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Part 1: Future Predictions

'It doesn't get any better does it?'

Elizabeth Weir spun around at the gruff voice of Hank Landry and smiled at the sight of the paunchy commander of the SGC standing in the doorway of her temporary office. 'If you're referring to the briefings with the IOA,' she gave a rueful sigh as she packed away her laptop into the oversize briefcase, 'no, it doesn't.'

'Actually, I was referring to the food in the mess.' Landry teased with a straight face.

It was an old joke between them but she gave a genuine laugh of appreciation, her eyes twinkling back at him. 'That too.' She admitted. She sighed. 'Actually it wasn't too bad.'

'The food?' Landry asked amused.

'The briefing.' She corrected him smiling again as she shrugged into her new black uniform jacket. 'Although, I would have preferred to have lost only one of our ZPMs and not two.'

'Consider it accrued interest on the one we gave you.' Landry joked.

'Doctor McKay isn't going to be happy.' Elizabeth said as she hoisted the briefcase off the chair and the two of them fell into step as they headed down the corridor to the elevators.

'I'm surprised you wanted to take it all on again. I mean, running Atlantis after what happened with the Ancients taking over and the Asurans invading not to mention the continued Wraith threat.' He waited a beat. 'Dealing with Sheppard and McKay.' Landry noted as he pressed the button to take them into the depths of Cheyenne Mountain.

Elizabeth shrugged happily. 'What can I say? I love my job.' And she loved her team, she silently added. She half-turned toward the General. 'I've been meaning to thank you for your support since we got permission to return to Atlantis especially after…' she waved a hand vaguely at him.

'After you stole a puddle-jumper and made off through the Stargate against my orders?' Landry's brown eyes smiled at her, softening the brutal honesty of the statement.

She winced anyway. 'Yes.'

'I can't say I was thrilled with how you did what you did but you pulled it off and you deserved the support to get the expedition back up and running.' Landry noted. He grinned at her. 'But thank you.'

Elizabeth nodded in acknowledgement. The elevator doors swept open and they exited, both moving in unison toward the gate room. They stopped just inside the doorway. A team of technicians were running around the stationed puddle-jumper that took up most of the available floor space. Elizabeth handed over her bag as the announcement and alarms sounded for an incoming wormhole and she followed the General into the control room.

'It's Atlantis; right on schedule, sir. Doctor Weir.' Walter Harriman informed them crisply.

'Thank you, Sergeant.' Landry turned to the monitor and greeted the officer looking back at him. 'Colonel Sheppard.' His eyes flickered to the civilian scientist hovering beside the military man. 'Doctor McKay.'

Sheppard nodded respectfully. 'General Landry, sir.' His brown eyes shifted to Landry's right. 'Doctor Weir.'

'John.' Elizabeth smiled warmly at him. 'How are things on Atlantis?'

'Never mind that.' McKay jumped in brusquely. 'How many did we lose?'

Elizabeth sighed a little in exasperation. 'Rodney…'

'How many?' McKay insisted.

Sheppard gestured into the monitor. 'We are all dying to know the answer.'

She repressed the urge to sigh. Keeping Rodney in line was hard enough but when the two of them ganged up on her, it was practically impossible to deny them any request; practically impossible but not completely. However, this time she figured telling them from another galaxy rather than in person was infinitely more desirable. They'd have a chance to grouse and moan about it before she arrived back and had to hear their complaints face to face. 'Two.' She said succinctly.

'Two?' McKay's outraged disappointment was written all over his expressive face. 'You can't be serious.'

'Really?' Sheppard checked. 'Two?'

'The status report, Colonel?' Elizabeth asked pointedly.

Sheppard shifted sheepishly. 'Everything's going well. Beckett's confirmed the infirmary is fully operational and McKay's got the science labs up and running. We've finished an initial check of the city and there's nothing unusual to report.'

'Good.' Elizabeth said briskly. 'Well, I can confirm I will be returning as scheduled. I'll see you all shortly.'

'Can't you stay there a while longer and, I don't know, convince them that we need all three ZPMs?' McKay argued passionately.

'Rodney,' Elizabeth said firmly, 'we'll discuss this when I get back.'


