/\ Guilmon, Keeper of Precepts. /\

A/N: Okay, so I'm takin a small break from the whole Hawaii thing and am doing a more serious story. This one involves Guilmon, The Keeper of the Precepts. I'm at least hoping this one turns out more serious than the other one, and I really had this on my mind for a while. Rika's school is located right next to the park.

Chapter 1: Renamon's fated day….

Another good day in Shinjuku park where all the neighborhood kids ran around screaming words they would not remember in the next two minutes. You could just see the joy in their little faces. They aren't aware of the trials they will have to face when they grow older. They do not think about how they look. All they have to do is be themselves. Nobody will judge them for they are mere children. If only the world could be like that to everyone. Once you start to grow older, you must change yourself to ways that others think you should be. Nobody is their true self anymore. Some people think that there are certain rules as to being a 'man' and a 'woman'. Why do people have to change? Because you have to be like everybody else in order to be accepted into the modern world. You must like a certain type of music, you must look a certain way, you must speak a certain way, dress a certain way, eat a certain amount of food, be involved in this and that. It's almost idiotic, especially starting at it from the outside. Imagine, the horrors of life because you could never truly be yourself. Many tears never shed, many beautiful songs never heard, many friends torn apart, and all of this chaos just so you can be accepted by both the regular population and the opposite sex. It truly is sad watching all of those 'women' in her school pretend to be friends with each other. The flick of the wrist, the stance, the sway of the hips with every step. These were all beautiful people inside, but all that was good was taken by society and regurgitated into the mindless drones that they were now. Why must they always poke fun at Rika. She could see that in those other girls' eyes, they didn't want to do this. To an average 'women' these days, reputation seems to be their life. If that reputation is or becomes faulty, society looks down upon them and laughs as they attempt to take their lives because of it. It is truly awful, but Rika always puts up with it, and gets the victory in the end. She seemed to have the ordeal stated above placed upon her because her mother is a model. Most of the girls expect her to be like them, one of the mindless drones that needs to read a magazine or watch a new show in order to get on with their lives. The importance of how healthy your hair looks, the appliance of makeup, and dreaming about men. Oh yes, men seemed to be one of the biggest subjects of which the girls speak of. They always try to put Rika down because she is not what society considers, 'attractive' but she has two men after her. More than these other people that always dream of men as exotic beings of a totally different species. Ah but Rika had two men after her, one was Ryo Akiyama and the other was….

"Hey Renamon, what're you doing here?" Takato had decided to show up now of all times. He had came to give Rika her D-Ark ,that she had dropped, once she got out of school. He had noticed that Renamon was perched on the tree he was leaning against. Some people would have backed away slowly and jetted, but not Takato. He knew Renamon never meant harm to other human beings, especially not to one of her best friends.

"Why are you here?" Renamon was starting to feel uneasy at the fact that Takato had found her so easily and at the fact that he was currently climbing up the tree to where Renamon was currently sitting. He reached for the last branch and pulled himself onto it. He sat down and inched his way closer to Renamon. This was truly starting to get her uneasy, she didn't know if the added weight would brake the branch or if Rika would notice them sitting in the tree right outside of the window her seat was located by.

"Oh, I'm here 'cause I wanted to give Rika her D-Ark back. She dropped it when I walked her home yesterday."

"Oh, thank you. I'll be sure to return it to her once her school day is over."

"Thanks, wait, are you asking me to leave?"

"I just thought that you wanted to drop…never mind."

"It was just a joke."

"Oh, sorry."

"Don't worry, I'm sure you can see Guilmon and Terriermon later. Henry said that he'd drop by and let all you guys hang out. It's been a while since all of you have been together anyways."

"Thank you,"

"No prob," Takato finished his job and took one last look before he jumped off the tree. Sometimes, that boy was truly a wonder. Renamon could easily see why Rika liked him so much. If only she knew that he had a crush on her. Yeah, Takato was the kind of boy that Renamon felt Rika should be with. He had done a large amount to help Rika trust herself. He opened her up to the world, not to mention her. Yes, once Rika had seen the way Takato acted towards Guilmon, she used it as an example of how she should be. Rika was a good person now, but was still picked on for her attitude. This again was a sad thought, but school was almost over. Just Three…Two….One….Brrrrring.

