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A New Genesis, VELES Unveiled!

Bergaindramon was currently gliding through 'the ring' and trying to enter the real world. As he flew at neck breaking speeds, windows decorated in a blue glow surrounded him. They weren't very large, but if you had great perception, you could see the area that the window led to. Bergaindramon was looking for a dark alleyway, possibly the sewers if he had any luck. After around 3 seconds of floating, he found a perfect window for him to land. It was apparently a large and lanky sewer system that seemed large enough to hold a whole city in there. Bergaindramon tilted his wings to form a slight warp that should have been enough to put him in the window. However, his trip was made all the more sudden when a Goblimon decided to crash into him. The Black Knight was somewhat surprised that a rookie had pushed him so hard. Maybe he had been traveling longer than him, but something was off. Usually portals to the real world were a one way. What was going on? The Black Knight and hideous rookie rocketed towards the floor and hit the ground with incredible force. Bergaindramon immediately held his wings out to hopefully lessen his fall, but to no avail. You could hear metal and stone hit each other as the two digimon landed in the large sewer. The goblimon seemed to be knocked out, but was still alive. Bergaindramon tried to get up, but noticed that he couldn't. He looked down at his legs and found the shock of his life. Where there should have been feet, his legs became thinner and thinner until they stopped at a fine point. As the Black Knight's vision came back, he noticed that from the knee down, he had a continuous piece of armor. To top that off, they seemed to be inverted, imitating the leg of a dog. His armor was still black, but it was a completely different model. It seemed more, mechanical. Something else was getting to him though. He didn't have wings anymore, but he noticed several curiously shaped objects lying on the floor near him.

I must have had a mode change while I was flying. I probably never noticed it since I was to concentrated on finding the right window. Wait! I remember someone saying that I might change into a flight mode sooner or later since that seemed to be what I did the most. What did he say? Oh yeah, concentrate on flying and remember you must concentrate on the thought of where you want to go since flying will replace the act of walking. If your mind wanders, you will inevitably lose concentration or go in the complete wrong direction. Ok, so just concentrate.

"I want to fly," Bergaindramon spoke out as he tried to concentrate. Suddenly, veins of red seemed to light up on his entire body. The lines of glowing neon were in linear patterns all over his body, and seemed to be feeding him energy. Once the light had reached his helmet, his eyes flashed a bright red. The objects that had been lying on the floor were now attracted to him, and formed a wing-like formation behind him. Bergaindramon felt his body rise as he willed himself to get up. Within a moment's notice, Bergaindramon flight mode had assumed a noble pose as he levitated, arms crossed, his dragon-like visor atop his head, with the eyes shining a glowing red. He took one last look at the goblimon before flying into a different branch of the sewer, hoping to find an exit.

Damnit, I didn't think I would change form. Now I have to hide down here and--hey.

Bergaindramon stopped almost instantly, and after thinking that it would defeat the purpose to sue himself for whiplash, picked up the crumpled object on the floor.

Map to Shinjuku, You are Here , this will be useful.

6:45 A.M. Shinjuku apartment building 667

"Why do I always get myself in these situations?" Edel was currently rummaging through his briefcase to find a piece of sheet music. He was supposed to check in with some guy named Shinji and give him the sheet music for Bach's Cello Suite No. 1, but the sheet music seemed to be playing a game of hide and seek that was really starting to get him frustrated. His prayers were answered, in a way, when he heard BlackRenamon humming a very familiar tune. Edel turned to her direction to see that she had the sheet music in her hand, and was currently reading over it.

"Damn, I never knew you had perfect pitch."

"I don't. I heard you play this on the piano last night, but it says cello right here." BlackRenamon pointed to the title of the sheet music with an accusing finger.

"Well, uh, I just like the way it sounds?" Edel put up an answer that turned into more of a question, asking if it was a good enough excuse . Edel had taught BlackRenamon that pieces were almost always made with specific instruments in mind, and therefore, only those instruments should be used when playing said piece. The thing he failed to mention to her was that almost every song was composed on the piano, since you could play the notes fairly easily and arrange backup with your other hand.. Just as BlackRenamon was about to say something, his D-Ark started to react strangely.

"Hey, rouge digimon in the area!"

Weird, I've got two readings, but ….never mind

"BlackRenamon, I think we can handle this rookie by ourselves."

BlackRenamon leapt out of the spot on the window, and landed next to Edel, "Let the others get their beauty sleep."

