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"Why? Why do you care for me so much?"

"Be…..because….I….I lov…..I love you!" following that Mikan gasped at what came out of her mouth and stood there with a shade of dark red over her face. While Natsume stood there in shocked at what he heard.

Chapter 6


"Look Natsume, I started out hating you and despising you. Heck I didn't even care for you. But, as I got to know you better, you showed me a kinder sweeter side. I subconsciously fell for you. You were the only one who could understand me. You were the only one who would always appear in my head and when you say harsh words to me I feel like my heart is breaking and I just can't take it anymore. I don't care if I get hurt as long as I have you. Do you know why? It's because I LOVE YOU, NATSUME!! I love you more than I have loved anyone in my life."

"…….." Natsume said nothing. He simply stared at Mikan in utter shock. Millions of thoughts were racing through his head and he couldn't hold them in. So, without a reply he pulled Mikan into a tight embrace.

Surprised by the sudden gesture, she simply hugged him back with a tint of pink on her face. Mikan felt the warmth of his arms and chest. She felt the same emotions that came up when Natsume had caught her, comfort, safety, love, and warmth. She melted right into his scared yet warm arms. Mikan could feel his alice run throughout her body. His touch made her bones tingle and her heart beat faster every passing second. She felt like she was about to burst out in happiness and joy.

"Mikan," Natsume started which surprised Mikan since he had used her real name, "I hate you." He stated coldly. Mikan soon had tears running down her face, but then Natsume said, "But, I love you more."

Touched by Natsume's speech, Mikan hugged him even tighter and buried her head in is chest.


"Perfect! This will make a best-seller!" (No need to tell you who this is)

A group of people sweat-dropped at the scene of Hotaru blackmailing her best friend's confession excluding Ruka. He knew that deep inside, Hotaru was quite happy for Mikan and Natsume. Hotaru glanced at Ruka and gave him a little wink, which made him blush a bit.

The End. I know I said I was going to make this longer but, I've decided to end the story as is. I've looked back on it and realized how corny it is and to be honest, I've lost inspiration for Gakuen Alice. Maybe when I have more time and get struck with a good idea, I'll come back and revise the story or write a better one. Right now, I'm working on another story for another Fandom, so if you're interested in a Camp Rock story, check out my account. It has a more detailed description on my writing right now.