that wooden slab made his lover flinch.

" Don't you see, Zim! It does prove something! It proves that we really do love each other. We know more about each other then any other person alive, in either of our homes! We belong together!" Dib pleaded, desperate to get his previous point across. As much as he liked one upping his boyfriend, he knew that if he continued this argument, then he would be saying good bye all over again. Thus, he went with what he had.

" Please. My Tallest know as much,"

" Your Tallest know that you're addicted to those stupid dipping stick candies and suffer from immense paranoia over your things being stolen, especially by Tak?" Dib answered, arching an eyebrow in disbelief. Zim's false eyes glanced from side to side before he merely glared at him.

" Everyone in Irk already knows I'm. . . paranoid. . . It is common knowledge. And all Irken are addicted to some form of snack. It is our very nature. That is nothing," Zim scoffed at the idea, clearly itching to go another round. Dib licked his lips, making his way over to the desk. He planted his hands on it on either side of his alien's ankle and leaned in close. Those distant eyes looked up at him as if waiting to be impressed.

" Does everyone in Irk know that you touch your antennae when you're stressed out about something?" Dib whispered, running two fingers over the soft wig his lover was wearing. He faintly saw one of Zim's hands reach up a couple of inches towards his antennae in an unconscious manner. Then those eyes just stared straight ahead as Dib withdrew his touch, " I didn't think so,"

Hesitantly, Dib left the edge of the desk. He took his place back at the school desks several feet in front of their teacher's private seating area. Zim continued to look at him with a semi shocked expression that didn't quite go with his militant attitude. Of course, Dib knew that he was surprised. It wasn't every day someone managed to say they knew something about Invader Zim that wasn't common knowledge. He wasn't sure how many people cared to know, but he was one of them. He'd spent the better part of his life learning everything he could about this alien. He had stalked him in the beginning to have him dissected, yes. In time, though, he had found himself walking home with the Irken simply for the conversation. Dib would be the first to admit that Zim was insane. Yet, that insanity had long been a comforting aspect in his life. An outsider, Dib had never met someone who so thoroughly understood him. How that person was Zim, he wasn't sure. They had grown up in different worlds, on different planets, and still were perfect for one another. There was an unspoken understanding between them that went a lot further then talks about the stars, technology, the stupidity of others, and their unwillingness to blend in. This went down to their souls as outlandish individuals. When Zim had announced his desire to fill the position of his boyfriend, Dib had been the first to sign up. He had spent an alarming amount of energy and time to make sure he got the job. He wasn't about to give it all up now over a ceremony like a wedding.

" Look, I don't know why you came back, Zim. I'm never going to pretend to understand how your mind works," he muttered, ignoring the smile that made it's way over that pale green face, " To be honest, I never want to. I love the mysteriously crazy way you run your life. I have always admired your sheer will to continue on no matter what. So. . . I'm going to do the same. I'm not going to let my pride or yours stand in the way of what I want. What I want is to be with you. I know. . . that a family isn't what you wanted. I know you're an Invader. . . but I hope there's still a chance. . . that you'll change your mind. Because I love you. You make my life more then interesting. You make it worthwhile,"

There was a small pause in which Dib looked from the floor to Zim in order to assess how the alien was reacting. Rather then looking bored or frustrated, Zim was watching Dib curiously. A hint of embarrassment was forming in a slight blush on those cheeks, but mostly, he appeared to just be waiting to see where this confession would lead. Desperate not to disappoint, Dib hurried to continue.

" I miss you, Zim. . . I miss your voice and I miss your smile and I miss doing things with you. Hell, I even miss the way you'd punch me in the arm when I said something you didn't approve of. Heh. I even miss the way you made fun of me because I'm from Earth. . . what I miss the most, though," Dib stopped when his voice caught in his throat. Zim's eyes widened a little in anticipation, his body stiff, " I miss being able to tell you how much I love you when I know you really need to hear it. Because I do love you, Zim. I love you. I love you and. . . I hope you still love me,"

Dib observed as Zim's blush grew deeper, his eyes lost in what might have been longing desire and perhaps even true happiness. Zim didn't answer right away, though. He sat there in his previously commanding position and forgot that he was supposed to be a powerfully dominate force of rage and confusion. His hands idly rested on the arm rests before he finally moved them. He rubbed the base of his neck as though he wanted to reach up further; to his antennae perhaps. Then he eased his swollen body from the chair. The soft thumps of his boots echoed in the suddenly still classroom. Dib watched Zim walk over with a growing suspicion that he might have crossed some sort of line. Instead of ducking, though, he stood his ground, for he knew that reaction had been of the positive kind.

Touching Dib's face with one of his gloved hands, Zim drew him down into a tender but passionate kiss. Their lips pressed together in a hungry sort of way. They hadn't kissed in over a month. The absence of their significant other seemed to only further the desire that controlled this embrace. Both eased open their mouths to drink the other down, their bodies moving to mesh with one another. Dib felt his hands resting on either side of that curved belly as Zim's sharp nails dragged down his shoulders and arms. The pain was nothing to the pleasure of feeling that snakelike tongue exploring his mouth after such a long time. He ran his own tongue over that familiar territory as an expectant heat fell over his body. The alien pressed harder against him, gripping his arm tightly and violently. His false purple eyes were closed, fully engulfing him to the feel of those lips against his own and the taste of his human lover. Dib felt his own eyes fluttering closed so that he could drown in the kiss that made his knees almost buckle. Neither moved out of the embrace for longer then they would ever know.

Slowly, though, they moved a fraction of an inch away, if only to catch their breath. Zim's face was red from a heated blush, although his touch still radiated jolts of pain throughout Dib's upper body. On his part, the human knew his cheeks must of been just as red for the heat licking off them. Smiling sheepishly, he chastely kissed his alien with a small peck of affection. Zim allowed it before a smile crossed his own face. Rubbing the sides of that belly, then, Dib leaned down and pushed his lips back against Zim's.

He knew that whatever issues were between them, they were not enough to drive them apart. He had his answer. Zim still loved him, even if he wouldn't say it. Somehow, that was just enough to get them through this and whatever was coming next. Dib knew it had to be.