1 The Twisted Ties That Bind

A Familiar Face(Chapter 1)

"And the brave and powerful invader defeated the Planet Jackers, thereby saving the Earth, SO HE COULD DESTROY IT !!!" Zim finished in front of the whole class. "And that is my completely fictional English paper, Fictional !" he covered up. The other kids just stared at Zim like he was crazy(Which he kind of is anyway). His story hardly made any sense. But when Ms. Bitters looked at the class with he usual creepy glare, they quickly switched to clapping.

"Oh Come On !!" Dib abruptly shouted. "What is wrong with you people ?!" he jumped next to Zim "How am I still the only person who sees that Zim is a grotesque monster from outer space !". Everyone was silent, but someone in the background shouted "Your crazy !".

"Why don't you just give up Dib, no one believes you, no one will ever you" Zim said grinning. Finally, Dib lost it, and tried to attack Zim. However, he was unfortunately stopped by Ms. Bitters.

Later that night, as Gaz was defeating another game on her handheld, Dib finally arrived home. He was wearing a radiation suit, but it was actually covered in...um...(I'll let Gaz fill you in).

"Detention served by cleaning out the Skool's sewage system ?" she easily guessed. "What is in that cafeteria food ?" spoke a traumatized Dib. He quickly tossed off his protective garments. Gaz smiled slightly at her brother's pain.

"I'm up against a wall Gaz, I'm running out of ideas" he said. "Ask me if I care" Gaz replied.

"I just can't seem to get any closer to stopping Zim, I mean I know he seems like an idiot that probably can't take over the world, but what if I'm wrong ? The point is he needs to be stopped" Dib then stopped to think. "Maybe all I need is some help" he smiled, but that quickly faded once reality sunk in.

Sadly sitting on the couch, he admitted "Oh who am I kidding, dad will never believe in aliens, and you...well your you". "Your lucky this game is challenging, otherwise you'd find a metal rod shoved through your trachea" Gaz said. Dib got a confused, and slightly disturbed look.

"There must be some approach, I haven't tried yet" Dib said flipping on the TV. "Welcome to Mysterious Mysteries," spoke the announcer "Where we search for evidence of all things paranormal.

"Tonight we have something very intriguing, a video of a reported UFO, and it's occupant" he continued. Naturally this sparked Dib's attention. The video was then displayed, it showed the night sky and camera man saying "I'm tellin ya I heard somethin" a light streaked across the sky "Holy Spock Market !". The light then crashed.

"As you can see, the object apparently crash landed deep in the woods" the announcer said. "Those are the woods just outside of town...how come I didn't the light ?" Dib pondered. "The person who shot this footage also claimed to see something else after calling the police" the announcer said.

The footage started playing "If this is genuine, then what we see here are the occupants of the ship, a leader, and a small follower that looks strangely metallic".

Dib then looked intently (The taller being walked in a fashion parodying the bigfoot video). As the image freeze framed, Dib said "Wait a minute, those eyes, those antennae, Oh My Gosh ! That's Tak !". "You mean that girl that disappeared ?" Gaz said still not looking away from her game screen. "She didn't disappear, she...never mind" Dib stopped wasting his time. He quickly grabbed a few items for his mission. "Gaz I'm going out" Dib said leaving. "Don't come back" she responded.