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Summary: Kirihara outsmarts Yanagi, and everyone is confused.

Warnings: nothing much

Language Lessons

It was a normal Rikkaidai Study Session. Everybody was lounging in Sanada's room, occasionally slipping downstairs to raid his kitchen. While most of the team were working individually on their homework, Yanagi was tutoring Kirihara quietly.

"…so in this context, you would use the English word 'they're' instead of 'there'." Kirihara frowned and stared at the sentence, then back at his senpai. "No, wouldn't it be 'their'? It's talking about a person."

There was suddenly complete silence in the room as Yanagi brought the paper closer to his eyes, squinted, and then returned it to his kouhai. "My apologies, Akaya, you're correct."

"What the FUCK?"

Everyone turned to Niou, who was staring at Kirihara, his mouth open in shock. "Yanagi, please don't tell me the brat actually outsmarted you?!"

"Actually, he did, Niou."

"But that's impossible, especially for Akaya," Marui interjected, ignoring the younger boy's insulted pout. "I mean, the boy can barely speak Japanese correctly, let alone actually understand English."

"Hey, I'm not that dumb!" Kirihara protested. Even Yukimura kept silent on that one.

"You all are mean!" he fumed, crossing his arms angrily. Maui patted him on the back. "It's okay, we still love you. We all just think you're an idiot!"


"Well it's true, Buchou. When was the last time you saw Akaya get a passing grade on an English paper?"

Yukimura thought for a moment, then looked at Marui again. "Does it count if he copied off someone else's paper?"

Marui sweatdropped. "No."

"Had help from us?"


"Used Cliffnotes?"


Yukimura sighed. "Then not in at least a year. At least."

"Wow, you can remember stuff as far back as a year? That's weird."

"Only certain things that are important to me."

"Akaya's important to you? That's just creepy."

Kirihara finally had had enough. "I'm leaving," he snarled, grabbing his books and stuffing them in his bag, then standing up and heading out the door. When the team heard the door slam downstairs, they glanced at each other and shook their heads.

"Five-hundred yen says he's back here in two minutes asking for help with his math homework," Niou called out from his position on the floor. Yanagi started to answer him, then paused and picked something up off the bed.

"I found my contact," he said, carefully placing it back in his eye. "I should go tell Akaya to come back so we can correct the rest of his homework." The brown-haired boy walked out of the room. When they heard that he had left the house, Marui and Niou burst into laughter.

"Well, at least that explains why he made such a simple English mistake," Sanada said to Yukimura. The blue-haired boy smiled.

"And why he called you 'mother' earlier," he added.

Sanada's ears turned red. Niou laughed harder.

Well, this is my second story with all characters as guys, and I feel good. I want to know, if on my HP crossover story, should I keep it how it is, or should I change all the characters back to boys? Tell me what you think, and in a few weeks, I'll decide what to do.