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N.B: This story is a little confusing and disjointed at times. The story is a mix of two story lines (one present-circa 1981 onwards, one in the past-between circa 1963-1981) that sort of parallel each other and the story shifts back and forth in time. There are also flashbacks. Anything in the past will be in bold italics while anything in the present will be in normal font. Thoughts in the present will be in plain italics.

Adieu Papa, Goodbye My Love….

Prologue: It Seemed So Long Ago…

October 1963

There were fighting again, their parents.

Eloise Duval curled up closer to her little brother Remus, covering his ears to block out the sounds of profanities and breaking glass that erupted downstairs. Though Remus at five years old did not know what all the commotion was all about, at eleven Eloise was aware of what was happening.

They were fighting about Remus.

Only a few months ago the unthinkable had happened. The family had been having a barbeque down near the local lake. Remus, inquisitive as ever, had gone exploring near the woods searching for flowers to help make Eloise's daisy chain. Without warning a wolf appeared out of nowhere and bit Remus in the leg. Remus' voice had carried all over causing the family to immediately come to the boy's aid. Remus' father had managed to knock the wolf away with a large stick and chase it away into the depths of the woods. Remus' mother Mallory attempted to keep the wound close while being completely inconsolable, wailing about how it was too early for her only son to go up to the starry heavens.

The good news for the family was that Remus' wounds seemed to heal miraculously and he made a full recovery. However, upon his discovery it was discovered that his blood had been infected. Tragically young Remus Duval was diagnosed with lycanthropy; the condition being incurable and therefore he was to spend the rest of his life as a werewolf.

This news had not gone down well with Remus' father, Bastien Duval. Bastien, like the majority of wizards and witches, believed that werewolves were a menace and an abomination and regarded them with a great deal of prejudice. The fact that his son was now an 'abomination' was almost too much to take.

The screaming intensified; Eloise could feel tears starting to well up. She blinked them away; however this only resulted in more tears. Remus huddled closer to his sister, both confused and scared about the situation they were in.

"Bastien, where are you going?" Eloise could hear her mother shriek at her father. Footsteps bounded up the stairs and stomped past their room. The sound of a struggle was heard from the two.

"Bastien you coward", Mallory Duval hissed, "don't you dare walk out on this family!"

Eloise's eyes widened in horror,

Daddy's leaving?

"What type of father abandons his family just because his son-"

Bastien's booming voice interrupted abruptly,

"That thing….that thing is not my son goddamnit! My son died three months ago! That thing you're harbouring is a monster! It'll never amount to everything! I will not help raise it. The fact that you're so blind to see that, that thing isn't Remus…makes me sick."

The house became eerily silent suddenly, the only sound being Mallory's heart wrenching sobbing from outside where Remus and Eloise were. Though Eloise's hands had covered his ears, he had heard everything.

After a few minutes the door creaked open and Mallory looked up to see her two children staring at her. Her lip wobbled,

"Eloise, Remus. Come here my darlings."

The two children ran to their mother and she engulfed them in a hug, tears flowing freely down her face. The three of them stayed that way for almost fifteen minutes in complete silence. Then, Remus' timid voice spoke up,

"Mama…I'm sorry I made dad leave, it's all my fault."

Within seconds Mallory grabbed Remus by the shoulders,

"Don't you dare apologize Remus. It's not your fault. Never, ever say that it's your fault ever again. Your father left because he is not cut out to be your father, you hear me?"

Remus felt his mother's arms surround him and he succumbed to his mother's warm embrace. Snuggling against her chest he shut his eyes and let a few tears stream down his face.

"Remus promise me this," his mother murmured into his hair, he could feel her hot tears dripping onto his head, "never let what your father said get to you. Promise me you will make the most of your life and prove to him that you're not worthless. Promise me that Remus."

"I promise Mama."

In his mind Remus never really recovered from his father's abandonment. The guilt he felt being the reason behind his father's departure severely affected him. It gnawed at his psyche, never letting him forget his father's words. Remus hoped he would never be left behind like that again. Unbeknownst to him, twenty years later history would repeat itself….

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