'When I get back.' She repeated her face settling into a familiar 'don't argue with me' expression that she saved for the scientist.

McKay's mouth opened, no doubt to argue further, when Sheppard clamped a hand on the scientist's shoulder. McKay snapped his mouth shut abruptly.

'It'll be good to have you back.' Sheppard said sincerely, his green eyes sliding to McKay expressively.

'Yes.' McKay said a little grudgingly drawing himself up and gesturing with the small hand-scanner held. 'Of course. Good.'

Elizabeth struggled not to smile and settled for a brief nod before the transmission ended. She turned back to Landry. 'If Major Castle is ready to leave, sir, I'd like to get going.'

'Actually, there's been a change of pilot.' Landry said, his eyes darting behind Elizabeth to the replacement who had just made their way into the control room.

'Oh?' Elizabeth asked surprised.

Landry waved behind her and she turned. Her eyes landed with delight on Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter. The blonde Air Force officer was decked out in the black BDU of Stargate Command with her team patch clearly designating her as a member of SG1.

'Colonel Carter.' Elizabeth greeted her warmly.

'Doctor Weir.' Sam smiled at the statuesque brunette. 'It's good to see you again.'

'Likewise, Colonel.' Elizabeth answered. She hadn't realised the Air Force officer had taken the ATA gene therapy but that she had and that it had been successful was evident in the fact she was standing in front of her.

'Colonel Carter requested permission to run some diagnostic tests at the mid-way point of the intergalactic bridge.' Landry explained.

'They shouldn't delay us by more than ten or fifteen minutes.' Sam promised.

'Anything you need, Colonel.' Elizabeth smiled. 'After all, if you hadn't had the idea, there would be no bridge.'

Sam shrugged self-deprecatingly. 'We should leave immediately if we're to remain on schedule.'

Elizabeth nodded. She and Sam both turned to look at Landry.

'I have one new order for you, Colonel.' Landry said briskly. 'You're to transport one of the Atlantis ZPMs back to Earth on your return trip.' Sam nodded in understanding and his eyes moved back to Elizabeth. 'The Daedalus will transport the other one when it returns.'

'Understood, sir.' Elizabeth said unhappily.

'With your permission then, sir.' Sam asked formally, although the sparkle in her blue eyes gave away her enthusiasm for the trip.

'Permission granted.' Landry agreed cheerfully. 'Have fun.'

Sam grinned at him before she preceded Elizabeth out of the control room. She was looking forward to her first trip through the intergalactic bridge. She almost bounded onto the puddle-jumper and took her seat eagerly.

Elizabeth inwardly acknowledged that the other woman's excitement was contagious as she took the second seat at the control panel.

Sam gave her a bright smile as she made the final adjustments. 'All set, Doctor Weir?'

'I am.' Elizabeth settled back and took a deep breath as Sam entered the requisite code that would allow them to travel uninterrupted to the mid-way point through the series of gates on the Milky Way side and dialled the address of the first gate.

The Stargate in front of them started to dial and as the seventh chevron locked, the blue backwash of the forming wormhole mushroomed into the gate room.

'That never gets old, does it?' Elizabeth murmured.

'Nope.' Sam said. 'It never does.' She tapped the communications panel. 'This is Jumper One requesting permission to depart.'

'You have a go, Colonel.' Landry replied.

Sam sent the jumper forward and the next moment it zipped into the wormhole. It exited at the mid-way point in the circular metal structure that held the two Stargates; one for the Milky Way behind them, the one for Pegasus ahead of them. The plans were to build a space station that would act as the landing point between galaxies and allow for foot travel but in the interim the puddle-jumpers had to be used.

Sam immediately keyed her diagnostic programmes to run and turned to her former boss with an apologetic look. 'This shouldn't take long, Doctor Weir.'

Elizabeth smiled understandingly. ' Elizabeth.' She said impulsively.

Sam looked at her questioningly.

'You should call me, Elizabeth.' Elizabeth gestured. 'We have known each other for a couple of years now and I'm no longer in charge of the SGC, Colonel.'

'Then you should call me Sam.' The Air Force officer returned.

'Sam.' Elizabeth gave a pleased nod. She settled back comfortably. 'Do I want to know what you're doing exactly?'

