"There is much more I can give you," Adria said quietly, sliding closer to Daniel. "And much you can give me."

Slowly she leaned forward for the kiss. Daniel returned it, mentally recoiling in disgust. It was a miracle he didn't tense as to give himself away. It was a slow and steady kiss; beautiful and perfect enough to send goose bumps up his spine even though he wished with all his heart it hadn't been Adria. When she drew back, Daniel was almost regretful, keeping his eyes closed as if he was waiting for her to return. Through his eyelids he could see a blinding light and suddenly his entire body and mind felt like it was being pounded upon by a waterfall. When the pounding drew away, Daniel opened his eyes to stare at Adria stoically.

His face felt dry and stretched and his hair felt a little heavier than it should have. All his skin felt old and flaky, and he could feel a strange power coursing through his blood, foreign and wrong, unlike Merlin's magic. Adria met his eyes, almost with sadness, and she reached out to caress his white and wrinkled cheek.

"Such a shame…" she whispered, staring at the place her hand had just left.

"All that has changed is my appearance and my powers," Daniel found himself comforting. "I am still yours…to command," he added as an afterthought. Adria's lips perked up into a smile.

"Very true," she purred. "And now I command you…to kiss me."

Daniel returned her smile. "And I am willing to oblige."

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