(A/N-For a more simplistic way of writing this part, when I refer to Andrei, I really am referring to Myotismon until further clarification proves otherwise.)

Part III- The Loss

DemiVeemon and Davis were snoring louder than a freight train. Each were having dreams about their favorite things: Davis was dreaming about owning a noodle cart with Kari helping him, while DemiVeemon dreamed about being in his Rookie form, Veemon, dancing with Gatomon under the starry sky. It would be their last pleasant thoughts.

Andrei crept up to Davis's bed, a pillow in his hands. He pulled back the covers, which revealed Davis in blue pajamas and DemiVeemon using the pillow as an ottoman. Silently, Andrei hovered the pillow over DemiVeemon's large head, and then he came down. Such ferocity in his strike, like a snake lashing out at its prey. Such an evil grin plastered across his face that not even Lucifer himself could compare.

As the In-Training digimon struggled to breathe, Davis could sense that his digimon was in danger. He sadly left his dream world and returned to his bedroom in an effort to help DemiVeemon, yet it was too late. DemiVeemon lay lifeless with the pillow still over his head. Davis, in a state of denial, threw the pillow across the room and tried to revive the digimon. He nudged, poked, and pushed him, but to his dismay, DemiVeemon did not stir from his eternal sleep. As Davis broke out in tears, he never noticed the figure standing behind him.

Clasped in Andrei's hand was a small, sharp steak knife. He didn't hold it as one would for stabbing, but relaxed and normal, as if he were cutting a cake. He quickly slit up Davis's left forearm. Davis grabbed his arm instinctively; his face was contorted into a look of pain, yet no sound escaped his mouth. He gazed up at Andrei, who was holding the knife, and more than willing to strike again.

"Andy, why are you doing this?" Davis spat out. "What the-" He stopped mid-sentence and had a revelation. Everything Andrei told him and everything that was on the news finally clicked. There was no random arson like Andrei told him, nor was it an accident or a terrible tragedy that his mother never made it out, like they had said on the news. Something kept Andrei's mother from leaving that house. Or someone, Davis thought in the back of his mind. And seeing what happened to his faithful partner, he was certain he found the culprit. And Davis would just be another victim on his list.

Andrei gave Davis a twisted smile, his blue eyes stared intently into Davis's terrified ones. He tried again to cut Davis, but Davis dodged it by sliding off the bed. Davis landed on his back, only a few inches away from Andrei. Andrei turned quickly as he tried to attack Davis again, who coiled back into a corner. With nowhere else to go, Davis stood up and put up his fists.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, but whatever it is, I'll knock it out of you." Davis replied, taking a fighter's stance.

Andrei, who was still under Myotismon's control, rolled his eyes. Myotismon's voice resonated off the walls, "Typical defense mechanism for you, isn't it Daisuke?"

Davis, stunned by what had just happened, lowered his fists and stared at Andrei blankly. "Wait a minute, you're not Andy. Just who the hell are you?"

Andrei smirked cruelly as he skulked closer to Davis. He spoke, "I am the one who could never fool you."

Davis tried to think quickly on who it was. "Never fool..." he muttered quietly. But soon it hit him, and it hit hard. "No... that's... that's impossible! You're gone! I saw it! We all did!"

Andrei kept his smile from before and prowled closer to his quarry. Davis, being bold, tried to bolt for the door, but Andrei caught him and pinned him against the wall with one hand, holding him off the floor. Luckily, he was pinned to the wall by his chest, not his neck. As Davis struggled to get down, Andrei contemplated on Davis's death.

It would be so easy to choke the boy. With such a small neck, there would be little problems. It would be simple and easy. He immediately discarded that idea; he had something lengthier in mind. Perhaps it would be just as easy to burn him. After all, he killed the mother under a water element, so why not play with fire tonight? It would be a perfect, torturous death. And yet, it was still not as thrilling or as challenging as he preferred. Then he looked at his right hand where he wielded the steak knife.

Of course, he thought, that would be perfect.

"Still thinking that you have a fighting chance now?" Andrei mocked, recalling what Davis had said when he tried to defeat MaloMyotismon on his own.

Davis struggled to escape his wrath, but his arms were pinned. He muttered, "There's always a chance."

"Determined little thing, aren't you? I think you are mistaking courage for foolishness."

"Never," Davis retorted. "I'm not gonna give in, not to you." He continued kicking and struggling, though both efforts were useless.

"You're not going to give into the darkness?" With that, he stabbed Davis with the steak knife. It easily shredded through the clothing, skin, and tissue, bypassing a rib and landing in his stomach. He let Davis fall to the floor. "You'll give into it one way or another. Either you will give into me or you will give into the darkness of an eternal rest. It's your choice."

Davis, who struggled to breathe as he held his bleeding gut, answered, "I'll never give into you."

"Suit yourself." He took the knife out and started cutting Davis's arms. A few little slits here, a few little slits there, a few all over. Davis was getting weak due to the blood loss. Every time he tried to call out for help, his voice failed him. Every time he tried to make a fuss and fight back, his body betrayed him and he couldn't move.

He was covered in slit marks. Before he knew it, his tormentor ceased to exist. Davis took one last look around his room. His light blue walls seemed dim in the fading moonlight. His pictures of his friends taped up around his room caught his eye, particularly the one near DemiVeemon's body. It was a group picture of all of his friends, him and the other ten digidestineds. He was standing in between Joe and Tai, with DemiVeemon on his left standing on the ground. He had been so happy standing next to his soccer idol. Kari and Gatomon were on the other side of the picture near Sora and Mimi.

He felt very upset that he could not stop this evil taking place. He was troubled with the fact that Myotismon had returned and was now getting revenge on his enemies. But what disturbed the young teenager the most was that Myotismon was right. He had succumbed to the darkness, not by giving into him, but by death. And as it slowly overtook him, Daisuke Motomiya decided that the best way to embrace death was to not be afraid of it. Then again, Daisuke wasn't afraid of anything.


"How could you?" Andrei yelled at Myotismon. "He was my friend! And you killed him!" Andrei started to weep over the death of his friends. Andrei's body was still in Myotismon's control, but Andrei's mind was still fighting to take it back.

"It's only fair," Myotismon shot back. "You got what you always wanted and we're in the process of completing my dream as well."

"You had a dream?" Andrei asked. "You just wanted payback."

"Exactly, you dim-witted fool. My dream is to kill the digidestineds. Each and every one of them that had led to my original defeat, and also the four new ones that mocked me."

Andrei looked at him, confused. "What in the world are you talking about?"

"In time, dear boy." Myotismon comforted. "Soon, everything will make sense."

Andrei's mental self curled up in the fetal position as he rocked back and forth. "I want to go home. I want everything back the way it was before you came. I would take Mother's beatings every day than this torment."

Myotismon sighed. "You can't always get what you want, child. Your desires for a better life beckoned to me. You are a valuable tool for my revenge."

Andrei sighed, as he felt defeated. He remembers what had been said to Davis: one way or another, he would surrender to the darkness. And now, as Myotismon went on to kill his next victim using Andrei's body as a seemingly innocent faƧade, Andrei's mind was tired and weak. After all, he was completely at Myotismon's mercy. Andrei hadn't known it, but the minute he met Myotismon, he had surrendered to the darkness.