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Unbroken Hearts

A Digimon Tamers Fic by Crazyeight

Chapter: 1

Unbroken Hearts

The sun was setting over Shinjuku, giving the city a warm glow that had all the looks and appearances of what one would call home, in the truest sense of the word. Home is where the heart is they say (whoever they are), and rarely does one leave it without a sense of departure or a feeling of nostalgia over the times that have been spent in love's warm embrace and the comfort of friends. At the end of the day people were going home, to rest, to relax, and escape from the pressures of reality to their hearts content.

So it was for one young girl with red hair, walking home from the park after spending some time with her friends, thinking on the day's events and admiring the sunset as it turned the color of the sky from a cool blue to a warm orange. This girl wore jeans, a studded leather belt around her waist (and another one around her left leg), a white t-shirt with blue sleeves, and a picture of a full heart emblazoned on the chest. She had her fiery hair tied back into a spiky ponytail, and her violet eyes rested lazily on the sky for a moment longer before returning to the path as she continued her walk. Behind her, a yellow form almost seemed to appear out of nowhere, and quickly vanished just as soon as it appeared. The girl sensed this, but showed no particular concern on her face as she moved. She was used to it, and had been for the past two years. The sense that she got comforted her, as it was once again a reminder that her best friend, a creature known to the world at large as a digimon, and known to her and her friends as Renamon, a kitsune like digimon with grace and beauty to go with her renown fighting prowess, was with her.

The girl, who walked through the park with her partner and friend, was known to some of her contemporaries in the circles belonging to the (once fictional) game of Digimon as the Digimon Queen. For those who were closest to her, she was Rika Nonaka, Digimon Tamer extraordinaire.

As Rika continued on her journey through the park, her face assumed a nostalgic look as she took in the light of the sunset. It brought back memories of a time long ago, when she had still been innocent enough to fully and completely trust another with her heart. It wasn't something that she thought of often, but since an incident involving an invading force of mega digimon known as Parasimon, it had crept up in her mind once again, and as time wore on it came more and more. Not much, but it was noticeable, and as a result she had been more open to her friends and fellow Tamers. Again, not much, but it was a step forward in the right direction.

At least, that's what she thought.

You promised Dad, she thought silently in what could be considered a mental version of a whisper, as though she were afraid that her partner could hear her through the mental rapport that they shared. Almost instinctively, Rika began humming the tune to a song that she had been taught as a little girl. A song called 'Promise to the Setting Sun'. She continued on like this for a while until she reached the edge of the park. She halted for a moment, as though she were contemplating something. Next to her, Renamon phased into view and looked at her questioningly.

"Rika?" The vulpine digimon asked. The female Tamer looked at her friend and shook her head.

"It's nothing, Renamon. Just thinking is all."

A small smile appeared on Renamon's face. "Anything in particular?"

Again, Rika shook her head. "No, not really. Come on, Renamon. I don't want to be late getting home." Rika set off again, not hurrying, but not dawdling either. If she had been in a real hurry she would have had Renamon get her the rest of the way home. Besides, she wanted to enjoy the walk home. Enjoy the last light of the day before it said farewell once more.

Until it came back tomorrow that is.

For a few more minutes, the silence of the evening was uninterrupted, and Rika basked in its glory.

The sound of her D-Arc going off ended that, and taking a quick look around, Rika found the source of the D-Arc's distressed; a fog was settling a ways off in the park's interior, a sign that a digimon was about to bio-emerge. Rika's eyes flashed and she ran towards the direction of the mists. Behind her, Renamon phased out of reality and followed, not needing to be told what was happening and what needed to be done.


It is a well known fact that Shinjuku is invaded by occasionally large creatures from a plain of existence known as the Digital World, a world that coexists with our own, and is composed of the information that exists within the worlds Internet. These creatures, much like Renamon, are digimon, and some time ago had evolved from simple programs to highly advanced life forms that had a great capacity for developing bonds with humans. However, digimon, much like anything else in life, is a double-edged sword as many, if not all, digimon have a great capacity for destruction. As stated earlier, Shinjuku is invaded on a regular basis by these creatures, often individually, occasionally in small groups, and rarely in large numbers (as was the case in the Parasimon Invasion). This has caused many in the city to develop rather mixed views on the digital creatures, one side stemming from the fact that the livelihood of those who live in the area are often at risk from the strange Godzilla like phenomenon that has entered their existence, and the other coming from the existence of those who must fight using the same resources as the digimon to defend Shinjuku from those that threaten it.