Sam waved a hand at the computer monitor. 'It's stress tests mostly. We want to make sure that the sequential gate travel isn't unduly compromising the integrity of the puddle-jumpers.'

'I see.' Elizabeth frowned. 'And if it is?'

'We may have to reduce the number of times one particular jumper goes through the bridge or create more stop-off points.' Sam informed her. 'Unfortunately we had no way of testing this until the bridge was complete.'

'I guess not.' Elizabeth murmured.

'Most of our initial tests have indicated there's not a significant problem.' Sam said absently as her eyes skipped over the data on the screen.

'And by significant?' Elizabeth asked delicately wondering if the puddle-jumper was about to disintegrate on them.

'We're OK.' Sam reassured.

'Good to know.' Elizabeth said gratefully. She shifted in her seat. 'You know, I've been meaning to apologise to you.'

Sam looked at her puzzled.

'For not inviting you on the mission to retake Atlantis.' Elizabeth tilted her head. 'General O'Neill told me I should include you next time.'

'He did?' Sam hid a smile.

'He did.' Elizabeth repeated. Not for the first time she wondered at the exact status of the relationship between Jack O'Neill and Sam. There was no doubt in Elizabeth's mind that the two of them respected the hell out of each other as officers and more, loved each other a great deal. But were the couple together? That was the million dollar question, Elizabeth mused. Maybe the military policy of 'don't ask, don't tell' was the best to follow. Her mind slipped to her own failed relationship with Simon Wallace and it was with some difficulty that she dragged her attention back to her companion who was, she belatedly realised, talking.

'…in fact, all of SG1 would have come with you if we'd been Earth-side at the time.' Sam finished. 'Actually, we would have come back from our mission on P5X886 to go with you if we'd been informed.'

There was a bitter note to the final sentence and Elizabeth surmised that General Landry must have taken the decision not to tell the SG1 team. Having had first hand knowledge of how close the original members of SG1 were and how far they would all go for one another, she had some sympathy with Landry's decision. No doubt he'd believed SG1 were the likely candidates to have stolen a puddle-jumper and embarked on a rescue mission, Elizabeth mused ruefully.

'Hopefully there won't be a next time.' Sam said interrupting Elizabeth's thoughts a second time.

'Hopefully.' Elizabeth murmured. 'I'm not sure the Asurans will give up though.'

'I've read in the mission reports that they are very similar to Replicators in nature.' Sam glanced over at her sympathetically.

'Very.' Elizabeth couldn't prevent the shiver that coursed through her. 'It's the individual nanites that can infect you that are the most insidious things though. They almost had me convinced I'd imagined the whole of the Atlantis expedition.'

'Fifth tried something similar with me when I was his prisoner.' Sam admitted. 'It wasn't a pleasant experience.'

'I've been thinking General O'Neill made the right decision.' Elizabeth said thinking out loud.

'About?' Sam prompted.

'Leaving Fifth in the original mission when you all encountered the human form Replicators.' Elizabeth explained. 'If I hadn't agreed to bring Niam with us, I wouldn't have been infected.'

Sam tried hard not to show her inner turmoil at the older woman's words. She had her own opinion about that long ago decision Jack had made. It had led to Fifth plotting to escape the time dilation; to taking her as a prisoner and torturing her; to creating another human form Replicator in her own image who had ultimately betrayed Fifth and tried to take over the galaxy. On the face of it, the decision to leave Fifth behind had been a mistake but then maybe if they had taken him with them, it would have led to the same conclusion only sooner. At least her Replicator double had pretty much eliminated the Goa'uld in her quest for galactic domination which had meant when the Dakara machine had eliminated the Replicators, the galaxy had been a changed place. Her machine beeped and she read over the last of the data with satisfaction. 'We're done.' She announced. 'Ready for the next stage?'

Elizabeth nodded.

Sam input the code and the address. She nodded in satisfaction. 'Atlantis is confirming IDC recognition.' She reached for the jumper controls and manoeuvred toward the blue shimmering puddle. The jumper entered in one sleek shot forward.

It exited in a spin.

It tumbled out of a planet-bound Stargate crashing headlong into the undergrowth across a grassy clearing. The outside crackled as bolts of power raced up and down its length before the jumper lay inert.

