Delete & Betty's Kingdom Hearts

Two figures floated downward in a water-like abyss, both of them unconsciously.

The first one was a female who had red hair in a ponytail, green eyes, and red lipstick. She wore a white helmet with yellow for where her ears were, a pink sleeveless dress with white gloves, a white belt with a nuclear symbol, and white boots. Her name was Betty Barrett aka Atomic Betty.

The second one was a teal robot with a snout of a dragon and antennas of a giraffe with a yellow birthmark on his cheek and a chord from his neck to the bottom of his back. He wore a black mask, yellow gloves, a teal button-up shirt, teal pants, and black shoes. His name was Delete.

As the two continued floating downward, one of their voices was heard.

"We've been having these weird thoughts lately..." Delete's voice said.

"Like, is any of this for real, or not?" asked Betty's voice.

Upon the voices saying that, the two continued to sleep as they continued to float deeper in the water.

In a flash of light, the next thing they knew, the two were in a beach. The sun was so bright. This was evident when Betty and Delete placed their hands in the way of the sunlight. The two then noticed two figures

The first one was a female cat with black and white fur, a pink nose, a snow white ponytail, emerald-sapphire like eyes, a strange crown around her head, a silver shirt with gold lacing, a black belt, aqua pants, white socks and Japanese sandals. Her name was Nemesis AS.

Next to her was a well-built teenage boy, glancing at both of them as did Nemesis. He had spiky whitish-blond hair and copper skin, meaning that he was Egyptian. He wore a blue cape, with a black tank top, tan pants, a gold collar, gold wristbands, gold shoulder bands and brown shoes. He was none other than Marik.

You're giving me too many things

The two smiled to them, but Delete looked down and saw that the wave was about to hit.

"Yipes! Giant wave!" he shouted.

"NEMESIS! MARIK! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Betty also shouted toward them.

Lately, you're all I need

The feline and teenage boy turned around to see Delete and Atomic Betty The only thing they did in response was place their hands out for the two to grab it.

You smiled at me, and said:

The droid and red haired girl then ran over to Betty's arch-nemesis and one of Delete's latest friends, but the wave crashed. The next thing they knew, Betty and Delete were underwater.

"Don't get me wrong, I love you.

But does that mean I have to meet your father?"

Nemesis and Marik were both still standing, but didn't move like statues. They just continued to hold their hands out for Delete and Betty to grab it.

"When we are older,

You will understand what I meant when I said 'No;

I don't think life is quite that simple'."

The teal droid and pink cladded girl tried to fight the wave, but the two ended up getting forced back. A minute later, they both came up to the surface, gasping for breath and waving their arms wildly. The two quickly learned they could stand up.

When you walk away

You don't hear me say,

"Yo, Betty!" a teen male voice called.

"Are you okay, Delete?" a teen female voice called.

The two turned toward the shore and saw a boy and a girl waving to them.

The girl was a red haired Water Pokemon Trainer with her left side having a small pony tail, and brown eyes. She wore a red bathing suit, a yellow vest and shorts over them, and red shoes. Her name was Misty, Delete's now-current girlfriend.

The boy was a black hair with green rims Asian rapping boy, also having brown eyes. He wore a long sleeved red jacket with a zipper, blue jeans, and green shoes. He was known as Jake Long aka the American Dragon, grandson of Luong Lao Shi, the person with Yami Yugi who merged a few worlds together.

"Please, oh baby! Don't go!"

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

It's hard to let it go

As soon as both Delete and Betty reached Misty and Jake, the two looked up and smiled.

"Hey Jake," she said.

"Hi Misty," Delete said to her.

Jake laughed and Misty giggled, then they both looked up and saw something in the sky. The two near the water looked confused at first, but they then looked up at the sky as well.

Hold me

Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on

The four saw a meteor shower. Delete and Betty then noticed something else in the sky.

Regardless of warnings,

The future doesn't scare me at all

Nothing's like before

It was-them! Their eyes widened and the two noticed another thing. The droid and red haired pink cladded girl began to fall back down into the ocean.

