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Chapter 1: Good Morning Stone Head

"Are you sure you wish to do this?" Solembum asked Angela, who smiled at the young ware cat.

"I think he deserves this," The sorceress replied as she tossed a few more ingredients into her cauldron. "Where would we be if he wasn't here?"

"We would be fine," Solembum snapped as he licked his front paw. "The Varden would have suffered, but I don't see how he helped us." He put his paw down. "Remember Elva? What good did he do to her?"

"Quiet!" Angela replied harshly. "It is finished."

- - - - - - -

Wake up, little one, Saphira said, lifting her wing and nudging her rider's shoulder beside her. It was early in the morning and Eragon was snoozing comfortably against her side.

Wha…? He stretched out his arms only to bring them back to Saphira's belly, as if he were fluffing a pillow. He tossed his hands back to his sides and shot his head back against Saphira with a loud thump. Within two seconds, the young rider was snoring.

You asked for it, Saphira whispered to herself. She quickly pushed Eragon off of her with her nose, leaving him sleeping sitting up. Before Eragon could fall back down on her, Saphira jumped up to her paws, causing him to fall back to the dirt. Despite her trick, Eragon still refused to wake.

What am I going to do with you? Saphira chuckled playfully. She lay down next to her sleeping partner and placed her head close to his.

If that is the way you want to play, she said. Saphira opened up her jaws and moved over to Eragon's hair. She quickly chomped down on it and began pulling back, tugging on it. It wasn't too much force to be painful, but it certainly was annoying.

"Stop!" Eragon groaned.

Not until you wake, Saphira said in her usual gentle voice. I can do this all day! Saphira began tugging harder at his hair, actually meaning to pull out a few strands. Eragon yelped and shot up to his feet to see Saphira moving her jaw around uncomfortably.

What is wrong? Eragon asked her, still groggy.

I have hair stuck in my mouth, Saphira replied, moving her barbed tongue between her teeth.

Serves you right for waking me, Eragon laughed to her. He brushed his hand through his locks and straightened it out. Why must we be awake now? Saphira spread her wings and looked at them, not saying one word.

Oh no, Eragon moaned. You did not just wake me to go flying did you?

We haven't in three days, little one, Saphira replied. Please. I must stretch my wings.

Go on without me, Eragon said as he lay back down to the soil. Saphira growled.

You are coming,if I have to carry you myself.

Can't we just go later…?

No! Saphira snapped. I have waited to go together for three days. Three days Eragon! The war is over and I want to express my freedom!

Saphira, Eragon sighed. I have been busy with all the preparations. I am sorry but they have to come first. He sighed. How can I refuse you?

We need to forget about political matters, Saphira said. This will ease our burdens.

I agree, Eragon finally admitted. He got back to his feet and placed his hand on her right front leg. He moved to the other side of his camp and grabbed Saphira's saddle.

What should we do after everything is settled? Eragon asked, placing her saddle on her back.

We'll figure that one out in time. Now get on. My wings are twitching for flight. Eragon smiled and hopped onto the saddle with ease.

Comfortable? Saphira asked, flapping her wings. Before he could answer her, Saphira leapt into the sky and took flight into the sunrise. She climbed higher, pushing herself upward with her velvet wings.

Are you feeling better? Eragon asked. Saphira suddenly pulled all the way back from her climb to where she was belly-up, and then tucked her wings in to flip down into a steep dive.

It has been a long time since we have flown together, Saphira replied joyfully, fanning her wings to come out of the dive. Suddenly, Saphira let out a strange, almost heartbroken sigh, and her emotion rocked Eragon so hard that he almost fell off of the saddle. The emotion was very hard to explain. It was a mixture of love and depression at the same exact moment.

Saphira? Eragon asked. What is wrong?

I will keep my thoughts to myself, little one, Saphira replied in a sad tone. This worried Eragon.

Maybe I can help? Eragon said, rubbing her scales on her neck. She sighed again.

What should we do after things are settled here? Saphira asked to change the subject. Eragon fell for her trick.

I was thinking of settling down in Ellesmera. There is room for both of us in the trees. What do you think?

I see no debate in your choice. She turned to the right and banked softly, catching a cool updraft. Eragon found his chance to enter his dragon's thoughts while she was agreeing to his plan, but all he found was a giant barrier. The strangest thing was that the block only kept Eragon away from one certain memory and one certain thought.

Please, Saphira beckoned. Leave me to my own matters.

Saphira, Eragon replied, I see that they worry you somehow. Let me see so I can help.

There is no help, little one, Saphira replied. Nothing can fix it.

Saphira, what do you mean? What is wrong? You are scaring me!

I surely do not mean to, Saphira replied gently. It is just a personal matter that I am dwelling on. I believe you call them a 'daydream?'

What about? Eragon asked, digging further. Saphira sighed again and turned for a clearing in the forest.

Eragon, Saphira said. It is a hard matter to discuss. Eragon pat her neck and braced for the landing.

My ears are always welcome to your troubles, Eragon said. I'm here whenever you wish to tell me.