Rated R for violence, language, and child abuse

Part I- The Beginning

As he fell asleep, his world went black as he tried to dream. He wished that he could merely close his eyes and rest easy, but his dreams have turned into nightmares over the past few weeks. All because of him...

The first time was the worst, Andrei thought. He recalled it so clearly that it frightened him. It had been an average day in Odaiba. The sun was rising and with it carried hues of pink, orange, purple, yellow, and a brilliant red streak in the sky. He met up with two other kids, his two new friends Kari and T.K.

He had moved to Odaiba nine months ago. When he met Davis, the bull-headed leader of Kari, T.K., Yolie, and Cody, he knew that they would get along great. Besides math, the only time they had to talk was lunch, where there was barely any room for the six teens. After school and on weekends, they would meet at either Kari's or Davis's house. Sometimes they would meet up with another one of their friends, such as Izzy, Sora, Matt, or Tai, and go to the park. There they would talk, eat, play games, or whatever. They were his best friends... his only friends.

Though he was happy with them, he was alone once he stepped into his house. He was often left alone. His mother was either working or drinking at the bar. This particular morning, she told her son to come home promptly after school, as usual. She was always too drunk or not there to notice whether he was home at three or seven.

At lunch, Davis gave the others a strange preposition. "Hey guys, what do you say we invite Andrew over to my house? We've got something to show him."

"It's Andrei," Kari corrected as she turned to Andrei. "What do you say? It's nothing bad, just a little secret that we should tell you."

"Can't you just tell me or whisper it into my ear?" Andrei asked.

Kari shook her head. "No, you have to see it for yourself."

Andrei shrugged and nodded. The others smiled as they went back to their food.


After school, the six children went to Davis's and gathered in his room. He brought out a small blue anima, and the other children, excluding Andrei, brought out their own strange creatures. He started at the others, confused. The closest one to normal was the white cat nuzzled in Kari's lap, while the oddest was the bat-pig hybrid resting on T.K.'s hat.

"What are these? Stuffed animals?" Andrei marveled

"No," Yolie answered. "They're called digimon. Have you ever heard of them?"

"On the news when I was little. But, aren't they evil?"

Kari shook her head. "Some are, but not ours. We were the ones fighting the evil digimon."

Andrei was intrigued. The only ones he saw on the news were attacking people about a year ago in New York City. He couldn't even remember what they looked like. As he gazed at his friends, he was introduced to each of their digimon. His favorite one was Veemon because of his funny, outgoing nature. Before he realized it, it was 5:30.

"Sorry guys," Andrei said, "I have to go. You know, my mom's got dinner waiting." His friends bought his lie as he left for home.

As he turned the key, he saw the living room light dimmed. That was odd because he had left it off before he left for school.

"You're late, boy," a voice spoke.

"Hello, Mother," he answered.

His mother was sitting on the couch, a glass of brandy in her hand with the half-empty bottle on the table beside her. She stood up, the glass now on the table. Her eyes were just like her son's, only hers were tired with black circles underneath. Her once golden hair and become grey and frazzled. Her clothes were messy and stained with various spots of grease, alcohol, and even blood.

"Well?" she questioned impatiently.

"I'm sorry," Andrei answered. "You see, my friends wanted me to go with them to the park and we lost-" His mother slapping him in the face cut his sentence short.

"What the hell did you hear me say this morning?" she bellowed as he tried to overcome the shock. "I told you to come right home! After all I did for you, you ungrateful little shit!"

Andrei couldn't take it anymore. After 15 years of abuse, he had had enough. He snapped back, "Don't tell me I'm ungrateful! I have to tolerate you every day! If given the chance, I'd get out of this hellhole faster than you can kick me out! So, fuck you!"

His mother looked at though he had thrown acid in her face. "How dare you! Get upstairs now!"

Andrei said nothing as he headed for the front door. His mother clutched the back of his neck, controlling his movements. She pushed him up the stairs, though she was met with much resistance. When Andrei fell forward, she didn't care whether his glasses were broken or not. She just continued pulling him up the stairs. She shoved him into his room, and before he could run back out, she locked the door. (A/N- There was a padlock on the outside, yet the door could still be locked from the inside.)

Andrei nursed his bleeding nose and taped his broken glasses back together. He sighed as he changed into his pajamas. His door would not open until morning, where his mom would either apologize, saying that the alcohol made her do it, or scream at him to get his lazy ass out of bed. He chose the latter as he decided to rest. Boredom set in as he tried to ward it off. When sleep finally overtook him, he was reading a book on myths.


In his dream, everything was black. Out of nowhere, his mother's shrill voice resonated, "You ungrateful little shit! Rot in hell!" On the last word, her voice faded. He turned around to find a pair of blue orbs staring right through him. He shivered; the gaze was unnerving.

Lacking the courage to keep his voice steady, Andrei stuttered, "W...who are... y...you?"

"Your best friend and your worst enemy," the voice spoke. His deep voice had a sinister, yet strangely comforting appeal.

Andrei spoke on, "Well, what's your name?" The voice said nothing. Andrei heard a loud echoing snap, and the pair of eyes transformed into something more. He looked like the vampire in the myth book that Andrei was reading, only much more sophisticated. He didn't look like a bottom feeder, but like a king.

"My name is Myotismon," he said.

Andrei smiled politely and answered, "Hello. My name is Andrei. What are you doing here?"

"I have a proposition for you. Sit." Beside Andrei appeared a chair, one you would find at school, while Myotismon sat on a throne.

"Okay, what is it?" Andrei questioned.

"If you could have anything you ever wanted, what would it be?"

Andrei was taken aback by the question. He thought out loud, "Well, there would be so many things. I mean, I'd like to have a girlfriend. I'd love to be more popular. I'd even want a nice house and a nice family. There's just so many..."

"What's stopping you?" Myotismon bore an austere expression into the young boy, who finally knew the answer.

"My mother," Andrei replied.

"I can take her out of the picture for you," Myotismon bargained. "All you have to do is keep your guard down and let me." He stood up, extending his hand towards the boy. "Deal?"

Andrei smiled deviously as he shook Myotismon's hand. "Finally, I get my revenge on her," Andrei said wickedly.

Myotismon smiled wryly and stated, "Child, I believe that you and I will get along just fine." Myotismon snapped his fingers again and Andrei passed out onto the floor.


When Andrei woke up, he was confused as to what had happened in his dream. Maybe that was all it was, a dream, he thought. He looked at the clock; school would begin in twenty minutes. That would be just enough time, he assumed. His door was hanging open, but he didn't notice as he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

The floor was oddly wet, even in the hallway. The bathroom door was tightly shut, so he nudged it open. A strange feeling washed over him as he apprehensively treaded inside. The bathroom was small, only enough to hold one person. The mirror over the sink peered into the bathtub.

As Andrei washed his face, he noticed some red marks on his cheek. He tried to wipe them off, but they wouldn't budge. He looked at his hand, which was also red. He realized that he must have cut his hand in his sleep. When he peered down at the floor, he noticed that his clothes were all bloody. Frightened, he staggered back until his leg touched the wet edge of the bathtub. He turned to find a stunning sight. The shower curtain was torn down and in the water. The sides of the tub were smeared with blood. And there, face down in the water, was his mother.

Without thinking, he sprinted back into his room and got dressed. He dashed into his mother's room, taking the lighter out of her cigarette carton. Then, he ran out back and snapped some twigs off the trees. He lit the end of each one on fire, ran back into the house, and propped it up against a flammable surface. Scrambling outside, he watched his house light up.

Part of him felt remorse for what happened. Most of him, though, didn't. After all, she had it coming.