Name: Ayaka Tsumo

Age: 12

Personality: Quiet, withdrawn. Hates to be touched and no one really knows why.

Appearance: She is anorexic thin and well developed. She has long deep, dark purple hair and bright azure (blue-ish) eyes. She always wears big baggy black clothes to hide her figure and dark sunglasses so no one can see her eyes.

Other: She is rarely ever seen outside in the sun, but she is a ninja. A night ninja. No one knows that much about her, not even her teammates. Most of everyone is afraid of her because of her dark appearance.

((You'll find out more about her later.))

It was nearly midnight and everything was dead silent as I walked through the streets of Konoha. Everyone was sleeping and I felt nothing but the coolness of the still air. A cry rang out into the night. No one heard it, but me. I heard crying. Voices. People were talking. There was yelling. A scream. Then silence.

The crying started again. I sighed. The same stupid kid has been having the same nightmare over again. Every night it's the same. Maybe I should visit him... I thought.

"Why're you just standing there?" Shoko Yamanaka, one of my teammates asks standing ahead of me.

"Nothing." I said looking over at her.

I could taste her doubt. I knew she didn't trust me. She has never trusted me. She is two years older than I and she's still a genin. She has failed the chunin exams twice now. I find it funny, but I would never admit it. Her bright red hair fluttered in the slight breeze. She sighed.

"You know because of you, our team has to train in the dark. At night." She snapped. "Some people need sleep, you know."

I said nothing. I just stared at her with a blank stare.

"Stop looking at me like that." She said. Freak,. The word echoed in her mind. "Let's go. I was told by our Sensei I need to get you. I don't know why she picked me. Keito should've come." She mumbled.

Keito Nara was my other teammate. He was just about the laziest person I've even met. Aside from my Sensei. Kou. Now she was lazy. And perverted. She was friends with other daylight Sensei's and it made me wonder how she got to see them, at all. I wasn't around her long enough to get anything from her. I disappeared in shadows and appeared in the clearing. Moments later Shoko walked into the clearing grumbling about something or other.

"Well now that everyone's here we can start the training. Keito against Ayaka, then the winner against Shoko." Kou said lazily leaning against a stone memorial. I stood and faced Keito and sighed irritably.

She always wins anyways, what's the point? he thought. I tasted the doubt and anger towards me. I smirked at him but kept my ground. None of these lowlifes knew about my talent. Not yet at least. Nevertheless Keito thought he was better than me and charged at me. Sighing I put my left hand in the sign of the tiger and my right in the ox hand seal. My right hand went over my left and an earth wall formed.

"Earth Element; Earth Wall." I whispered quietly.

The wall went all around me and covered my entire body. Knowing he was going to try to get into my protective wall I disappeared into the ground and appeared forming above the ground in the shadows. While a clone was blowing fire at my wall he did a jutsu from behind me.

"Ninja Technique, Shadow Mimicry."

His shadow stretched across to me and I noticed it a second too late. He walked towards me smirking and I walked towards him reluctantly. My body did not want to move. It copied Keito. He reached out towards me to touch my face and my hand did the same to his. I wasn't worried about my hand touching him because my hands are always gloved, but as his hand neared my face I flinched. I closed my eyes and in my head did hand signs forcing my chakra to do the jutsu my mind was doing.

Ox, Tiger, Ox, Tiger I did in my head. Just as he was about to touch my face water bullets hit him hard making him fly back. I flew back also, but his jutsu broke and I was able to flip upside down and land on my feet skidding backwards. He crossed the line. He was going to touch me! Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Sheep.

"Demonic Illusion; Hell Decent Jutsu." I hissed. Many illusions of hell creatures surrounded Keito. A strong surge of fear hit me and I knew it was coming from him. Him and Shoko. Kou was surprised I knew such a powerful jutsu, but no one and I mean i no one /i is allowed to touch me. I stood across the clearing as the demonic creatures started to taunt and poke at Keito, stealing his chakra.

"I give! I give!" he shouted weakly.

"Release." I said.