Sam pushed her torso off the controls and groaned as her bruised ribs protested. She quickly glanced over at her passenger and frowned; Elizabeth was unconscious. She lurched out of her seat and pressed her fingers against the other woman's neck, relieved to find a pulse. Her eyes objectively noted the small red bump on Elizabeth's forehead.

'Elizabeth?' Sam said firmly. ' Elizabeth. Doctor Weir.'

'Huh?' Elizabeth forced her eyes open and blinked at Sam groggily. 'What happened?'

'We crashed.' Sam said succinctly. 'How many fingers am I holding up?'

'Two.' Elizabeth said.

'Does anything else hurt?'

Elizabeth shook her head and gave a yelp as a sharp pain shot through her temple.

'You need to take it easy.' Sam moved back to her own seat and tried to bring up some diagnostics. 'You have a head injury; probably a minor concussion.'

Elizabeth straightened and gingerly put her hand to her head feeling the injury. She focused on the outside greenery. 'This isn't Atlantis.'

'Not unless you've changed the décor.' Sam agreed tightly.

'What went wrong?'

'I think the wormhole jumped.' Sam muttered. She hit the console and the wobbly readout stabilised.


'I don't know.' Sam admitted.

'Do you know where we are?' Elizabeth asked.

'Not yet.' Sam said.

'Would you like me to stop asking questions?' Elizabeth asked hearing the bite of tension in Sam's voice.

Sam's attention remained on the readout. 'Thank you. That would be appreciated.'

Elizabeth subsided into her seat and waited for the Colonel to finish her review of the available data.

'This isn't good.' Sam said finally. She sighed. 'These readings indicate there was a problem with one of the Stargates after the jumper entered its buffer so the wormhole jumped to a different location.' She frowned. 'I can't establish at which point in the bridge the wormhole aborted or where we are.'

'Can we dial out to Atlantis?' Elizabeth asked.

Sam shook her head. 'From the sensor readings that were taken as we exited the Stargate, there is no ground DHD and the jumper's power circuits are shot. There's no power to the onboard DHD and we have minimal systems operating. Stealth is out.' She added seeing the question forming in Elizabeth's eyes.

'You can fix everything though, right?' Elizabeth asked nervously.

The Air Force Colonel rubbed a hand over her forehead. 'Truthfully, McKay and Zelenka know more about the jumper technology than I do but if the jumper can be fixed, I should be able to get it operational again given time.'

'Great.' Elizabeth sighed and rubbed her hands on her thighs. 'What about Atlantis finding us?'

Sam pulled a small face. 'It would be an almost impossible task.' She shifted to look at Elizabeth fully. 'When this happened to myself and General O'Neill in the first year we operated the Stargate, the SGC had a relatively small distinct corridor of space to check against.' She raised her left hand to a point just in front of her. 'The planet we were gating in from,' she raised her right hand a foot apart from her left, 'and Earth. In our case, they would need to check every single Stargate in the corridor along the bridge; it could take them years to find us.'

'The mission you mentioned,' Elizabeth said slowly, 'wasn't that when you discovered the second gate on Earth.'


'Do you think this could be Atlantis? Somewhere on the mainland?'

Sam shook her head. 'The planet dimensions are similar to Atlantis but not the same.'

'So we're definitely somewhere else.' Elizabeth sighed.

Both women were silent for a moment as they absorbed their situation and the likely reactions of their teams to the news they were missing.

'We should think about survival.' Sam said briskly. 'We could be here a while. I'm going to do a quick check of outside. If this planet is inhabited, I doubt our arrival went unnoticed. Can you check the supplies and see how long they will last?'

'Yes. Of course.' Elizabeth said. She got up and grabbed for the side of the jumper as her balance went suddenly.

Sam was immediately at her side. 'You OK?'

'Just a little woozy.' Elizabeth admitted.

'Maybe you should sit down for now.' Sam said. 'I'll get to the supplies once I've finished with the perimeter check.'

'Really, I'm fine.' Elizabeth insisted.

The readout changed abruptly and Sam's eyes narrowed on it. 'There are life-signs approaching our position.' She left Elizabeth and went to the back of the jumper. She grabbed her P90 and threw the older woman a protective vest and a zat gun. 'Whatever happens stay inside the jumper.' She ordered.

