SUMMARY: No matter what she did - going back to ZAFT, taking secluded vacations, the hole won't heal. Neither would his. Either he let go of the memories of the blonde dancer, or let go of his first friend … (S x L)

MAIN PAIRING: Shinn x Lunamaria (implied Steshin, LunaRey, Yzak x Shiho, Dearka x Miriallia, Asucaga, Kira x Lacus)

DISCLAIMER: This is a story based on characters and situations from Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny. I don't own it. Disregard upcoming Movie and the Special Editions

WARNING: Text and all related materials are rated PG13/T and there is rather strong and coarse language and mild adult themes. So don't complain about offensive languages! XD Also, there are/might be some grammatical errors and typos, spelling mistakes, even after rereading it many times. OCs alert, but the plot would still be focused on Shinn and Luna.

NOTE: The story is set from pre-GSD to post GSD. It will mostly be focused on Shinn and Lunamaria. -


Let Go




Epilogue - Seashell



- C.E. 76, September 31, Berlin, Germany -

Little drops of white descended upon the desolate land of Berlin. The conifers climbing the valley were laden with snow and their tops smoked eeriely amidst the wind.

The evidence of battle cannot be erased; it was etched into the land itself.

No matter how many times we replant the flowers, people will still blow it away...

However, little bits of newborn grass could be seen poking through the layers of snow, just barely. A struggle for survival, a desperate attempt to recover from emptiness.

We will still replant the flowers, no matter how many times it takes. We will protect those flowers.

Within the barren forest, two people trudged on tirelessly through the snow.

Lunamaria Hawke shivered in the cold weather, hugging herself. "I should've kept my hair long," she muttered, her teeth chattering slightly. The red Zaft uniform wasn't really weather-prove after all.

A strong arm envelopped her shoulders, pulling her close to his warm body. Shinn Asuka smiled at her, and gratefully, she stroked his hand with her gloved one.

He looked around the place, a sense of loneliness threatened to engulf his being. Luna squeezed his hand gently encouragingly, and he hugged her closer in reponse.

The two came to a stop in front of a small lump in the snowy field. The lake was completely frozen, devoid of life, yet its surreal beauty was breathtaking. In spite of the vicious battles and deaths that haunted this place for so long, the place was simply, magnificent.

Shinn bent down and dug away the covering, revealing a small grave beneath. There was a frozen bouquet of flowers in front of the grave.

"Someone was here," Shinn murmured, glancing at Luna with questioning eyes.

"Ella..." Luna whispered in amazement, "She was here."

"Esmeralda Louissier, huh," Shinn gazed at the magenta fuchsia flowers. "What happened to her anyways?"

"I don't know," Luna shook her head, "Her lab was completely abandoned. I think she returned to the terrorist organization. No, I think she returned to persuade them to stop their activities. That's why nothing happened after the second Battle at Berlin, right?"

Shinn nodded, "Yeah, that might be it. But we can't let our guard down yet. Eternal is still missing, and Archangel is still being repaired. We need to protect Orb and PLANTs."

"Yes..." she trailed off, lightly grabbing the hem of her uniform. She glanced at Shinn's Orb Military uniform and chuckled, "We both have our own duties now. I guess I'll need to get back to training. My fingers are a bit rusty."

"Me too," Shinn scratched his bandaged, itching head, "I need to train those idiots in Orb, since Athrun's up in space," he paused, "How are you feeling?"

"Silly," she chuckled, "You're a lot more injured than I am. I'm not limping anymore, right? But, thanks for asking," she looked away, blushing.

He stared at her for awhile. "I saw Rey," he spoke finally, deciding that it was the right time to tell her.

She flinched, but she didn't say anything, not even to question him how he met Rey.

Shinn licked his dry lips and continued, "he wanted me to tell you he was sorry and that he'll watch over us."

"Is that so," she closed her eyes and turned away. "Jerk, why doesn't he tell me that himself," she whispered half-heartedly, a single tear sliding down her cheek.

But Shinn could tell that she was happy; of course, Rey will always be with them. The Minerva trio, always.

The two prayed silently in front of the grave. They stood vigilently, disregarding the cold weather and offering their gratitude to the deceased.

"Well, I guess we better get back. Meyrin's going to have a fit if she discovers we'd left the infirmary room," Luna grinned, her eyes twinkling at the thought of her sister.

Taking a deep breath, Shinn stared at her tentatively, "When can we see each other again?"

"Well, if we work even harder, we can reach our goal - achieve the peace this world needs, we can be together whenever we want," Luna looked into the sky and sighed in content.

Shinn smiled and closed his eyes. "Yeah, the future we will create ourselves. All of us. Everyone."

I'll see you tomorrow, Shinn. Stellar's voice still echoed in his mind. Of course, it still saddened him to think about the blonde dancer, but there was no more hatred, no more regret.

Yea, you'll see, Stellar. The peaceful, gentle world I promised you.

He stood up as Luna put something on the grave. The wind blew soothingly and they fancied that they heard someone's voice.

Thank you...

Pausing momentarily, the couple used the time to take in the surroundings, imprinting the scenery into their minds. They smiled at each other and walked away.

There, on the grave, was not only the bouquet of flowers Ella brought, but also a new necklace of seashells that Luna and Shinn made together.

and good luck.



End of the story



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