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Rule Bender


a fiction by Crimson Vixen



There's no way. It's just not possible. There's no way that the most irresistible body was grinding against his own, and no way that it was also naked. Cloud Strife most certainly was not the most gorgeous creature to grace the planet, and no, no, he didn't have the most perfectly sculpted body ever seen by human eyes.

It's just not possible for a mere man to turn on this delicate blonde, to harden his lower – more personal – areas, to make the boy pant and moan like he actually wanted it…

And he must be crazy to believe that this God was pleasured by him or that he was actually underneath that knee-weakening beauty, turning the impossible into truth, and that the blonde youth had been the one to initiate the sin they were currently committing.

…Reno had to blink a few times to see the image clearly; golden, sunshine locks and sapphire blue eyes as deep as the sea itself. And oh – that flawless face, sweating and pleasured and just inches away from him. To tell the trust Reno thought he was amazing in bed, but to be able to make Cloud fucking Strife go down on him was just... just...

Gaia, there was no way a being that precious would taint those feathery pink lips with his name. So… why did his ears perk with its repetition…


The laws of… everything had been shattered when warmly smiling lips collided with unbelieving, cursing one, thus creating a moment that – by the rules of all humanity – should have never happened.

Careful fingers couldn't be running through his hair so tenderly, massaging his scalp as they were and making him purr, just like those lips couldn't be kissing him so passionately. It was all just so incomprehensible. Not possible, unreachable, but…


And yet...

But even a blind man could see that… that this smooth skin, Cloud Strife's skin was bare, and they were bumping pelvises and playing intense tonsil hockey, hands clumsy and skilled and eager – all over the place. Lust was definitely directed towards one another and the logics of right and wrong and wants and needs had been defied.

Because the angel that was Cloud Strife had chosen the dirtied being that was him, and he, in turn, had greedily grasped the opportunity without question. How can you deny the truth when the truth was literally right before you – on top of you – touching you, making you beg and scream and moan… That's, what was impossible.

But he finally caved into reality instead of questioning it just as his lower lip was tugged at, just as he felt himself starting to sweat. He always enjoyed breaking the rules, anyway.