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Chapter 24

Tommy was anxious to get to the train station. The car ride felt like it drug on for hours. Had the train station always been this far away? He feared Kevin had figured Karma would crack. What if they were too late? Maybe Jude and Kevin had left Toronto right after Kevin's conversation with Karma. Tommy shook his head. No. They would find Jude and everything would be alright again. They finally arrived at the train station. Kevin and Jude's train left in less than three hours. They would be there soon.

The police were stationed all around the busy train station. Tommy watched as people passed them by. He checked every face looking for his girl . He wondered if Kevin had hurt her or worse… Tommy didn't allow the thought to carry on after that. The police asked Sadie, Tommy and Spied to stay hidden incase Kevin saw them and knew he was discovered.

Tommy didn't want to, but decided Jude's safety was first. Sadie walked over to a newspaper stand and held up a tabloid for Tommy to see. It was a paper announcing he was dead. Tommy made a face at her and Sadie and Spied exchanged smiles.

Sadie bought the magazine, earning a glare from Tommy. " I need the distraction." Sadie pointed out. He shook his head at her but understood. They all needed to stay clam. He watched Karma bite her finger nails nervously, two officers standing beside her. It took Tommy all his willpower not to go over to her and strangle her. She was part of the reason Jude and he were apart. All because of her stupid need to be famous. He hoped she got all the punishment she deserved. Tommy glanced at Spied and frowned. He felt bad for Vincent. Poor guy just found out his girlfriend is a bigger bitch than they all thought. Spied really believed Karma had a heart underneath it all, only to prove she didn't. Karma confessing the truth didn't prove she had a heart. It proved she was scared.


Jude felt like a zombie. Tommy was gone and with him her spirit had died too. Jude felt Kevin tug her along. He looked over his shoulder every once in a while in fear. She failed to notice the police officers watching their every move. Maybe because she felt numb. Jude took off her sunglasses, not caring if Kevin punished her and shut her eyes. She to call forth the tears that seemed to be lost. Trying to find some sort of release for the anxiousness gripping her chest. Was this normal? This heavy dead feeling in her chest, where her heart was? She desperately wished this was all a bad dream, wondering if this creep would suddenly turn on her and kill her. The thought seemed to bring a smile to her lips. Death didn't seem so bad. Jude never thought death would hold such an appeal to her. She wanted to die. Jude tried to think about the possibility that the tabloids had made the whole thing about Tommy being dead up. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. She tried to hold on to that shred of hope. Just long enough for her to think of a way to escape.

Kevin looked around and began growing worried. Those police officers were becoming too nosy. He looked toward the stations exit doors. They were beckoning him to them. Should he forget the trip to Vancouver and take Jude elsewhere? By other means? No doubt that weak, stupid girl Karma got scared and told the police about his plan. His anger rose. If he saw Karma, he would kill her for sure. Kevin pulled Jude closer to his body, surprised and happy she showed no resistance. He looked down at her. Jude had taken off her sunglasses. Her eyes shut, allowing him to lead her where he pleased. Kevin was even more shocked to see her smile. Had she finally succumbed to her destiny to be his forever? Kevin wished they could leave this place and be married already.


A few hours later, Tommy overheard a police officer on the radio say that they might have spotted Jude and Kevin. Karma had told them that Kevin made her buy clothes for Jude and a light brown wig. So they had a good description of what Jude looked like in disguise. Tommy's heart stopped. They found Jude.

Despite the officers request to stay behind. Tommy, Sadie and Spied went with the officers but agreed to stay behind slightly. Karma stayed close to the officers as well, but not by her own desire.

Sadie gasped when she saw a young man holding a browned haired girl Jude's height close to him. A little too close. Tommy followed her gaze and knew that was Jude. Her head was down and it was apparent she didn't put up any kind of resistance.

He saw Kevin's head turn. Even though Kevin was wearing sunglasses, Tommy knew where his gaze had landed. He spotted the police looking at them. The officers were closing in on him. Kevin knew he was caught. But he still had a chance to escape with Jude. The officers were not close enough to them to catch up to them if they ran. Kevin saw them getting closer. He had to do something.

Jude suddenly became aware that Kevin seemed tense. For the first time in hours, she noticed the presence of other people around her. "Why are there so many police officers?" Jude wondered in her head.

" We have to run my darling." He whispered in her ear. Jude nodded her head, willing to do whatever he wanted.