"Oh god finally," Rika had gotten up from her seat and pushed past the many people exiting the school. Rika had a more important reason to be rushing at this moment. She had lost her D-Ark while walking home with goggle head and wanted to find it before any curious people decided to take it as their own.

"Damn, I'm never really careless like that. I mean, why did I leave so quickly anyway."

"I believe you wished to leave because you were becoming too annoyed at the fact that you were blushing. Am I correct or no?" Just count on Renamon to pop up and scare the living hell out of you when you least expected it.

"Well, I couldn't ruin my image now could I?"

"Of course not," Renamon started to smirk," you wouldn't want Takato to think you've changed into a kind hearted girl now would you."

"Just let me go look for my D-Ark, it should be on the way home and---"

"Do you mean this D-Ark, by any chance?" In Renamon's hand, was indeed the D-Ark that Rika had lost.

"How did you get this?"

"Takato dropped it off a little moment ago. When you were in school."

"So I guess I don't have to spend the day looking for this after all. Oh well, I'm free for the day, so what do you want to do?"

Wow, this was a weird situation. Renamon usually toured around the city and park, thinking about herself and the way people act. Mainly she would usually try to find out what's up with Guilmon. He seems to have been acting strangely ever since he came back to the Digital World. He didn't arrive on the grassy plain with all the other digimon. They actually found him several days later, and he was in his rookie form as opposed to all the others being in their In-Training forms. It was a funny experience. He played father to most of the digimon, but he was more protective, and he thought about many things that a digimon like him wouldn't usually think about. Once they all came to the Real World, Guilmon was back to his normal, bread scarfing, self. She truly loved to see this Guilmon enjoying himself, as opposed to him being depressed in the Digital World. Culumon always cheered him up though, even when it seemed impossible, not to mention Terriermon's comments. Renamon wished that she could have been of more help, but she could only sit with him and hopefully comfort him with her presence. He was always calmed by her voice, and she had sang more than a couple lullabies that quickly put him to sleep. She didn't need to do that anymore, and just resorted to singing them to herself. Well, Takato had invited her to go and see the other digimon, so might as well go to the park.

"Why don't we just head to park with the rest of the tamers?" Renamon simply responded.

"Yeah, I guess that's a good idea, I need to thank goggle head anyway."

"I knew it would be a good choice."

On this note, Rika and Renamon both walked off to the park, where the tamers would no doubt be waiting to see them. Rika brushed past a boy, around her age wearing a black long sleeve shirt and black jeans. He was much darker than any other people around the neighborhood so she guessed it was an American tourist. He had an "I'm sorry" look before he proceeded walking towards the park. Something seemed to be bothering him.

Let us go into this mysterious boy's past, at least for that day…..

Edel woke up from his sleep (couldn't think of a better name for this guy, sorry.) It was going to be a strange day for him. He had barely gotten used to living in Japan. He was originally from America, but because of his special musical talents, a friend of his hooked him up with a deal to make 500 American dollars a gig! Edel couldn't refuse, playing the piano was one of the few things he loved to do, and not to mention he could make a good amount of money to save for an apartment or college when he grew up. Meanwhile though, he stayed at an apartment room that his friend owned. (Edel's friend actually lived in Japan and owned a house. He made so much money from conducting the county orchestra, that he owned an apartment room just in case some of his friends wanted to stay.) Next to him lie his digimon, a BlackRenamon. As opposed to the original Renamon, this one was of course black with white fur. It had Neon Green gloves with a strange looking symbol on it ( the symbol is /\ if you wanted to know. Meaning will be revealed later.) Her eyes were also a haunting neon green. The light glow from her orbs nearly entrance Edel every time he stares into them. Her class wasn't specified either. BlackRenamon had revealed most of herself to him orally, and she seemed to have a fixation to music. She would always sit beside Edel whenever he played the piano, admiring the emotion that he put into his playing. His E-Minor lullaby (not sure, but I think Pan's Labyrinth lullaby and Victor's piano solo are in E-Minor) known as "Receding into the darkness" was the most beautiful and passion filled song that she ever heard, but he said that it is a song he would probably never complete. It was very clear why. His emotions and experiences change the way the song goes, therefore, it would count more as an improvision rather than a song.