Hold me

Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on

Regardless of warnings,

The future doesn't scare me at all

Nothing's like before

Misty gasped as did Jake when they saw this. Delete and Betty began to fall unconscious once again.

The two fell into the ocean and began to float downward until they landed on their feet like cats on a floor of some sort. The two looked around curiously until they took a step forward. A bunch of doves flew off of the ground, which lit up. As soon as the doves all flew away, the two looked at the portrait that was on the floor. It was that of a boy and a girl.

The boy had black hair on his square head with most of his face, minus his blue eyes, nose, mouth, and chin, covered. He wore an orange scarf, a white button-up shirt, orange gloves, white pants, and black boots.

The girl had pink hair and a section of each ponytail was white, with rosey cheeks and green eyes. She wore a little, green dress with orange circular shoulders, white socks that went up her knees, and big green Mary Jane shoes.

Surrounding them were five different colored mechanical monkeys: one blue, one yellow and a female, one green, one red, and the one at the bottom meditating half silver, half black.

Across from them was a dark evil looking figure. The long cape on his back was a deadly black. His legs were thin and widened into boot-shaped feet. His arms resembled that of a robot; they looked mechanical, complete with ball bearings. Red covered his feet, forearms, and sharp claws. His torso was questionable; one could see organs through the outer layer. He wore a belt buckle with the letters 'SK'. In the centre of his chest, there was a small sphere with a red 'button'. In his right hand, he held a long staff. His neck was thick and even segmented robotically. Horns (wings?) were on the sides of his squared head. His eyes were solid-blackā€¦.except for two tiny red dots.

Delete shivered at the evil looking figured while Betty pondered at the entire portrait.

'So much to do, so little time...' a voice called out.

"Who-who's there?" the frightened droid asked.

'Take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it?' the voice continued.

"Yeah, we can. Come on, Delete." she asked her droid friend, then the two stepped forward. As soon as they were at the center of the platform, three trapezoids appeared on different parts of the platform.

'Power sleeps within you.' The voice said as a weapon appeared on each trapezoid.

The weapon on the trapezoid to Delete's left was a shield that looked like a knight's shield, only it was lined with black and mostly red and it had what looked like a yellow letter "P" (A/N: Powerpuff Girls Z). The weapon on the trapezoid that was all the way to Betty's right was a staff of some sort. The handle was blue and the ends were a goldish yellow. The shape at the top of the staff was a red bow of some sort. The two then looked ahead of themselves and saw a sword. It had a silver blade and had a gold hilt. The symbol in the middle of the hilt was the same yellow "P".

'If you give it form, it will give you strength.' The voice continued, 'Choose well.'

The two thought for a minute, then nodded to each other. Delete then walked over to the shield while Betty walked over to the sword and picked it up, both looking curious.

'The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction.' it explained to Betty.

"Wow." was all she could say.

'The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield that repels all.' the voice explained to Delete.

"Neat." he said.

'Is this the power you seek?' it asked them.

They both nodded, "Yes."

As the sword and shield disappeared, the voice spoke, 'Your paths are set.'

"Hey!" they shouted.

'Now, what will you give up in exchange?' it asked.

The two looked at the only weapon left, then nodded and went straight toward the staff.

'The power of the mystic. Inner Strenth. A wand of wonder and ruin.' the voice explained to them, 'You both give up this power?'

"Yes." they said together.

Then, the staff disappeared.

'You've chosen the power of the warrior and guardian, you've given up the power of the mystic,' it explained, 'Is this the form you choose?'

"Yes." Delete said.

"No duh!" Betty said.

With that, the trapezoids sank into the ground and disappeared. The two got back on the floor and saw that the floor began to shatter. Again, they fell down with themselves screaming. The two soon came down slowly and then landed safely on another circular floor where there was a portrait of two twin rabbits, one blue and one pink with a bow on her ears, both wearing a white shirt from a dojo of some sort. Behind them was a sleeping panda snoring on a couch.

