Back with Delete, Betty, and the others, the PPGZ had transformed back to Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru, Naoko, Sakura, and Kinomi. Everyone was walking the long and winding road as Richie became concerned.

"Now what do we do?" he asked.

"It's simple, actually." Betty spoke to him, "We just find Maximus, Nemesis, Ling Ling, Minimus, Marik, Zuko, and Youma."

"But the thing is, how do we find the door to the light?" Asked Sakura.

They all groaned, leaning to the ground as they looked defeated.

"On the plus side, at least you get to hang around with us." Momoko grinned.

Just then, they saw a familiar robot dog with an envelope on his mouth. On it was a 'P' symbol.

"Hey, it's Peach!" Kinomi gasped in excitement.

"Where the heck were you!" Kaoru shouted.

They then gasped as they saw the seal on the envelope.

"Hey, it's the Powerpuff Girls Zetto seal!" Naoko shouted.

"So that means..." Courage grinned.

"Yes, I think so." Shirly spoke.

Everyone looked at each other, then the droid shouted, "Come on, let's go!"

(ED: ButterflyTheater Size)

The heroes smiled to each other, looking happy to one another.

Mugendai no yume no ato no nanimo nai yo no naka ja (After an endless dream, in this world of nothingness)
Sou sa itoshii omoi mo makesou ni naru kedo (It seems as if our beloved dreams will lose)
Stay shigachi na imeeji darake no tayorinai tsubasa demo (Even with these unreliable wings, covered in images that tend to stay)
Kitto toberu sa oh yeah (I'm sure we can fly, oh yeah)

The heroes then nodded as they ran together. Everyone had a look of determination within themselves as they all chased the robotic dog, Peach. Delete and Betty looked at each other, both smiling with grins on their faces. What they would not know is that it would eventually lead them to their true destiny.

Mugendai na yume no ato no yarusenai yo no naka ja (After an endless dream, in this miserable world)
Sou sa joushiki hazure mo waruku wa nai ka na (That's right, maybe not using common sense isn't so bad after all)
Stay shisou na imeeji wo someta gikochinai tsubasa demo (Even with these awkward wings, dyed with images that seem to stay)
Kitto toberu sa on my love (I'm sure we can fly, on my love)

As they continued, the voiceless person spoke in the sky, 'Remember, you two...You will be the one who will open the door to the light..."

The End...of Delete & Betty's KH.

(Coming Soon: Delete & Betty's Chain of Memories)