Cherry Blossom and the Phoenix

Note: This isn't about Ryu and Ken this is now about Sakura and Chun-Li including Xiaoyu and Asuka and some others from the Tekken series. Due to canon ages colliding I will make Sakura 18 and Chun-Li 22.

Disclamer: I don't own any of Namco or Capcom's characters and franchise they are all Capcoms please put this in proper use.

Chapter 1:

The rain had patterned on the window pane just as students were entering class. Chairs and tables were placed horizontally with most of the class talking to each other. Girls in sailor suit uniforms were around the martial artist Sakura Kasugano. "Come on Sakura show us that move!" said one student "You know that Had-"

"You mean the hadouken?" asked the short haired school girl

"Yeah that's it Sakura" said the student.

"I'm not so sure," said Sakura "It could destroy the whole class… remember what happened to the whiteboard?"

"You nearly killed sensei that time," laughed Sakura's friend Kei. Two people walked in and the class mates rushed up to their desks and sat down. One of them was the teacher and the other was an eighteen year old girl with two brush like hairs coming out of her head.

"Everyone stand up please" said the sensei. Everyone did as they were told "Good Morning everyone," the sensei bowed down.

"Morning Sensei" The whole class replied. the sensei had then ordered them to sit down and just like the game simon says everyone sat down at their own pace.

"Well as you see we have a new student in our class here today, She had came from Mishima High. Would you like to introduce your self?" said the sensei as she turned around to the frightened and unconfident girl.

"Oh… me? Hehe well good morning to you all. As you know I was transferred from Mishima High to be able to start a new life here in Tokyo. My name is Ling Xiaoyu (Japanese and Chinese names are backwards) and I am ethnically Chinese but due to conflict along with my grandpa I have flown over to Japan to learn Japanese,"

"Thanks for the introduction Xiaoyu now could you sit next to that short haired girl over there please?" Xiaoyu did as she was ordered. She shuffled down and sat to the table next to Sakura.

"Hey… Xiaoyu," whispered Sakura

"What is it…"

"I hear you're an excellent fighter… would you mind if I verse you one on one?"

"Yeah sure… since its raining I'll meet you at the Gym," said Xiaoyu as she winked. Sakura winked as well and both turned around to the sensei.

After the recess bell went Sakura and Xiaoyu along with Kei and a few others had arrived at the gym surrounding both Xiaoyu and Sakura.

Sakura and Xiaoyu had switched to their fighting poses "Are you sure you want to fight me?" asked Sakura giving a rivalry grin.

"Let's go!". Sakura and Xiaoyu darted towards each other while Xiaoyu ducked down using her Phoenix move Sakura had done a Tatsumaki Shunpuu Kyaku. It was a close call for both of them.