Tommy saw Kevin pull Jude toward an exit in a hurry. They were getting away! Tommy had to do something. "Jude!" Tommy screamed. His voice carried over the loud busy sounds of the train station. Had Jude heard him?

Jude froze. She knew that voice. Had she gone crazy? Was she dead? That couldn't be Tommy's voice. She turned around against Kevin's hold and gasped loudly. There standing in the middle of the station was Tommy. "Tommy?" She breathed. It had to be a dream. Her mind and eyes playing tricks on her. She shut and opened her eyes, thinking Tommy would suddenly disappear. But when she opened her eyes there he stood still. Her breath caught In her throat. Happiness filling her chest. Suddenly it became easier to breathe.

Kevin cursed under his breath. Tommy was supposed to be dead. He loosened his grip on Jude. Too stunned to think of what he was doing.

Jude glanced at Kevin. This was her chance. He was just as surprised as she was. Before she could move. She saw the police pointing their guns at them. She looked around them as stunned onlookers screamed. The police tried desperately to clear the area, before anyone got hurt.

Kevin grabbed Jude and pointed the gun to her head. He moved toward the exit again, dragging Jude with him. " Kevin. Give up. It's over." She breathed.

Kevin glanced outside and saw there were police officers waiting for them there as well. "No. It's not. If they kill me, you're going down with me." Kevin said in her ear.

Jude shivered. She saw Tommy begin look like a small figure in the distance. She had to get away. Kevin looked behind them and tried to open the door with one hand. In one quick movement. She grabbed the hand that held the gun and bit Kevin's hand hard, making him drop the gun. Jude kneed him in the groin and ran as fast as she could toward Tommy. Jude figured that if she could disarm him, the police would get him.

Kevin saw Jude running away from him, he did the first thing that came to his mind. He picked up the gun and pointed at Jude. Before he knew it, his finger pulled the trigger.

The gun went off and Jude felt something hit her lower back with enough force to make her fly forward. She hit the ground and heard Tommy, Sadie and Spied scream her name, before everything went dark.

Kevin got a wild look in his eyes. " No." He whispered. He didn't mean to shoot Jude. He didn't even really think about what he was doing. He just wanted to stop her. The gun dropped out of his hand and he threw himself on his knees. The police rushed to him and wrestled him to the ground.

Tommy, Sadie, Spied and Karma reached Jude as she lay on the floor. Tommy kneeled down beside her and rolled her over to her side. He saw her eyes were closed. " Jude?! Jude! Wake up!" Tommy screamed. Spied took off his shirt and told him to hold it over the wound to stop her the bleeding.

Sadie covered her mouth and felt tears roll down her cheeks. She kneeled down next to Tommy and cried for Jude to open her eyes. Spied looked the scene before him in shock. Kevin shot Jude. And now she was laying on the ground bleeding and seemingly lifeless. He glanced at Karma and saw her face was pale. She shook her head and he watched her lips move as if she was saying something to herself.

"I didn't mean for this to happen. I'm sorry." Spied heard her whispering to herself.

The police grabbed Karma and handcuffed her before dragging her and Kevin away. Kevin took one last glimpse of Jude on the ground. Thinking Jude was dead, he didn't care what happened to him now.

They heard the police call an ambulance over the radio.

After what Tommy felt like an eternity, he heard the sound of the ambulance and prayed they would hurry up. His saw his tears dripping to touch Jude's face. He leaned down kissed her lips. They were becoming cold. He suddenly heard Sadie gasp. Tommy, looked up and saw she was pointing at his shirt. His sutures must have opened up because he was now bleeding through his shirt. He didn't care. He actually didn't feel the pain in his shoulder. His only concern was for Jude. "Where's the damn ambulance?!" Tommy yelled.

The paramedics arrived shortly and carried Jude in the ambulance. Spied and Sadie said they would follow the ambulance. Spied drove while Sadie tried desperately to get in touch with her dad and the rest of Jude's friends. She sobbed the whole time she called.

" Sadie. You have to calm down. Dude is going to make it. You'll see." Spied smiled at her.

Sadie smiled aback at him through her tears but couldn't calm down. Her little sister had been shot and they had no idea how bad it really was.

Tommy rode in back of the ambulance with Jude and watched as the paramedics placed an IV in her. He held her hand and stroked her cheek. "Jude. We're taking you to the hospital. You're going to be ok." Tommy whispered in her ear.

