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I can't believe he thought he would get away with this; that I honestly would think it acceptable. Well, it's not. I'm pissed off, and he's going to hear my opinion whether he likes it or not. I narrow my eyes at him, ready to scream and fight with him. And if he thinks that flushed, I've-lost-my-breath-your-so-beautiful look is going to work on me; he has another curse coming at him. Speaking of curses…

I send one hurling at him. He dodges it easily as I knew he would. It's not that I want to hit him; I just want to let him know that I can curse him without a second thought. Maybe that will help him learn not to do this again. His blue eyes are lost in mine, and shake my head. I can't loose focus; I need to win this argument, because I'm right.

He steps closer to me, and no, I will not let him touch me. I step back, knowing that if he does get to close, my breath will become unsteady and uneven, and there I go. I step back, and send another curse, narrowly missing his ear. I frown, because he's not stopping. No matter, I'll use a stronger curse, and a louder voice.

He's not stopping, and I'm quickly running out to room to back up into. I tell him not to come any closer, because I'm still furious with him. He ignores me, which stuns me, because even when we're angry with each other, we've never completely ignored each other.

I back up into the wall behind me, and hiss at him, telling him that I will not let him do this to me. He does this every time I'm this angry, and I end up forgetting what I was mad about…

What was I mad about?

I can smell the sugar just coming off of him, and normally I would help him take a shower to get the smell off of him, but right now, it's making my mouth water.

He's practically on top of me, and suddenly, he's kissing me, hard, pinning me up against the wall. I'm quickly loosing my train of thought; why isn't he helping me out of my robe? No, I've got to keep those on… I'll be absolutely screwed without those robes on… he'll have me forgetting again…

The hell with it, I'm screwed already.