There are two groups that work together to protect the fair city; one is a government agency known as Hypnos. It monitors the data on the Internet, and keeps an eye out for any potential hostiles who might attempt to breach the barrier between the worlds. The other group consists of children who have been bonded to digimon who had successfully passed into the material world safely and non-violently. The humans that they become partnered with are called Tamers, and are the unofficial ground troops of Hypnos for whenever a digimon slips their defenses by and bio-emerges into the real world.

Rika Nonaka is a Tamer, and she practically lives and breathes her chosen lifestyle, even though her fire for it has cooled somewhat over time due to certain events that had occurred early on in her Tamer career. Nonetheless, she still knew her duty, and pursued it with a passion. As she neared the fog like barrier, Rika pulled out a pair of violet sun glasses and slipped them on with one hand, while her other brought out her D-Arc, the device that connected her with her partner and was proof, if proof was needed, that she was indeed a Digimon Tamer.

After passing through the worst of the mists, Rika halted and took off her shades, glancing around for any sign of the digimon, her partner materializing next to her a second later. In the old days, Rika would have had Renamon delete the intruder without thinking about it, but times change, and so do people. She liked to think that she did better now.

"Renamon?" Rika asked, as she continued to look over the area, but the fox digimon shook her head. No sign of the digimon yet, or any of their compatriots, but Renamon felt that would change real soon.

She was right.

"Such loneliness in your heart," spoke a voice from within the fog. It seemed to come from everywhere at once, but at the same time, nowhere. The voice, oddly, sounded like a child but it spoke with surprising maturity and knowledge, as though all the world's secrets were an open book for it.

"Where are you?" Called out Rika. "Are you a digimon? Come on out so that we can talk!" The faceless voice giggled this time, revealing a more innocent side to its personality. Childish in its sound, but it quickly returned to its earlier, mature, voice.

"What is missing in your life that causes your heart to feel so empty, Rika? Is it companionship? The loss of a loved one?"

Rika was taken aback that whoever or whatever it was knew her name. Undaunted, she continued to try and get it to show itself.

"I'm not here to be psychoanalyzed," said Rika. "I'm just here to find the digimon that bio-emerged and take them back to Hypnos so that they can be sent back to the digital world."

"But why?" Asked the voice. "I don't want to go yet. There's so much pain in this world. So much pain… I want to help heal it. I want to heal everyone…"

"Look," said Rika. "I can sympathize. Really. If you come with me, maybe we'll see about finding you a Tamer, but if not then you have to go back to the digital world. It's not safe here, and chances are you're not safe for here either. Now why don't you come out so I can see you? I can help you."

The voice was silent for a moment, as though it were considering what Rika's proposition. After a brief period of time, it spoke again, its voice filled with certainty.

"I want to help everyone," it said kindly. "I want to help… you."

Before Rika could respond to that, there was a flash of light and a pink colored energy like arrow imbedded itself into Rika's shoulder before Renamon could even react. Rika cried out in surprise as the force of the impact knocked her off her feet, only to be caught by her partner before she could hit the ground. Renamon reached over to pull the arrow out, but it sunk into Rika's shoulder and vanished, leaving absolutely no sign that it had ever been there to begin with. Rika groaned as she sat up and rubbed her shoulder. She was… confused. She had expected the arrow to hurt, but instead a comforting warmth spread its way from where the arrow had pierced her and made its way through her body. She felt safe, relaxed, but only for a moment. Getting back to her feet, the girl's eyes flashed dangerously as the flame of anger began to build up within her. It shot her! The digimon shot her! That was more than enough of a reason for her to beat the living daylights out of the…

"Pyrosphere!" Shouted a voice from across from them, and a red fireball flew through the fog. There was a shout of surprise, and a small figure, concealed within the mists of the digital field, evaded it before flying off into the air and disappearing before Renamon could pursue it. Rika looked back at where the attack had come from, and her eyes settled on a boy as he jogged into view. He had light brown hair, red eyes, a blue hoody, and yellow goggles perched on his head. Running next to him was a large, red dinosaur with a hazard symbol plastered on his chest. He was looking up at the sky and was sniffing the air intently, trying to catch the scent of Rika's assailant, but to no avail. Not that Rika was paying attention to the crimson dino. Her focus was glued to the goggle wearing boy for some reason.

What was more, that warm feeling from earlier was back, and was confined to the area of her cheeks at present.

What the…? Was her first thought as she felt her heart skip a beat.


A/N: This is my special February, Valentines day project titled Unbroken Hearts (you already know that of course), and is also my first serious shot at writing a romance fic (though this is supposed to have a touch of humor to go along with it). I don't think it's bad, but I felt that this was a little bit forced, and may have lowered the writing level, but that's just my opinion. As for those of you who have read my other fics, don't worry, I'm not abandoning them. This is just a little something else to work on in my copious spare time. Anyway, as with all fics, regular rules apply. Read, review, etc… etc… thanks!