However, back to why Edel had woken up. It was very early in the morning, around 4:00 in the morning. A mysterious dream had awoken him. This dream included Edel being in immense pain, a black aura surrounding him, then he was completely covered, and that's where it usually ends.

"Edel, are you alright?" Renamon asked from next to him. He had been having strange dreams lately, and could always be found shaking, and saying the words 'I'm sorry' over and over again. BlackRenamon had decided to sleep inside and monitor him one night, during this, she found that he was much more comfortable with her presence in the room. This was why she was sleeping in the same bed, it was king size anyway.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just had that dream again, after so long."

"Have you progressed, or does it still end suddenly?"

"I still haven't seen the end." Edel arose from his sleeping position and contorted his body to a sitting position," I think we should get some more sleep though."

As Edel drifted to sleep, BlackRenamon felt the presence of another digimon. The truth was that she had sensed it since she arrived in Japan, but hadn't explored it for fear of Edel having one of his nightmares and waking up to find her gone. However, the digimon seemed close, so it would be alright if she just checked it out, wouldn't it? She waited a few minutes before getting off the bed and disappeared into the night.

BlackRenamon jumped from building to building, noticing how beautiful the dawn looked. She put her nose in the air and sniffed it, trying to catch the digimon's scent. It was close, very close, but she couldn't tell whe---

"(Yawn) Hey Renamon, what are you doing so early, and why are you wearing black?"

"Uh, I decided to watch the dawn in my new fashion." Yes it was a weird thing to say but, it kept the digimon from most likely attacking her.

"Oh, so, are you trying to load my data again?" Guilmon knew very clearly that this wasn't the Renamon he knew, but she didn't seem to mean any harm. He was mostly trying to cover his own ass for not noticing sooner. A Renamon's scent is a very familiar one, and usually Black forms of digimon have a 'dark' scent to them. However, this didn't have any, and smelled exactly the same as the normal Renamon.

"No, I just came here on my usual path." This was BlackRenamon's usual path whenever she wandered aimlessly throughout the streets whenever Edel went to school.

"Oh, well. Nice to see you again though."

"Yes, very nice to see you too." BlackRenamon started off as she thought to herself. Could this saurian possibly be the strange digimon she had sensed? This little innocent, childlike dino was the most powerful of them all. He had the smell of a holy knight, yet he was a virus type. "This is one special digimon, I need to see what he does." BlackRenamon retreated to the depths of the park, she could smell the scent of the holy knight, plus some peanut butter and bread. The latter two would just have to remain anomalies for now.

Edel awoke, again, from a more peaceful slumber. He found that BlackRenamon had left, most likely to clear her thoughts as she used to do when he was asleep. He had no time to wonder about her whereabouts for now though, it was time for him to go to school.

"Shit! I'm going to be late….again."

So the school day dragged on. The usual curriculum continued until the last bell finally rang, and everyone stormed out. He noticed that one of the girls that went to his school, Rika, seemed to be very happy. This really seemed awkward since she always seemed like she was trying to be the tough girl. Very rarely did she ever smile, why he cared, no one will know. He felt that he had a connection with her for some reason. Maybe the dreams, maybe it was her presence, maybe he just liked her….Nah. Edel only had enough room for one person in his heart. He shouldn't even be noticing her since they went to different ends of the school. However, he did hear something about a certain "goggle head and his Guilmon". Wondering if this Guilmon was a digimon, he decided to follow her. This is when he saw her Renamon. It was the same one he saw on T.V. in America, he didn't know that Rika was her tamer. So thusly, he ran into the park and brushed Rika's shoulder. He decided that it would be a good time to just head into the park and stay near.

Back to present time…..

"Wasn't that boy from your school?" Renamon had a feeling that she had seen him before.

"I think so, but that's not important. I just want to relax in the park with the rest of the gang."

"Riiight, the rest of the gang eh." Rika blushed slightly. However, Takato made his way over to greet them, and the slight blush turned full blast. Rika was actually sweating.

"I knew you would come," Takato gave a slight wink to Renamon as he said this.

"I only came to thank you for giving me my D-Ark back." Hey, she isn't that cold hearted, she would have thanked him.