Elizabeth didn't argue. She'd had enough experiences in the last couple of years to defer to Sam's strategy. She moved into the back compartment as Sam opened the jumper door and took up a covering position in the outside undergrowth. Elizabeth hung back and watched from the jumper, her heart pounding uncomfortably.

A group appeared in the clearing across from them and approached cautiously. Two women and a man; they looked young to Elizabeth's eye, no more than twenty, and were dressed in simple brown clothes; plain if a little drab. They were also unarmed. The sunlight hit the metal on the colonel's gun as Sam rose from her position to greet the arrivals. They all stopped startled.

Sam kept her weapon trained on them but attempted a friendly smile. 'Hi.' The slight flicker of fear on their faces reassured her a little that they were harmless but she still didn't change her position; she'd been fooled before. 'We accidentally came through your Stargate and…'

All three of the natives fell to their knees and prostrated themselves on the ground.

'Oh boy.' Sam muttered. 'This hasn't happened in a while.' She lowered the gun and reached for the first woman; a dark-haired woman who reminded her vaguely of a pixie. 'Please don't. You don't need to bow.' She helped the woman to her feet.

'I take it's safe to come out?' Elizabeth called out from the jumper as Sam stepped back from the woman; the others were getting to their feet.

Sam nodded and waved her over. The three people turned to stare at Elizabeth and clutched at each other.

Elizabeth approached cautiously but kept a smile on her face. 'Hello. We're…'

'The Goddesses.' The man stuttered out, his brown eyes wide as he stared at them. 'Yes, we know.'

Elizabeth gave a nervous laugh. 'No, we're not Goddesses. We're just…'

'But you are.' The young dark-haired woman Sam had assisted up beamed at her. 'You have come through the Astraportal as it was foretold.'

Sam's heart sank; prophecies were never a good thing.

'Be blessed.' The other woman said loudly. 'You are the answers to our prayers.'

'Please.' The man gestured behind them with a wide sweep of his arm. 'You must come with us to the Citadel. Everything will be explained by the Council.'

Elizabeth didn't need to look at Sam to feel her unease. 'That's a very kind offer but…'

'We'll just be staying a little while.' Sam said politely.

'Yes, yes; to fix your ship but there is no need.' The dark-haired woman smiled at Sam again. 'We have another at the Citadel.'

'You do?' Sam asked startled.

'Of course.' The man nodded eagerly. 'Our Ancestors were most generous. Please come with us.'

Sam looked over at Elizabeth.

'I think the Citadel is worth checking out, don't you, Colonel?' Elizabeth said, her eyes catching Sam's meaningfully.

Sam nodded but gestured back at the jumper. 'We should grab some things before we go.'

Elizabeth agreed and Sam hurried back to the jumper. She gathered together a backpack of equipment including her laptop before securing the broken ship and rejoining the others. Elizabeth waved at their companions.

'This is Ala,' she indicated the dark-haired woman, 'her sister, Reta and Reta's husband Morl.'

'Sam.' Sam said introducing herself.

'Yes, we know.' Reta giggled.

Sam looked at Elizabeth who shook her head; she hadn't told them Sam's name. Sam smiled tightly an uncomfortable feeling in her gut. 'Perhaps we should get going to the Citadel.'

'Of course.' Ala agreed cheerfully and began to lead the way, Elizabeth beside her.

Sam gestured for Reta and Morl to walk ahead of her and she brought up the rear of their travelling party. She held her weapon firmly and scanned the countryside for any sign of a threat as she had been trained. She could admit to herself that she was a little unnerved by the natives' apparent knowledge of them. Sam had never bought into the whole prophecy business especially as the last one she'd personally been involved with had involved a time machine. She and Elizabeth would just have to keep their wits about them, Sam mused.

She wasn't too surprised to hear Elizabeth strike up a conversation with Ala. The other woman reminded Sam a little of Daniel Jackson, and she knew her team-mate held Elizabeth in high regard. Hopefully Elizabeth would be able to get some more information from Ala without giving too much of their own situation away. Sam concentrated on the walk.

