Chapter 4


After the song was over, every clapped. Bella, I heard someone calling my name. I was scared. Bella, I was called again.

I walked outside and saw…

Victoria smiled at me when I walked out of the cafeteria. "Shit!" I yelled and ran back into the cafeteria. Alice looked over at me. I ran to her and say. "Guys, I know this is a little to early, but um, Victoria is outside." I said. The Cullens jumped up and ran outside.

"Now why can't you just give Bella over? Why do I have to fight?" Victoria asked.

"Bella's dead." Edward said.

"No, she's right behind you." Victoria said. I saw all of the Cullens freeze. Edward slowly turned around. I sighed and hung my head. He was not supposed to know yet.

"Bella?" Edward asked. I sighed and nodded. "Why didn't you tell me it was you?" he asked. I could tell he was hurt.

"Because I wanted to see if you really loved me and that I wasn't just another girl for you." I said.

"But that wasn't a fair test." Edward said.

"Why not?" I said getting irritated. I saw Victoria looking a little confused.

"Because I have always been drawn to you so even if I didn't know it was you, you still smell the same and I was drawn to you." he said. I though about that for a moment.

"Oh." I said.

"Oh screw this!" Victoria said and grabbed me and ran off. The Cullens were chasing her, but she jumped into a car and drove off.

Now I was scared. I had completely forgotten about Victoria. "Were are you taking me?" I asked.

"Oh, to the Volturi of course, you see, after you're boyfriend Edward killed James and Laurent left, I joined the Volturi and they told me to watch you to see if you got changed like Alice promised, but since you haven't I'm taking you there so they can pass judgment on you." she said as she drove my to a privet jet.

I was beyond scared. What if they chose to kill me? I was really wishing the Jacob had killed me.


She lied to me and as soon as I got her back, Victoria takes her away. I don't know what to do. Alice is looking to see if anything comes up.

"Edward!" she called. I ran to her room and she showed me her vision.

"Bella! How wonderful to see you!" Aro said. he smiled and then saw that Bella was still human. "Edward hasn't changed you yet I see. What a shame. Well, I am curious to see what powers you have when you become a vampire. One moment please." he said.

He began talking with Marcus and Caius. After a few minutes, Aro walked back over to Bella and Victoria.

"Bella, what would you say if my brothers and I changed you?" Aro asked.

"WHAT?" Bella and Victoria said at the same time.

"You are going to change her. I joined the Volturi to get my revenge and here you are just giving her what she wants? That's bull shit! I 'm going to kill the little bitch myself!" Victoria said and bit Bella intending to drink her dry, but the Volturi guards were all over her. She was soon destroyed and Bella lay on the grown in pain and just beginning her transformation.

I looked at Alice. My poor sweet Bella could be in pain at this very moment! I looked at the rest of my family who had come in and said in a frantic voice, "We have to go see the Volturi! I have to see Bella."

Carlisle nodded and all of us went to our rooms to pack. Alice called the airport and bought seven tickets to Italy. I wasn't going to let anything happen to my Bella I thought as we boarded the plane.

It took seven hours to get to Italy and the wait was killing me. Bella had been kidnapped over four days ago. By now she could already be a vampire. I was gripping my seat and trying to calm down while Alice was looking into the future. she would tell me a few things, but nothing seemed to calm me down. I was so frantic right now.

"Welcome to Florence, Italy." The pilot said. I jumped out of my seat and ran off the plane at human speed, but at the moment I wanted to go so much fasted. I'm coming Bella! I thought as my family and I sped of to see the Volturi.


Three days of pain seem like an eternity. Victoria had been so caught up in revenge that she didn't even think about the consequences. I was now a vampire and had many powers. One was I control the elements. I used that a lot on Jane. Over the past day, Jane and I have become like sisters. I know that sounds odd, but like Rosalie, she was just jealous of the fact that I was a human and I knew their secret. Now that I was a vampire, she had no problems with me.

"Bella!" Aro called me from the living room.

"What?" I yelled back in an annoyed voice. Aro had been calling me all day to see what powers I had. So far I had telekinesis and I could teleport. I was really strong and the fastest vampire alive…or dead...or what ever we were.

"You have visitors!" he answered. Who could it be? I had only been a vampire for two and a half days.

I sighed and walked down the stairs in my light blue cotton dress with wide hanging sleeves and double lacing. It was a tight fit and had double lacing down the front and back, and trumpet sleeves. (Picture link on profile)

Aro and the others loved to make me look like a queen. As I walked down the stairs with my dress dragging, I looked at Aro and saw the seven people I had completely forgotten about behind him...the Cullens.


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