I was cutoff as Gaara pressed his lips to mine in a rough kiss. I widened my eyes in shock. I placed my hands against his chest trying to push him away, but both of his arms were wrapped around me, holding me gently, yet tightly against his chest, and I felt something from him. Desire. That desire was strong... very strong. My hands moved up his chest over his shoulders and I gave in trying to push him away. I closed my eyes and pushed back.

My body sagged against his and I let everything escape me. My mind seemed to have melted and my legs felt like Jell-O. After a moment he pulled his lips from mine and my anger was no longer there. I'd forgotten why I had been mad in the first place. I just stared at him, my eyes hard, and stubborn, but my face was expressionless.

His forehead rested against mine. "I didn't want to kill you... it... it was an accident."

My expression suddenly changed and I stepped away from him, immediately letting my arms drop away from him. "An accident?" My voice was hard, and distant. "I hardly think so." My voice was shaky. I was withdrawing myself from everyone now. From him. "You killed me." I said turning away from him. The painkillers must've set in since my body felt kind of numb, my mind cloudy.

He glared, "We went over that."

"No. We didn't." I said slowly. I saw black on the edge of my vision and I fought against the compelling urge to pass out and sleep. "You just decided to apologize but not explain why..." I trailed off not really wanting to know. I tasted emotion for a split second, then nothing. I took a deep breath and turned on him narrowing my eyes. "Get out! Leave me alone!"

Gaara just stared at me emotionlessly, as if was expecting me to say that. "Hn." He turned and left me standing there alone in my room.

My trembling body collapsed against my bed, my legs unable to hold my weight anymore. I wouldn't let my guard down anymore. No more. I was alone. He may've admitted to "loving" me, though I had a suspicion he didn't, I was pissed off at him. I hated him. I loathed his very existence, yet I loved him with every fiber of my being. I wouldn't be able to live without him and my heart and soul were yearning for him to want me back. As much as I wanted him, at least.

Lying against the bed I rested my head against the softness and finally let the blackness take over, but not before I put up a chakra shield around myself. I would not allow anyone to touch me, or get near me, even while sleeping.

A thick fog surrounded me and I couldn't see anything, not even my hand extended in front of me. I hated it. Not knowing anything. It bothered me. Even my ability didn't help me, there was only one thing. Emptiness.

A shadow moved somewhere in front of me, and my guard instantly went up. I turned slightly to the side preparing myself. Then the shadow disappeared.


"You didn't want me, remember?" The familiar voice echoed around me.

"Gaara?" I whispered raising an eyebrow, relaxing my position a bit.

"Not anymore."

"What do you mean?" I stepped forward and felt something holding me back. It was sand. I looked down and it was wrapped around my waist.

"Go away! Leave me alone!"

My own voice echoed around me, and thought it sounded hurt, and painful, there was also a hard edge to it, seriousness. I stood appalled.

"I'm doing what you asked. So you do me a favor, girl. Leave me alone. Avoid me and don't come near me. Ever." His tone was so harsh and hate filled that it sent a shock of pain through my body. The sand vanished from around me, and his voice was gone.

"Gaara, wait!" I began to run forward, but the pain in my chest tightened, got worse, and I cried out. I collapsed to my knees clutching at my heart in vain. The only way to get rid of this pain was to rip my heart out.

"Don't come near me..." His voice echoed in my head and I screamed in agony.

I woke up in the same position I had been in. My body was slick with sweat, my long locks of hair clinging to my frail form. It was only a dream...

If it was only a dream then why on Earth did my chest hurt? Why did it feel as though I was going to die? I took a shaky breath and pulled myself into the bed, my aura of darkness still visibly surrounding me. My body ached; the pain killers were wearing off.

"Ungh..." I groaned lying face down in my blankets. I sighed and let darkness case around my body again, and I was falling... falling... into the dark abyss of my mind. Unaware of the jade eyes keeping "watch" on me.

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