It wasn't unpleasant; the day was sunny but the air was neither too warm nor too cold. Sam absently wondered whether there was some form of weather control at work. She couldn't detect any sign of technology looking at the blue sky and the green trees. She absently noted the sound of birdsong and occasionally her scans of the undergrowth that edged the path revealed a rabbit-like creature. It was almost idyllic. Eventually, the forest gave way to a hillside and the group came to a halt as the Citadel stretched out in front of them.

Elizabeth looked up at the familiar spires and gaped. It looked like a smaller version of Atlantis. The walls were more weathered; the sheen of their metal lost in the centuries exposed to the air but the architecture was definitely Ancient. She felt a small spark of hope ignite within her. Perhaps their adventure would be beneficial, Elizabeth considered. If the Citadel had drones, jumpers and ZPMS, there was a possibility of trade; if it had working shields, it might be a potential site of refuge if the Wraith or the Asurans attacked Atlantis again. The possibilities lightened her spirits for a moment before she cautioned herself not to get too hopeful; the priority was definitely to get back to Atlantis. She followed Ala eagerly through the arched gate-way and into the Citadel.

Sam moved to walk beside Elizabeth as they made their way through the corridors. Their presence caused a stir as they passed by others, and Sam glanced back to find a crowd following them silently. She pushed down on her worry and focused on where they were going; they might need to find their own way out in a hurry and she quietly memorised the twists and turns they took before they arrived at a central hall. It was hauntingly familiar.

'Doesn't this look like the operations room in Atlantis?' Sam whispered to Elizabeth as they came to a halt in front of a small dais where the Atlantean gate usually stood.

'Yes. It does.' Elizabeth felt her head pound and she raised her hand unthinkingly to her injury.

'You OK?' Sam asked worriedly.

'Just a headache.' Elizabeth answered quickly lowering her hand as a procession of people entered from the doorway to the left and took their place on the dais. They were much older than the three people who had accompanied them from the jumper to the Citadel; all had white or silver hair, their faces creased with lines indicating long and eventful lives, and they wore similar versions of the simple brown clothing of the others.

An elderly woman stepped forward, her white hair swept back in an elegant chignon. 'Welcome to Amera. You are most welcome.' She smiled at them and bowed her head.

The two Earth women watched astonished as the rest of the Council did the same and the crowd that had followed them dropped to their knees around them.

'Please.' Elizabeth stepped forward. 'There's no need to bow. I don't think we're who you think we are.'

Sam inched closer to her. 'Careful, Doctor Weir.' She cautioned. They were in a vulnerable position if the crowd grew angry at them.

The woman on the dais raised her head. 'Do not be concerned, Samantha. You are among friends here.'

Sam shifted at her name and her hand automatically tightened on her weapon despite the assurance.

The woman indicated the six men and women next to her. 'We are the Council of Amera.'

'It's good to meet you.' Elizabeth said.

'It is good to meet you at last, Elizabeth. I am Gya.'

'Gya.' Elizabeth tried a hesitant smile. 'Thank you for your welcome but I have to admit we're a little surprised.' She tilted her head. 'You seem to know a lot about us.'

Gya nodded. 'The Ancestral Father said you would have questions. Please come with me and all your questions will be answered.'

Elizabeth looked at Sam who shrugged. They had very little choice if they were to discover what was going on. Gya led them away from the crowd and Sam could hear the babble that broke out at their departure as the doors slid shut behind them and they made their way down the corridor.

Elizabeth recognised the room they were led into immediately. 'This is the Hall of Records.' She said indicating the circular platform with its control lectern.

'Yes.' Gya gestured at Elizabeth. 'The control has been keyed to recognise you, Elizabeth when you step up to it.'

Elizabeth took a deep breath and stepped onto the lectern. A holographic image immediately snapped into view in the centre of the platform. 'Oh my God.' She muttered. 'Janus.'

'You recognise him?' Sam asked moving to stand next to her. Her eyes swept over the elderly man in the hologram; he was tall and thin with white curly hair and expressive, mischievous eyes that looked so alive it was difficult to believe he wasn't a living breathing being.

'Yes.' Elizabeth answered. 'Janus is the Ancient who helped me, the other me, when she was sent back in time. But he went back to Earth. I don't understand how he came to be here.'

