Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love

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Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love

According to Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love, in order to have love you must also have intimacy, passion, and commitment. These three components make up the walls of a triangle. Love is contained within these walls. If one does not exist, or is torn down, love will not remain.

Chapter 3: Commitment

He watched the emotions play across Sara's face as she told him about her family secret. He wanted to be there for her. He wanted to lessen her pain, but he couldn't, and so he settled for supporting her decision to share her thoughts and fears with him.

He wasn't ready to leave when he was called back to the lab, but he reluctantly left with a promise to return. She offered a chance for him to back out, but he wanted to come back. He would return, not only for her, but for himself as well.

When he arrived at the lab, he was once again greeted by a reminder that Ecklie was looking for him. After telling Ecklie that he would take full responsibility for Sara, he finished some odds and ends, and then left for the day.

He had told Sara that he would pick up some takeout and bring it over so that was his first priority for the day.

She was his priority that day, but there were days to come where his well being was her priority. As they started spending more time together their commitment to each other grew stronger.

After awhile they came to depend on each other for conversation, support, physical comfort, and company. They would talk for hours, or they would just hold each other in silence. They would read together, or watch TV together. They shared most of their meals together.

After Sara's experience at the Desert State Psychiatric Hospital, their relationship moved to a new level. They were no longer just dating they were now lovers. They began spending even more of their down time together. They both still had times when they desired to be alone, but they had come to enjoy their time together even more.

The night Nick had been found, they lay in his bed together holding each other. Grissom reached his arm around her and she leaned into his embrace, tracing random patterns on his hand that was draped across her shoulder.

"I never thought this would be possible," he looked at the mangled comforter that was covering their naked bodies, "Us, I mean. I was afraid to move forward."

"And now that we have?"

"No regrets." He smiled at her.

"Mmm," she smiled at him while continuing to caress his hand.

"Sara," now he was looking right at her, "I love you."

She gave him a bashful smile before kissing him lightly on the lips, "I love you too."

The End