With that, the duo ran out of the apartment and some would say that they heard a large crash and some fairly foul cursed before they spotted a black blur jumping from rooftop to rooftop. BlackRenamon was holding Edel, who was used to the strange feeling you got when you bent the space time continuum. The vulpine stopped a fair distance from a large tunnel that seemed to go on for eternity. As she let Edel down, she noted that the place seemed to match the description of what appeared to be "extra-terrestrial activity" in Japan.

"This is the place, sure looks creepy to me." Edel wasn't kidding either, BlackRenamon could feel the fur on the back of her neck stand up at the mere thought of entering the dark void that could lead to a much stronger dormant digimon. This assumption was based on the fact that there had been actual readings coming from this tunnel in the "extra-terrestrial activity" shows she watched. Thus making her believe that there was probably a very strong digimon that lay dormant inside. Though the actual occurrence was due to the fact that "The Ring" was there, only the major clans of the central digital world knew about it, therefore excluding poor BlackRenamon and the other Tamers' digimon. However, back on subject….

"We should get in and get out. I really have a bad feeling about this place." BlackRenamon started to feel a little disheveled at the fact that her tamer showed terror. It was true that Edel always openly confessed that he was scared of something, however, it was frightening to actually see terror and dread in his eyes. The strange thing was that, though she didn't know why, she actually felt a strange sensation overcoming her. She couldn't quite get it yet. It was a mixture of fear and excitement. This resonance also seemed to unarm her will to fight. She was….nervous, yeah that was it, she was nervous.

"I share your same concern. This is definitely someplace that sparked either fear in our hearts, yet I also feel some sort of excitement."

"Let's just go and get this over with," Edel was unconsciously crushing his D-Ark in his iron grip. Instinctively, Edel pulled out his right hand and stared at his watch. First, he was wearing his watch on his right hand because he was, indeed, left handed, thus having the heavy mechanism on his left would be a detriment to his handwriting. Second­, he was looking at his watch because it was a habit that he confided in whenever he was nervous about certain things. Even though the watch was only able to give him the time and the date, the calm ticking of the second hand and the cool black plate of the watch set his mind at ease, and answered almost all of the questions given to him. Edel and BlackRenamon proceeded forth, Edel still favoring his watch, and walked into the dark tunnel. Once he saw the glowing digits of his watch glowing brighter, he looked up, hoping to let his eyes settle to the darkness. Edel instinctively put his hand on blackRenamon's shoulder since she had the far superior nocturnal vision. Cool neon green eyes scanned the various tunnels and found a nexus that lead to an open area. BlackRenamon tapped her partner's shoulder and motioned towards the large opening. Sure enough, the compass pointed towards there, and they both got a strange feeling. Edel noted that there was only one, slightly small, symbol on the compass, easing her nerves slightly. Unbeknown to him, to second symbol had gone "out of range" so to speak.

As the duo entered the clearing, a wild howl, followed by random crunching noised, reverberated throughout the confines of the steel walls. Low guttural growls emanated from a dark figure appearing from the shadows. The small olive form holding a club proved to be an average sized Ogremon, that appeared to be suffering from mental retardation. A thin line of drool could be seen flowing down his snout, and his eyes seemed distant. The club was lifted only centimeters from the ground, and it was tensing its muscles in order to prepare to defend itself. The reason for all of this is because, when the goblimon had hit Bergaindramon, it had horridly dismantled his brain. I don't know all the technical terms, but he had lost all though processes and was left with animal instinct. This was why he had decided to lunge at BlackRenamon so suddenly, it was just trying to eliminate a possible threat to its life.

BlackRenamon was not about to let this little digimon get the upper hand, and merely rolled out of the way. As the Goblimon's club hit the back wall, BalckRenamon placed herself directly behind him, and gave a roundhouse kick that would put Bruce Lee to shame.

"UGGGGGUGGGG," were the only sounds produced by the injured Goblimon, speech impared because of his mental collapse.

"He gives a new meaning to choking on air," Edel said to try and lighten the mood. The plane was huge and corroding. The smell of dried blood made the place less bearable.

"But why did it smell like blood?" Edel thought to himself before the sound of the Goblimon's hard landing on the adjacent wall.

This guy seems like a bundled mess, relying on his animal instincts even more than usual for a Goblimon. I wonder what hit him so hard that most of his Digital cerebrum collapsed.

