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Aunt Wu laid a cup of tea in front of the lost girl. She stared at it for a second before looking at the fortune teller. The old woman nodded her head indicating that it was okay. Emily smiled and took a sip of the delectable tea. "What kind is this?" asked the little girl.

"Ginseng." she kindly replied as she held her own cup to her lips. "Now tell me, where are you from?"

The little girl landed the cup on the table, "I'm from Nebraska." she said plainly.

"I'm not familiar with that city. What nation is it located in?"


"Yes, like the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes, even the Fire nation. But heaven forbid that you're a fire bender!"

Emily knew she was in the avatar world after seeing Aunt Wu. She was a big fan like her sister; memorized each episode. But this question still came to as a shock to her. "I don't really know."

The fortune teller sighed, "What were you doing out in the woods anyways?"

"I got lost."

The old woman took a sip of her tea, "Do you have any family?"

Emily nodded, "Yes, but I don't know where my sister is."

"Do you have the slightest idea where she might be?"

Emily paused before answering, she could be with Aang, Zuko, Zhao, even the Fire Lord! Melissa could even be lost like she was…Maybe Aang could help her... "I think she might be with the avatar."

Aunt Wu gasped, "The avatar? What could she possibly be doing with him?"

Her eyes fell to the ground as she shrugged. Emily really didn't think her sister would be with the avatar. But she was hoping Aunt Wu could show her where Aang was. Helping people was his duty.

Wu stared at the girl and gave a smile, "You know what?"

Emily looked up and shook her head, "What?"

The fortune teller smiled even wider, "Your sister is in good hands."

The girl returned the smile, "I know. Didn't he help your village once?"

"He did indeed. Proved me wrong in the process too!" she chuckled.

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. It slowly slide open and a little girl with pigtails entered. She bowed at the old woman, "Someone's here to see you Aunt Wu."

Wu sighed and stood up, "Thank you Meng."

Meng bowed again and turned around to leave, but then she caught the sight of Emily at the corner of her eye. "Hello there"

Emily sat up and replied, "Hey"

"Meng, this is Emily. I would like you to show her around a bit. Could you do that?" asked Wu.

She nodded, "Of course!" then grabbed Emily's hand and ran out the door. "C'mon!"

The two girls ran through the building, as they passed each door Meng would yell what was kept inside; without stopping. Emily tore her hand away, "Please," she grabbed her head, "Go slowly."

Meng giggled, "Slow Learner, eh?"

"No, just no one can understand you when you're speaking that fast!"

Her pigtails dropped and she slowly walked to the end of the hall to five rooms. Pointing at one of the doors she announced, "That is Aunt Wu's room. We're not allowed to go in there."

"Then what's the point in telling m-"

Emily was dragged into another room with Meng. "And this: is my room."

The surprised girl looked around the room. Wood walls, wooden floors, and a mattress in the middle of the room. Then there was the stuffed animals spread out on the bed and floor. There wasn't many, but at first glance it still looked like a girly room.

Meng picked up a stuffed pink Koalaotter, "This is Tamiko. Don't EVER touch her!"

Emily stared at her dumbfounded. "It's just a stupid animal."

She clenched onto the Koalaotter and screamed, "NO IT'S NOT!"

"…Why is it so important?"

Meng stared into the plastic eyes as tears came flowing from her own, "My mom bought it for me." she looked onto the ground as tears fell from her face, "My family was killed by the fire nation. Aunt Wu took me in."

Emily felt sadness; she hugged the crying girl and began to cry herself. Suddenly the sadness was mixed with anger and confusion. Why did my dad do that? How could he kill my mom…?

She closed her eyes tighter to stop the tears, but they didn't stop… they couldn't.

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