'Elizabeth,' the hologram Janus began and wrested their attention, 'if you are standing here listening to this holographic recording then everything I have seen for the future has come to pass.' He smiled warmly. 'Knowing you, you have many questions and I have left this recording hoping it will provide you with many answers.' He took a breath. 'Let me begin by explaining what happened to me when I left you in Atlantis what will be ten thousand years into your past. I lived on Earth for many years recreating my time travel technology. The Atlantean Council still disapproved of my work and I fled through the Stargate, finally settling on a planet in the Milky Way galaxy where for many years I observed the planet's future. I admit I interfered. I wrote down the events on the walls around me allowing those who came to understand my language the ability to foresee events.'

'Maybourne's planet.' Sam said in wonderment. 'He's talking about the planet where we discovered the time machine in the Milky Way.'

'I was discovered by the Council and forced to abandon my time machine again.' Janus continued. 'But I already knew it was a necessary sacrifice; your current companion Samantha Carter and her team would discover it and use it to save the planet from the Goa'uld.'

'Holy Hannah.' Sam muttered.

'I was exiled by the Council to live my life on a distant planet in the Milky Way where I eventually Ascended.' Janus smiled wryly. 'Unfortunately, as an Ascended Being I had as many problems with the rules as I had done in my former existence. I eventually came here.' He waved around him. 'To Amera and returned to human form.' He grinned and wagged a finger at Elizabeth. 'And no doubt, Elizabeth, your next questions will be where Amera is exactly, what is it and its relationship to Atlantis?'

Elizabeth felt her cheeks heat at the knowing look the hologram gave her.

'Amera was a sister city to Atlantis, one of the first colonies we created in the Pegasus galaxy in a neighbouring system very close to Atlantis.' Janus clasped his hands behind his back and continued. 'There was a difference of opinion between the two ruling Councils of Atlantis and Amera over Ascension. Those who lived here in Amera came to believe Ascension was not the goal of one's existence. They eschewed technological advances and sought a simpler existence. Eventually, the ruling Council in Atlantis granted the Amerans freedom and independence. Any mention of them was systematically removed from the database; it was to be as though they never existed.'

'Nice.' Sam commented.

Janus smiled sadly as though he had heard her. 'It may seem harsh but it was as much for their protection as it was to cover the failing of the Council to sway the Amerans to their viewpoint; the Wraith had just become a threat.' He sighed. 'A shield hides Amera from view and there is little power routed to the Stargate which is no longer used hence they remain unknown to the Wraith till this day.' He seemed to look directly at Elizabeth. 'I know you probably hoped for another safe haven for your people, Elizabeth, but once you are gone, the Amerans will bury their Stargate.'

Elizabeth dropped her gaze.

'Besides, there is a larger issue at stake.' Janus said seriously.

'A larger issue?' Sam repeated.

'I'm not sure I like the sound of that.' Elizabeth said tiredly.

'The reason why you're here.' Janus continued. 'There is a spatial anomaly moving through sub-space; a massive energy disturbance. It will pass unnoticed for the majority of the universe but there are elements of our technology that interact with it on the subspace level. It touched the last Stargate in your bridge – very ingenious, by the way, Samantha – before Atlantis just after your gate ship passed through it.'

'That must be what caused the wormhole to jump.' Sam murmured.

'It is moving toward Amera and will be here in another five of your days.' Janus said formally. 'When it comes into contact with the ZPM here it will cause a huge explosion. This planet will be destroyed.' His face saddened. 'I have witnessed this destruction in the future and I have returned to my past to ensure that it is not repeated as I once helped you, Elizabeth, ensure the future of Atlantis.' He paused.

'Your arrival in the future I witnessed was greeted with suspicion; the Amerans had long ago lost interest in the technology of their city and did not understand the danger that was about to come upon them. They realised too late that you had the knowledge and the understanding to assist them. I have ensured that in the future you will be welcomed as valued guests and all the city's resources placed at your disposal. I could not do more without incurring the attention of the others or compromising the timeline but I have faith that you have the ability to avert this awful disaster.' The holographic Janus smiled at them. 'Good luck to you, Samantha.' His eyes seemed to settle on the woman at the lectern with fondness. ' Elizabeth.'

The hologram vanished.