Title: DW 4 DW

Rating: K

Summary: Dennis Waterman gets offered a part in Doctor Who.

Disclaimer: I don't own Little Britain or Doctor Who. I am going to see Little Britain live in a few days, which is nice :)

Author's Note: I usually just write Doctor Who stories, but I just love Dennis Waterman sketches, so here is mine!


In Jeremy Rent's office.

Jeremy (on phone): "Okay, thank you, goodbye."

Hangs up. There is a buzz on the intercom.

Voice: Dennis Waterman to see you.

Jeremy: Lovely. Send him in.

Dennis pokes his head round the door.

Dennis (in his usual high voice): Hello!

Jeremy: Dennis! Do come in, dear heart.

Dennis walks in. He is carrying a big cotton bag.

Jeremy (pointing to the bag): What's that?

Dennis: Oh, I've just come from the Laundromat.

Jeremy: Here, let me take that off your hands.

Dennis hands the bag over. For Jeremy, it's about 5 cm long. He is holding it between his fingers. He puts it down on his desk. Dennis climbs into the chair.

Jeremy: Now, I've just had a call from Russell T Davies, the executive producer of Doctor Who. He says he's very interested in having you play the Doctor's next incarnation.

Dennis (smiling): Oh that's brilliant!

Jeremy: He's even sent over a replica of the sonic screwdriver. Why don't you take a look at it?

Jeremy picks up the sonic screwdriver. He hands it over to Dennis. For Dennis, it's twice his size.

Dennis: Oo, nice.

Dennis puts the sonic screwdriver on the ground.

Dennis: Right, so they want me to star in it, write the theme toon, sing the theme toon …

Jeremy: No Dennis. They've had the same theme tune for over 40 years, I don't think they'll want a new one.

Dennis lowers his head.

Jeremy: Come on Dennis. Doctor Who's a very poplar show. You'd have fans all over the planet! Well, what do you say?

Dennis looks up at Jeremy.

Dennis (singing to the tune of Minder):

I travel through time and spa-ace

Do do do do do do

The last survivor of the Time Lord ra-ace

Do do do do do do

I've got a good idea, just you keep me near

I'll be so good for … Doctor Who!

Jeremy: I'll tell him you're busy.

Dennis nods. Jeremy sighs and takes out a bubble blower.

Dennis: Oo, where'd you get that?

Jeremy: My niece gave it to me.

Jeremy blows a bubble, which heads towards Dennis.

Dennis: Aarghh!

Dennis is trapped in the bubble. A small smile creeps onto Jeremy's face.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There it is, my first Little Britain fic. BTW, did you understand the title? Dennis Waterman 4 Doctor Who. Anyway, please review!