"ARGGGGH!" The Goblimon cried as he swung his club, desperately trying to connect with the dark-furred vixen. His efforts were fruitless, BlackRenamon merely sent her weight to one foot and kicked the club back into the Goblimon's face. Edel flinched at the sound of a large crack, and the sudden sound of a collapsed animal. Thankfully, the gruesome image of a Goblimon with his skull cracked open did not stay for long as his data started to dissipate and evidently vanished. The vulpine was quick to absorb the data of the fallen beast.

"Ugh, this place now reeks of blood, do we still need to inspect, Edel?" BlackRenamon could not sense any other digimon around and was near the point of gagging from the stench of the crimson elixir. She hadn't actually meant to do that, and the small gash on her right leg, which she had accumulated through the contact with the club, was starting to bleed. GOD DID IT HURT! She was only supposed to kick him in the face, but the vulpine found an instant kill tactic and used it. She would probably be limping all the way home, but the smell led her to think she could bear the pain.

"Yeah, I guess we can leave now. My D-Ark doesn't detect any more digimon….are you sure you're gonna be alright with that leg, it looks bad."

"I'll be fine, it isn't as bad as it looks."

"If you're sure, then let's start moving."

10:00 A.M. Matsuki Bakery, Takato's Room.

Takato had barely woken up, thanking whatever higher source there was out there that he was on vacation. His relaxed form lay, sprawled out on the bed, his red eyes staring at the ceiling with a dazed look. His fingers gently writhed as he tried to get up in a tired haze. His back formed an awkward slouch as he tried to stop his hand from shaking.

"It's just gonna be one of those days," Takato thought to himself as he got up from his bed and started changing. His clothes consisted of a black,purple, and neon green T-shirt, some baggy black pants, and black-white skater shoes. Adolescence was partly to blame for this new style. However, it didn't even touch upon his goggles, which were the same, but looked slightly smaller on the now teenage tamer's head. His hair was still the same sloppy mess, but it looked less annoying and gave him a more relaxed look which fitted his personality much better than spiking it like other kids his age do. Once Takato had tied the last lace on his shoes and pulled his pants over them, he made his way downstairs, greeting his mother and father along the way.

"Hey mom, dad, I'm going down to the park to meet with the gang." Takato wisely waited for the reply though his adolescent mind kept making him think that it was unnecessary for permission.

"Alright honey, just be careful out there, you never know what could happen." To Takato, this sounded odd. He had a saurian friend who wouldn't leave his side even after he was six feet under.

"I will," Takato reassured, a piece of bread in his mouth," I've got Guilmon with me."

At that last statement, Takato ran off to try and catch up with everyone else who were probably already waiting for him.

10:25 A.M. Shinjuku Park, Guilmon's shed

"Hmmm, wonder when he'll be here." Henry stared down at his watch, leaning against a random tree next to the age old shed. Wearing an olive shirt and some brown pants similar to the ones he wore during the whole D-Reaper incident. His eyes wandered to the form of Juri directly adjacent to his current position. He then scanned and looked at Flamedramon, Renamon, and Guilmon speaking about something quite grimly in fact. Rika still wasn't here, and wondering as to why Renamon was here at this time, he was going to come up and ask her.

"Uh, Renamon…." He had come up to Renamon and lightly tapped her on the shoulder, where her expression changed from grim to emotionless.

"Yes, what is it Henry?"

"I just wanted to ask why you were here before Rika was."

"Oh," Renamon hunched her shoulders, hoping the fur covered a slight blush that appeared on her face," I just like to sleep near this shed, it's always been a favorite spot of mineandwellIjustwantedtobeclosetoGuilmonjustincaseofanemergencyyaknow."

"Renamon," Henry chuckled slightly," I never would have thought that you were one to mumble."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I said that I just wanted to make sure that I had a good breeze and would not easily be seen, so I usually escape to this tree."

"Which happens to be almost directly in front of the stairs, where people come to play in the shed," Henry internally knew that she wasn't telling the whole truth and decided to point out the obvious on this one. It was funny to see Renamon the "Ice-Queen's" digimon blushing and mumbling.

"Oh right," Renamon hid herself in her fur until half her eyes were covered.

As if to save Renamon, Guilmon came up and told Henry that she was here because she wanted bread. Hey, it wasn't the most plausible excuse, but it was the best one so far. Guilmon coming up with a better cover story than Renamon, there was irony in there somewhere.