The demons vanished and Keito slumped to his knees. A scream echoed in my mind. More voices. I shook my head trying to rid those thoughts from me. It worked for a couple minutes.

"Shoko, fight Ayaka."

"Yeah right! Did you see what she did to Keito?!" Shoko said.

Kou sighed. "Fine...but tomorrow around midday we need to meet in this clearing. I made a deal with two of my friends about sparring. We're gonna spar with two other teams. Maito Gai's team and Hatake Kakashi's team. So be ready."

I sighed and rubbed my temples. More daylighters to see. Damn, my head hurt already. I could just imagine the thoughts of eight more people counting their Sensei's. I groaned and shadows surrounded me taking me home. Well, what was left of it anyways.


I pulled up my hood so shadows covered my face and I had music plugged into my C.D. player which was in my giant black hoodie pocket. My hands, gloved as always, were buried deep in my black pants pockets and my head was down as music blasted in my ears. It helped during the day. I walked to the clearing and saw there were eleven people there. The two teams, eight and then the three from mine. Kou, Shoko and Keito. That made eleven, which means they were waiting for me. Good, let them wait.

"Ahh, Ayaka you're finally here." Kou said sighing leaning against a tree. "Ok. Now that we're all here we can set up whom against whom."

This is what it was:

Tenten vs. Sakura. ((I learned all their names)) Tenten was the winner of that one. She was skilled with weapons, I had to admit.

Naruto vs. Rock Lee. Lee won with Taijutsu only. Seems he didn't know anything other than Taijutsu. Weakness.

Shoko vs. Rock Lee. Shoko lost like the pathetic sniveling girl she was. She and Sakura were arguing like Ino and Sakura do over Sasuke no less.

Keito vs. Sasuke. Keito lost. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. He was getting a bit better from night sparring with me.

Me vs. Neji we the last two up.

I stepped up to the middle of the clearing and glanced at him through the shadow of my hoodie. No one has really seen my face or what I look like. My hood is always up, even at night, and I always have my hoodie on so as I took off my hoodie revealing my tank top with fishnet underneath everyone was surprised I wasn't a fat ugly person. My long purple hair flowed down my back reaching to almost my butt and my bright eyes stuck out against my extremely pale skin. I. Hate. The. Sun. It made me squint my eyes and I slipped on my sunglasses covering my eyes. I turned off my music and the thoughts of everyone rushed at me. I shook my head and took a few calming breathes. Their voices soon faded to a dull roar in the back of my mind.

Neji got into the Jyuuken fighting style. He activated his bloodline limit, Byakugan and I activated mine. He didn't know nor could he see it. He rushed at me and I didn't move. He was faster than Keito so I had to move quickly. I put up my wall of earth and melted into the ground again. I appeared in the shadows of the trees and watched him break through the wall of earth. He was slightly surprised to not see me there. His Byakugan couldn't find me. Until he looked in my direction and he smirked.

"You're not so good at hiding." he said.

"Who said I was hiding." I whispered disappearing from his sight completely.

I delivered a round house kick to the back of his head and he stumbled forwards. I took this as my advantage and kneed him hard in the chest. He flew in the air. I jumped up spun in the air and kicked him in the side of the head. Notice I never touched him with bare skin. Sasuke, the observant one, noticed this. He wondered why. I could taste it. I flinched at the thought of being touched by anyone. Neji was a bit angry and when he landed on the ground he glared at me. I landed softly on the ground my hair flowing down around me slowly. He attacked again and I didn't move this time I just waited as he charged. He attempted to punch me but I blocked and his hand was close to touching my skin and I pushed him back and hit him hard in the chest with the palm of my hand. He was winded for a minute and I went into fast hand signs. Snake, Tiger, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger!

"Fire Element; Grand Fireball Jutsu."

