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Chapter 1

A sakura petal gently floated down onto Mikan Sakura. This 16 year old girl always seemed to be cheerful and full of joy. She always had a giant smile plastered on her beautiful, porcelain face. But, today her beautiful, warm smile was replaced with a frown. Why does she have a frown on her face, you ask? Simple, the Black Cat of course.

Now usually, Mikan didn't care too much about his harsh words because she knew how much he was hurting inside. But, somehow, his words this time felt like daggers stabbing through her fragile heart and they seemed stayed there deep inside her soul not wanting to leave. Mikan could feel the daggers digging deeper and deeper into her heart every time she remembers her conversion with Natsume that night.


"Natsume, do you really hate me?" she asked seriously.

"Yes, now leave me alone you baka" he answered with no hesitations, but with a hint of sadness, which of course was oblivious to Mikan because she was still in shock from his answer.

::End Flashback::

After that scene, Mikan ran as fast as she could to her 3-star room. Yes, Mikan is now a 3-star student. She improved her alice and her grades. Besides, that she also has become a more beautiful girl. She lets her long brunette hair down so she looks more mature. Now, she even has a fan-club that is almost as big as Natsume's.

She went right to her luxurious room and fell onto her bed. After crying for what seemed like years, she looked down on her tear-stained pillow. 'Why did his words sting so much? I felt like I could die right there. Wait is this what Hotaru calls love? Is this what Hotaru feels for Ruka?' Mikan thought all this through her head hoping to find an answer, but she just couldn't pull out any conclusions.

With Natsume……..

'Why did I have to say that to that baka? I guess I made the right choice; I wouldn't want her to get mixed up in my affair nevertheless, Persona. I just can't bear to see her get hurt and come into this darkness in which I have deeply fallen into. Even if I do love her, my love wouldn't be able to protect her from Persona or the Anti-Alice Organization. I kills me to know that the reason she is hurting is my fault, but in the long run she will be out of harms way.' Natsume thought. Little did he know that Koko was passing by and listened to his thoughts and gasped when he heard Natsume confess that he loved Mikan. Unfortunately, for Koko, Natsume heard this.

"Koko, you better come out or I will roast you alive."

"Sorry Natsume, I was just passing by and…."stuttered Koko.

"Did you hear?" Natsume interrupted Koko.

"Yes, but don't worry I won't tell anyone your secret or confession so don't worry."

"Good or you will be nothing but ashes the next day."

"But, you do know that Mikan will hurt more if you keep pushing her away, she will feel more hurt from her emotional wounds than from her physical wounds. She will break down and probably won't recover from her emotional wounds, but physical wounds will heal in time."

"Now when did you get so good at giving advice?"

"I guess Anna is getting to me. She is starting to change me; I guess the love bug is starting to rub off to me."


"Natsume, I think you should tell her before it is too late. Before she finally gives up on you and moves on with someone else." With that said he left Natsume to think on his words.

'I hope Natsume really thinks about my words because, I don't want two of my good friends to be left heart-broken.'

With Mikan…………

'I have to go see Hotaru! I have to figure out what these new feelings are. I am so confused! I need help!'

So with that, she went to look for her best friend, Hotaru Imai. She found Hotaru in her lab with Ruka. She opened Hotaru's lab door and found the famous couple lip-locking. They didn't even notice Mikan come in until they heard the door shut loudly and there, right in front of them they found Mikan breathing heavily. The two quickly broke apart with crimson faces full of embarrassment.

"Ah, Ruka I didn't expect to see you here at this hour." Mikan said trying to hold back her giggles.

"Well… see….Hotaru wanted me to help her with one of her inventions for the science fair this weekend." Ruka quickly defended himself.

"Yes, anyways what brings you here Mikan?" Hotaru asked.

"Well you see I kind of……..ran into Natsume….and"

But before she could finish Hotaru said, "He told you off and you felt hurt and now you want to know what you feel about him. So, you came to ask me about love, is that about it?"

Mikan and Ruka just looked at Hotaru like she was a psychic. Mikan's face was redder than a tomato and just simply nodded as an answer, not trusting her voice.

"Mikan, love is like a feeling you get in your heart. No matter how hard you try you just can't see that person you love get hurt ever. You want what is best for them and you are willing to risk your own life for them just to see them be happy. And you feel that you can talk to that special someone just about anything in the world. You trust that someone with your own life and you feel your heart ease and at the same time beating faster than the speed of light." Hotaru said heartily.

"And you feel that your loved one makes you happy. Also you always seem to question your love for them, but once you understand you can see that there is no reason for love it just happens. You can't control who you fall in love with no matter how hard you try. And you will know you love that person when you accept all Natsume's…I mean his errors and faults. Not to mention his past that seems to haunt him." Ruka added to Hotaru's explanation while smiling at Hotaru.

Mikan simply stood there taking everything in and soon enough a hint of pink spread on her cheeks until it covered her whole face.

"Go Mikan; go find Natsume before it's too late. Go to him and tell him how you feel once and for so all of your friends don't have to worry about you and Natsume's relationship anymore." Hotaru said with a small reassuring smile spreading across her face.

With that said she went in search for the famous black cat. She ran as fast as her legs would take her to one place that eased all her worries and his as well. The Sakura Tree. There she found a raven hair boy staring blankly at the night sky unaware of her appearance.

"Natsume." Mikan whispered, but Natsume heard (with his missions he had well trained senses) this and turned around to see a beautiful brunette covered in sweat and for some odd reason blushing as well.

End Chapter 1!

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