"Riiiiiight, I'll leave you two love-mon's alone for now, I have to wait for Takato and Rika to get here and see what we're gonna do about the whole "Zodiark" ordeal.

"Okie dokie," Guilmon said with a smile. Henry turned around slowly, also smiling, and went to converse with Juri.

"You look pretty when you blush," Guilmon stated flatly, only causing Renamon's blush to deepen, she actually started to sweat.

"Why thank you," were the only words that escaped Renamon's mouth.

"I'd say you two were in love, if I didn't see you randomly punch Guilmon yesterday." Flamedramon joined the conversation on a rather playful note, noting that the vixen's golden fur was started to turn a light hue of orange.

Renamon laughed a little when she saw Guilmon rub his stomach. It truly was something that she could look upon in the future and just laugh at.

"Hey, Flamedramon," Henry was calling her, probably just trying to make small talk.

The blue draco jerked her head around and acknowledged Henry." Yes?" was her simply reply

"I just wanted to ask why you're a female, or feminine, while the one in the television show was male, or masculine?"

"Well, you see," the digimon had a hard time about having to tell this to a human, since it was considered natural knowledge in the digital world." You've seen that unlike the series, there is no primary village right."

"Well, yeah," Henry had an idea where this was going, but he just wanted to be sure about the hole circumstance.

"The truth is, that there are, like humans, genders in our digital world." She started to blush a little at her next statement. "Therefore, we do reproduce in the same form as you humans do."

Henry visibly shifted his position, not being very comfortable with the discussion anymore, but he still gave acknowledgement to her statement. "Oh, thanks."

Guilmon chose this time to come up and just put his statement out there. "What's 'reproduce' mean?"

11:05 A.M. Shinjuku Park, entrance

Takato continued to run as fast as he could, he had met up with Rika along the way, and they were both running full force towards the shed.

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" were the only words that escaped his mouth, as the rest of his body was solely focused on running.

"Yeah, we know that Gogglehead, let's just get there in time." Rika called from the front. She had her hair down (knowing she wouldn't make it in time if she tried to spike it up) and a different shirt that was black, green, and red. She also wore black jeans that fit tightly around her legs that covered some of her usual red sneakers.

As the pair jetted up the stairs that led to where the others were, Henry took notice, and walked, calmly, towards the other end to greet the others. When they finally arrived, Henry looked on and smirked.

"Hey guys, hope I didn't interrupt anything."

11:00 A.M. Los Angeles, California, United States of America; VELES building.

"But sir," a deep voice broke the silence," I don't think that it would be wise if we decided to start the operation now."

"I agree," another voice, with a thick Russian accent broke in," we do not have sufficient funds to deploy the Zorya at this time."

"Not to mention it would deeply anger the Japanese government." This voice would probably have sounded familiar to most of you. Though, it was probably the weakest within the whole council.

"It shouldn't anger the Japanese government since that is where they are needed." This voice had a strange, apparently deep but not accented voice.

"But," interjected the familiar voice," if the JSSDF finds out that we're shipping three Zorya through their transports, they will probably destroy them, or steal them for personal gain."

"And that is why you, Mr. Yamaki, will see to it personally that the Zorya arrive there in time, and unscathed."

"Uhh…..right sir." Yamaki let out a tired sigh. He was usually the 'intimidating one' when it came to things in Japan, but here, he was the feeblest and easiest to manipulate. Damn, how am I supposed to cover for three huge robots.

"Yamaki, the Sorya are being loaded as we speak, now all you need to do is come up with an alibi that will win over the JSSDF forces. A sum of six million dollars is being transferred into your account. You didn't think we'd ask something like this from you without proper contemplation did you."

"Umm, thanks sir."

11:05 A.M. Los Angeles Loading Docks

"Departure to JSSDF loading docks will leave shortly" The feminine voice called over the loudspeaker.

In the darkness of one of the crated, a sharp angular eye flickered…..

A/N: Sorry if it seems like a weird new intro, but I just wanted to speculate that this story is going to go into a whole different direction than it originally was. After watching Evangelion, Gundam Wing, and playing a whole bunch of Armored Core 4, I decided to put my own mechs, or the Zorya. Sorry for the long update, but I just really tried to get inspiration for this fic, since I really want this to not be stuck in 'The Worst of the Worst' category, but let's just see how it ends up now.