"But you're here now and that's all that matters, so come."

"You're acting weird again Gogglehead."

"Oh," Takato started to blush," I just get carried away sometimes."

Renamon started towards the park with the other two. She noticed that Terriermon and Culumon were playing. Kazu and Kenta were having a digimon card match, Juri was handing Henry some fish, and Guilmon was nowhere in sight.

"Takato," Renamon really needed to know," Where's Guilmon."

"Huh? Oh him, he just ran off into the park, hope he doesn't get caught."

"Excuse me, but I must be off." Renamon then disappeared into the trees, to look for Guilmon.

The two tamers just watched in amazement.

"Well, I guess she has nothing better to do."

Renamon was currently looking through the various amount of trees, hoping not spot his carmine hide from the safety of the high altitude. His scent was somewhat strong, and she could sense his presence somehow. She always guessed that it was just some strange thing that only he possessed. He was created by his tamer's imagination after all. She leapt two more trees before she heard a familiar voice….

"Awww, aren't you a cute little saurian…."

It was her own. There was another Renamon in this place. It was impossible….improbable. She looked around the corner to see a BlackRenamon scratching behind Guilmon's ears, his leg violently shook up and down. Well, at least it wasn't trying to harm him. Renamon decided to hopefully befriend the new digimon/ have her get her paws off Guilmon.

"Hello there." Renamon jumped down from the tree she was perched and proceeded towards the other two digimon. She maintained her strut and shifted her tail side to side, it was more of a warning sign among Renamons. The funny thing would be that she didn't even notice that she was doing it.

"Hey Renamon," Guilmon waved happily towards the digimon he had spent so much time with," Why are you waving your tail like that?"

"It's nice to meet you." BlackRenamon was staring at Renamon with focused eyes, while still scratching Guilmon's ears. She was preparing for an attack from the other Renamon Damn, if I knew this little digimon had a Renamon for a girlfriend I wouldn't have stayed here. The unexpected thing that Renamon did was come to Guilmon and start scratching the bottom if his neck. Guilmon was practically foaming at the mouth and BlackRenamon sweat dropped as to not knowing what to do now.

"BlackRenamon, there you are." Edel had chosen the greatest and the worst time to show up.

"Edel! I'm sorry I stayed here so late. I really had to just get some fresh air."

"No worries. At least you didn't get caught, by another human anyway. What are you doing?"

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea."

Well, this is great and all, but I think…wait. You're that kid that I ran brushed past me this when I came in?"

"Uh, I think so."

"HEY!!!!" Takato appeared from behind Rika, panting heavily. He took one look at the scene and immediately asked the question "Guilmon, are you alright?"

"Perrrrrrfect." Takato obviously sweat dropped at the answer.

Rika became slightly annoyed at the goggle head's interruption but spoke once again.

"So you're a tamer huh. Why don't you come and join us, we always have room for more people in our society. You're also free to join the fan club, but Ryo pretty much hogs all the attention there. " Now this was a very strange situation. Rika had just given someone an open invitation to become a member of the tamers, and she didn't try to offend him….that much.

"Sure, there's nothing better, wait, my music!"

"You're whaaaa?"

"I play for the West Shinjuku performing arts center (I really don't think there is one) and I have a gig there tomorrow."

"Well, Takato, are we doing anything tomorrow?"

"No I don't think so."

"So we're going to the play."

"It's actually a performance for Harpsichord."

"So we're going to the Harpsithingy performance!"

Rika really didn't like classical music, but she was curios to see as too what this guy did. She knew that people who play classical instruments usually channel their souls into them, and thusly, she should be able to see if this kid means harm or if he is a friend. Renamon and BlackRenamon were currently talking about Edel's performances.

"Does he play well?"

"He plays excellently. You can hear his soul pouring into the notes."

"Wow, I wish Rika would pick up a musical instrument. It would be much more relaxing than the other music she listens to. Well, I can't wait to hear him play, see you tomorrow, I hope."

"Yes, it would be very nice meeting you again."

A/N: So how do you guys like it. Yeah, I really didn't plan the beginning all to well, so this chapter wasn't so grand. Music is going to play a big part in this story, but if you don't know it really isn't necessary to the plot. You just get and extra bit of entertainment if you do. So

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