Chapter 1: School

"Edward?" Alice asked me. I looked at her. I knew what I looked like. I was a mess. Jacob Black had lost control around Bella and killed her. Alice and the rest of my 'family' wouldn't let me kill myself to be with her.

"Yes, Alice?" I asked. It's time for school. She told my through thought. I nodded and sighed. Alice and I had 'failed' our junior year, so we were taking it all over again. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper were going back as seniors.

I walked out of my room and walked down to my Volvo. I drove my normal speed and tried to forget how I used to tease Bella whenever she commented about my driving.

We were still going to Forks High. I sighed as I walked to the familiar building to start my day. I didn't really pay attention to the class. I was going to pass anyway. I was listening to the thoughts of my classmates.

Wow, Edward Cullen is so hot.

I wonder if the new girl will go out with me. I never realized how much she looks like that Isabella Swan girl… that thought got my attention. I was eager for lunch. I wanted to see this new girl for myself.

I got to lunch and sat at the same table. I looked around trying to find this new girl.

"Edward?" Alice asked me. I looked at her. "What are you looking for?" she asked. I was about to tell her when she slipped into a vision. I saw the vision not in her eyes, but in real life.