I took a deep breathe and pulled something from my pouch pocket. I blew fire from my mouth and threw something in the fire. Once the fire stopped I chased it to Neji. I pulled whatever was in the fire out and when Neji dodged the fire ball I swung it around and caught him in the face with it leaving a cut across his left cheek across his nose and on part of his right cheek. A small thin line was there bleeding slightly. Tetsugin. It was a knife attached to a long thin wire. I had a hold of the knife in my hand while the wire whipped him across the face. He looked absolutely stunned for a few moments as I pulled the wire back with the knife. I slipped the blade onto my arm and tied it on with the thin wire making it stay. I also pulled out my arm blades and slipped those on too. Now all the way to my elbow was covered. I was safe for now. I smirked and my katana appeared in my hand. I was good at summoning.

"Let's play." I hissed. I felt the feeling if awe, from all but four people. My teammates and the Sensei's. Neji stood his ground as I slowly walked towards him my katana outstretched. "What's wrong Hyuuga?" I asked. I heard a few gasps. No one had given their last names. Though it wouldn't be so surprising if they'd look at his eyes. --;. Sometimes they're all so stupid. Hyuuga boy got mad and charged at me. I held my blade out and just as he was about to run into it, which with it being him I thought he just might, he disappeared. I felt something cool behind me. It was his breathe on my neck. I tensed and got nervous for once in my life.

He grabbed my upper arm and I cried out. I was immobilized and I felt all his anger and hate towards the main family rush through me. His hurt. Pain. Anguish over his fathers' death. Loathing of Hinata Hyuuga the successor of the Hyuuga family. Burdened. My sunglasses fell from my eyes and broke once they hit the ground. My azure eyes were wide with horror as things flashed through me. I hated to be touched. This was why.

I'm a mindcaster. An empath. I don't like to be called that though. I like the term mindcaster much better. It suits me. I feel what others feel when they touch my skin.

His arms were still clamped over my arms and I screamed in pain. I felt an intense burst of energy from him and I was thrown away from him. He used his chakra to push me away. I landed on my side and skidded in the dirt landing a couple forty to fifty yards away. I lay there with blurry vision. The grass faded and came back. I saw my hoodie within reach and I weakly grabbed it. I was barely able to move, but I managed to slide the warm material over my head before I passed out cold on the ground.

In My Head

At first everything was black. Nothingness. Then images flashed through my mind. I tensed and held my breath. I saw a girl around the age of me smiling. Rin. Another image. Obito. Obito... Uchiha. More things flashed through my head. Blood. Death. Anger. Sadness. Hate. Self-guilt. So many things rushed at me at once it made me want to throw up. Then as suddenly as it had come everything stopped and all was black again. Nothingness.


A cold cloth was placed over my forehead and I took a sharp intake of breath and sat up straight. Everyone from earlier was in the room. My hoodie was removed and so were my weapons. The only way to remove the Tetsugin was to touch my bare arm and pull it off. Someone touched me. Who. My eyes swept the people around me and I spotted one. The silver haired man. Hatake. It was his past. Memories. His feelings. He was wallowing in self-guilt. I narrowed my eyes at him and glared around at everyone else.

"Ayaka, that was serious." Kou said walking over to me. I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest. "Ayaka. Why didn't you tell anyone you were empath?" she asked seriously sitting on the bed next to me. She went to feel my forehead but I moved away from her. She sighed. "I should've known with the way you flinch away from everyone." She shook her head and stood.

"Why don't you just back off and mind your own damn business." I hissed standing.

"What?" she asked facing me.

"I said back off. It's my burden. My business. Back off and leave me alone. I hate it when people put their noses in my business." I paused for a moment glaring. "Don't even start that!"

"Start what?" she asked giving me a hard stare.

"I can read minds and emotions you forget." I said wagging my finger at her. "I wouldn't think too strongly around me. Don't even think of going behind my back and trying to help or find something to help. I don't want your help. I don't need it. AH! No pity!" I shouted at Sakura who was feeling very pitiful. "I don't want your goddamned pity! I don't want your fucking help!" I snatched my hoodie off of the bedside table along with my weapons and stomped out of the house to my home. I slammed open the door to my home and my parents were home smiling. They always smiled. I guess that's what happens when your child is an empath. Your parents go nutty and crazy. One reason why I never let them leave the house.

"Hey hun." My mother greeted. "We have something to tell you." She said still smiling.

"What?" I snapped.

"We're moving to Suna."