Delete and Betty then saw the shield and sword respectively appearing in each others' possession.

'You gained the power to fight.' it said.

Then, Betty swung her sword while Delete tossed the shield up like a yo-yo and it came back down.

'All right! You both got it.' it spoke in praise, 'Use these powers to protect yourselves and others.'

Suddenly, a group of shadowed creatures rose out of the ground. They had strange antennas and glowing yellow eyes. Delete backed away slowly as he shivered.

"What...what are those things, Betty?" he asked in shocked.

"I don't know," she answered, preparing her sword, "But we have to take care of these creeps!"

'There will be times you have to fight. Keep your lights burning strong.' the voice continued.

Betty swung the sword hard while Delete used the shields like a bat to whack some of them. In no time, the shadows were killed. Then, a shadow came behind them.

'Behind you!' it warned them.

They quickly turned as more of them appeared. They looked shocked while one of them prepared to jump to Betty. Fortunately, Delete blocked the creature with his shield, giving Betty the time to swing the sword at it, killing it. The two continued to fight the creatures more, killing them. A few survived and sank into the ground, making a dark void appear on the ground. This caused the two to sink into the ground. The two felt like they were sinking in quicksand as Delete panicked.

After the experience, the two layed on the ground with Delete screaming. Betty nudged him, making him realize that they were on another platform. The two got up and looked at the portrait. This one portrayed three hearts. There was a silouette of a girl with a boy in each heart. The two then spotted a door at the end of the platform.

Delete and Betty quickly pulled the door, but it wouldn't budge.

"We can't open it, Betty!" he said to her.

The two looked behind themselves. A treasure chest appeared as if by magic. The two walked over to it, tapping their weapons and opening it. To their disappointment, the chest was empty. Then, a box appeared. The two pushed together with all their strength and then smashed it. The two picked up the two potions that fell out of it.

"We better keep these just in case." Betty told the droid.

He nodded, then the door then lit up and the two walked over to it. But before either one of them could touch the door, it began to slowly open, and an almost blinding light lured the two in. THe next thing they knew, they were back in Cyberspace's Beachatopia (A/N: A site I kinda made up) site.

'Hold on, you two. The door won't open just yet.' the voice said, 'First, tell me more about yourselves.'

They looked at a red haired boy named Matt and a girl named Trixie.

"Hey, what's up, guys. Quick question for you two." Trixie said.

"Delete, Betty, what are you afraid of?" Matt asked.

"Darkness, I think." Delete answered.

Betty then replied, "Getting old...I think."

"Darkness?" Matt asked.

"Getting old?" Trixie asked.

The two then replied together, "Is that really scary?"

The two then walked over to a boy named Tristian and a girl named Inez.

"Let's ask you something very important." Inez began.

Tristian then asked, "What do you want out of life?"

"Um," Delete began, "I'm gonna have to go with borden your horizon."

"As for me," Betty said, "I'll take to see rare sights."

"To see rare sights, huh?" Tristian asked.

Inez then said, "To borden my horizon, eh?"

The two then walked up to the last people. The first one was a dog named Fu Dog and the girl was named Tea.

"This is the last question, you guys," Fu Dog spoke.

"Yeah," Tea said, "What's most important to you two?"

"I have to say being number one!" Betty replied.

"You can say that, but I treasure friendship alot more." Delete said.

"Whoa, being number one? Such a big deal, I think." Fu Dog replied.

"And is friendship such a big deal?" asked Tea.

The voice then informed Betty, 'You're afraid of getting old, you want to see rare sights, and you want to be number one.'

It then started informing Delete, 'You're afraid of darkness, you want to borden the horizon, and your friends are most important to you. Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one.'

"Sounds good to me." the two said together.

'The day you will both open the door is both far off and very near.' The voice said.

The red haired girl just rolled her eyes while Delete said, "We better be getting home after this."

In a flash of light, the two then appeared on a circular floor. This time, they saw two different people.