"Sir do you need for us to look at that?" One of the paramedics asked looking at his shoulder, where the blood was seeping through the fabric of his shirt.

Tommy shook his head. " I'm fine. Concentrate on my girl."

Tommy, Sadie, Stuart, Spied and Kwest waited for the doctors to give them news on Jude. Tommy and Stuart were pacing the waiting room floor, while Kwest hugged Said trying to comfort her. Spied felt guilty for what was happening. After all it was his girlfriend that caused all of this. He felt he should have known Karma was up to something, He sat away from them in a chair alone , his head in his hands.

"Spiederman? You ok man?" Spied looked up and saw Tommy standing in front of him.

"I should be the one asking you that dude." Spied sighed. "This is partially my fault. I should have been able to see through Karma's lies."

"Vincent. No one is to blame except Karma and Kevin. And they are going to get the punishment they deserve. Come over here and sit with us." Tommy encouraged.

Spied smiled and got up just as the rest of Jude's friends arrived.

It seemed like hours had passed by before the doctor finally came to tell them about Jude's condition.

"The bullet thankfully didn't puncture any major organs. She lost a lot of blood, but we were able to get the bleeding to stop. She just had the bullet removed from her back and had a blood transfusion. If she reacts well to the blood transfusion, she should make a nice recovery." The doctor explained.

"Can we see her?" Tommy asked.

"She can only have one visitor right now. She should be waking up soon." The doctor smiled.

"You should go first Tom." Stuart said.

Tommy looked at Jude's dad and Sadie who smiled and nodded at him. He thanked him with his eyes.

Tommy followed the doctor to Jude's room. He entered the room and looked her over. She looked so pale and fragile. Tommy walked up next to her and kissed her forehead. He felt a knot in his throat. He finally had Jude with him.

Minutes passed before Jude started to move around in the bed. She opened her eyes and saw a blurry figure. She thought she was dreaming. " Tommy?" She whispered.

"I'm right here, girl." Tommy answered taking her hand. He was sitting beside her.

Jude's eyes tried to adjust to the light. " I'm I dead?" She asked shielding her eyes.

Tommy laughed.

Suddenly she looked at him. Her eyes were wide as tears began to fall rapidly down her cheeks.

"Jude! What's wrong? Are you hurting?" Tommy asked jumping up.

Jude shook her head and bit her bottom lip. " No." She whispered.

He sat back down and Jude reached up to touch his face. " I thought you were dead." She breathed.

Tommy furrowed his eyebrows. " You saw the tabloid?"

Jude didn't say anything. She just nodded her head slowly.

"You know better than to believe the tabloids. Jude." Tommy answered.

"I know. But I saw Kevin shoot you. I… I felt so numb. I didn't want to go on without you." Jude shook her head. " I know it's stupid to think like that."

Tommy grabbed the sides of her face and kissed her gently on the lips. " It's not Jude. That's exactly want I've felt ever since I saw Kevin shoot you. I don't know what I would do without you." Tommy whispered.

"How did you find me?" She asked suddenly.

"It's a long story. One that will have to wait until you feel better."

Jude smiled and nodded her head. " Kevin?"

"They arrested him after he…shot you." The sound of his voice came out strained. It still hurt to even say she had been shot.

"Where's Sam?" She asked worried.

"She's at your house. Her and Rachel have been staying with your dad and Sadie."

"It felt so horrible to leave her. She was yelling for me to stay. It broke my heart." Jude said quietly.

"She thinks you went on a trip. She'll be happy to see you." Tommy smiled. "I haven't seen her either. Spied said she thinks I'm out looking for you. I didn't want her to know I was shot." Tommy explained.

She saw him grimace and touch his shoulder lightly. "Are you ok?" She asked squeezing his hand.

"I'll be alright. But I kind of left the hospital before I should have. My wound opened up again. The doctors here had to patch me back up."

Jude gave him a threatening look.

"Don't be mad, girl. Sadie, Spied and I found out where you were and I had to escape from the hospital."

Jude shook her head. "You shouldn't have done that. You could have bled to death. Then what would I have done? And poor Sam."

Tommy smiled. "I'm not going anywhere girl. Not without you." He leaned in to kiss her but saw she made a face.

"I know that's supposed to be romantic but it came out a little strange." She laughed.

Tommy laughed to and leaned in again to kiss her on the lips.

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