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The Heart of a Cowboy

The group gathered at the auditorium… they weren't there to find Shin-Gong-Wu, they were there to relax and watch a music competition.

"Well… I'd say this is gonna be a fine afternoon," Clay said.

"Yeah," Kimiko agreed.

"No kidding, we don't have to worry about Wuya or Jack Spicer… I'd say today is going to be a great day," Raimundo said.

The first group up included a girl named Anna Williams.

After the contest Anna was leaving when she caught sight of Clay.

"Hey cowboy… what brings you out here?" she asked.

"Well, I'm just here with some friends," Clay replied.

Another guy walked up and Clay looked him over suspiciously… he didn't trust this guy there was just some air about him that felt off to Clay, but he could have never explained it to his friends.

"Come on, Anna, let's go," the stranger said.

"I'll see ya later cowboy," she said and walked off.

"Clay, is something wrong?" Kimiko asked.

"Yeah, Kimiko there is… I can spot a rattler a mile away and I think I just saw one," Clay said.

"Come, on, Clay, are you sure you're not just jealous," Raimundo asked.

"Oh I'm sure, Rai… there is something about that guy…"

"Anna, I don't want to see you hanging around that cowboy…"

"Why Eric … 'Cause you think I'm gonna leave you for him… your afraid that he may be the better man?" Anna demanded.

Eric walked out the door to leave Anna to wonder why he didn't want her around the cowboy she just met.

"Listen guys, I'm gonna go find her and make sure that he hasn't hurt her" Clay said.

"Whatever big guy, I'm not going to try and stand in your way" Raimundo said as they all went one way and Clay went the other… towards Anna.

He overheard Anna yelling at a guy she called Eric and Clay knew there had been a fight.

Eric walked past Clay and Clay glared at him.

There was a definite tension between them… the jealous boyfriend and the guy that could tell this guy had something to hide.

Clay walked into the room with Anna and sighed as he saw her just sulking.

"Hey, you okay in there?"

"Yeah, as good as can be when my boyfriend is trying to rule my life," Anna replied then looked straight at Clay. "You never told me your name."

"It's Clay."

"Well you know mine… what brings you back around, Clay?"

"Just wanted to talk, that's all."


"Eric I thought you were never going to get here," Christie said.

"Don't worry, I'll always come for you," Eric replied.

His controlling ways towards Anna didn't carry over to Christine… no he cared for Christine… but Christine didn't know Anna existed in his life or she would have broken up with him before.

Clay sat and listened as Anna spoke and she could tell he was really listening.

"Well… I don't know what t' tell ya… 'Cept maybe you shouldn't be with Eric."

"You may be right Clay, but…" Anna shook her head, she shouldn't be scared of Eric… but she was… she wasn't sure if she could stand up to Eric alone.

Clay and Anna separated for the evening and he soon walked up on Eric with Christine.

"I knew I was right… he's lower than a tick on a gofer's belly," Clay thought. "This'll be the one thing he doesn't get away with."

"Hey Eric…"

To Be Continued…