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Prelude: The Binding of Shadow

-- Some Where In Ghost Zone Long Ago --

The ghosts trembled in fear even as they moved in to attack. How many of them had already fallen Pariah Dark didn't know nor did he care. The monster had to be destroyed or else all hope for both the living and the dead was lost.

"FORWARD!" Pariah thunder, "HE IS WEAKENING!"

At the sound of his voice the thousands of attacking ghost surged forward in one final push. They seemed to over whelm their single foe with the weight of their numbers. But then over the sound of the battle a malicious laughter could be heard. The 'King of Ghosts' flinched at that sound. He had heard that laugh once before.

"I may fall this day." The creatures voice whispered in the minds of his countless foes, "But shadow can never be destroyed and your victory," powerful dark energy began building up at the center of the mass of specters, "will be at a terrible price!"

Again that laugh echoed throughout Ghost Zone just before a horrifying explosion ripped through the phantom army. Ghosts shrieked in terror as they were torn asunder, their souls forever destroyed. Pariah Dark braced himself putting up his strongest shield, but even that only protected him for a moment from the power of the blast, although it did save him from the worst of it, before shattering like a thin sheet of glass. The world went black and Pariah Dark knew no more for a time.

-- Some Time Later --

Pariah Dark struggled to his feet with the other survivors and looked around at the carnage. Even to him it was horrifying; the one thought that came to his mind was that this is what hell must look like. Then his eyes fell on what he had hoped never to see again. The beast remained, though he was imprisoned in what appeared to be crystal. Pariah Dark approached the crystallized form of the monster slowly, wary of a trap. The few other survivors strong enough to move followed. Before the them stood Draconum, The Overlord of Shadows incased in a tomb of his own creation, a mocking fanged smile on his dragon-like face, and his burning eyes closed; hopefully forever.

"Can we destroy him?" One of the other ghosts asked.

Pariah Dark looked at the crystallized monster and shook his head. "No, I doubt even with the combined power of all the ghosts that were here we could have. He said it himself, shadow can never be truly destroyed and he is shadow incarnate." Pariah Dark paused thinking, "We will simply have to put him some where that no one will be able to free him and make sure he never awakens again."

The others nodded. Even though entombed and severely weakened they could sense the overwhelming power of the monster before them.

How many spirits had been destroyed forever? How many humans were still dieing of the Plague this creature had unleashed in the living world? Billions? Perhaps even trillions? Pariah Dark didn't know. He simply hoped with everything that was left of his humanity that Draconum would never awaken again.