The girl had blonde hair in braided pigtails with grayish blue eyes. She wore a blue headscarf with pink flower pedals, small glasses, a blue shirt, blue pants, and blue slip-on shoes. She was holding what looked like lipstick. Behind her was a white skinned woman with black medusa-like hair with some green on the lines, green eyes, and red lipstick. She wore a red snake collar, purple dress, yellow waist bracer, brown gloves, brown pantiehoes, and black high heeled shoes.

The boy had brown short hair and brown eyes. He wore a white shirt underneath an orange button-up shirt, light gray pants, and brown shoes. He was holding what looked like a headband with cat ears. Behind him was a sinister red cat with a purple nose and evil yellow eyes. He wore a black business jacket over a white button-up shirt and a black cape with an evil looking white Z.

"Wh-what's going on, Betty?" Delete asked.

The two took a few steps toward the light and few shadows appeared.

"Behind you!" Betty warned.

The droid took notice of the shadows. Then, Delete blocked the oncoming shadows while Betty sliced and diced them.

After they were all gone, a light revealed stairs to the next area. The two then ran up the stairs. Up there, they saw a portrait of a two figures.

The boy had silver hair with dull gray eyes and two red wave tattoos on his face. He wore a brown hat, and gray robes with brown shoes. On his hand was a staff of a Wavemaster.

With her was a blue haired woman with dull gray eyes and a small tattoo on her forehead. She wore a light blue dress and blue shoes. She also beared small angel wings. On her hand was a huge axe.

Behind the girl was a blue haired boy with blue eyes. His wave symbol consisted of two tattoos on his cheeks. He wore a red hat with some yellow on top, a red shirt over a yellow shirt, brown gloves, brown belts on his waist and around his right shoulder down, red pants with yellow markings, black socks, and brown walking shoes. On his hands were two knives.

Behind the silver haired boy was a dark skinned pink haired girl with numerous tattoo symbols around her body. She wore reddish violet fingerless gloves, a skimpy reddish violet top with some gold, a white symbol on her belt, a reddish violet skirt with a white loincloth, purple pants with pink lines, and white boots. On her arm, she was carrying a huge sword.

The two then looked up and saw the light that ripped through the void.

'The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.' the voice said.

"Huh?" was all the two could say as they stood dead in their tracks.

The two then turned around slowly and saw their shadows merging together and arising. The mixed shadows became more buffed, and its hair looked like a complete mess. When it finally merged to one huge ugly creature, Delete shivered and screamed.

He quickly ran toward the stairs used to be, but they were gone. Betty quickly grabbed him before he could fall off.

"Thanks, Betty." the droid said, thanking her.

The two then turned and saw Darkside, now 10 feet tall, towering over them.

'But don't be afraid. And don't forget...'

"Forget what?" asked the scared droid.

"Nevermind that, Delete," Betty said as she got out her sword, "We have to fight this thing before it kills us."

He gulped and took out his shield.

Darkside slammed his fist into the ground as they both saw a bunch of shadows coming out. Delete protected Betty from the shadows jumping to her while Betty sliced and diced them.

"The hand!" Delete noticed, "Aim for the hand."

She nodded and the two charged. Then, Darkside charged up a showdow ball and fired at Betty, but Delete threw his shield to bounce the ball back at Darkside, though causing him to lose his shield. The creature roared as Betty slashed to Darkside, making him roar more in pain.

"Yay! We won!" Delete shouted in joy.

"I can't believe we did it." she said to him.

'Excellent! You are both worthy of being keyblade masters!'

They both looked confused when they heard this. The two then looked up and saw a very angry Darkside. The huge shadow punched toward them, but Betty prepared her sword while Delete hid behind her. Just then, the sword somehow disappeared from her hand, which made the two becoming wide-eyed at.

'But don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of all.' it spoke.

The two tried their best to scramble away, but all Delete and Betty could do was get engulfed in the black circle. The two screamed and their world went black.

'So don't forget: You are the ones who will open the door.'