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Chapter 95: The Last Great Mistake

Eragon gently rubbed Draken's shoulder as the soldiers began marching into the forest of the hostile territory. Saphira was beside her husband with an obvious look of worry plastered on her scaly face.

Eragon? She asked. He turned to look at her. What will happen to them?

Them? Saphira shifted her glance to the soldiers walking behind them.

What will become of them? He sighed and turned away.

"I do not know," he replied out loud. She snorted and shook her head.

I hate hiding secrets. Eragon nodded and took his hand away from his son's so the dragon could walk in peace with his mate.

Do you think I do not? Eragon asked with anger in his voice. Saphira, I do not know what to do. Look! This woman managed to summon our very child. I do not know why so many soldiers have been brought here, but I do not want them to suffer the same as Orik and Vanir. Saphira let out a soft growl and stopped walking.


Yes? She lowered her head.

I am sorry. He cocked his head and walked towards her, gently placing his marked palm on her brow.

"For what?" he asked. "This was not your fault."

No, Eragon, Saphira murmured. I am sorry for telling you not to fight. I was a fool to not realize that this is what we are destined to do. Fighting is our…?

No it is not, Saphira, Eragon replied sweetly. A wise dragon once told me long ago that we create our own destiny. If the riders before me were warriors until their last breath, then why should there not be a change in the cycle? I would love to be normal, and there is no need to apologize for voicing your feelings. I love you and I want to have a peaceful, uninterrupted live from here until the end of eternity. Suddenly, Ebath stepped up and tapped him on the shoulder.

"The troops will spread out with Murtagh and his dragons into the hills while we march forward," he explained. "Take yours and go through the pathway on your right." Eragon turned to see a dirt road littered with sparatic yellow leaves from the trees above. It seemed wide enough for dragons to pass through, but where was Ebath going to go? Eragon sighed and glared at him.

"What of you, liar?"

"Do not call me that, Rider!" Ebath protested. "I am going to take a little trek through the forest and meet up with you later."

I do not trust him, Saphira told Eragon. Be on guard, my love.

Always am, Eragon placed his hand on the hilt of his blade and stared at Ebath. "Where does this pathway lead us?"

"The Great Seer. Eragon," he replied. "My wife. She is in a far cavern at the end of the path. It will be a good ten league hike, but perhaps she will come to meet you and shorten your journey."

"Where are you going?"

"I know a short cut to get to her," Ebath said proudly. "I would take all of you, but the paths here are narrow and unstable."

Have you forgotten the fact that we do have wings? Saphira asked in an annoyed tone. Draken and Lunalese snickered at Saphira's rash comment. Ebath groaned and scratched his right arm.

"I have not seen her for many years, Eragon. Could you at least respect my privacy?" Eragon bowed his head in unison with Saphira.

Mating in a cave…how primitive.

Saphira! Eragon replied jokingly. If I recall, did we not conceive our child in a cavern?

We were dragons then…?

So it is fine to be primitive when we are not human? Saphira snorted and shot out a thick plume of black smoke.

Sometimes. Eragon shook his head and turned away to walk down the pathway while Ebath took his own direction. Saphira padded beside Eragon at the front as Draken walked alongside Lunalese, brushing against her hide with his during every step.

"Mother?" Draken asked. She turned to look back at him. "How is Bowen progressing?"

Well, Draken, he is doing quite well. He cries a lot, but we can get over that.

"Does he look anything like I do?"

No son. Bowen is a human. Draken bobbed his head.

"Any horns?"

"Draken," Eragon replied in a laugh, "Bowen has no dragon-like features…that we know of. Perhaps time will tell differently?"

"What a shame," Draken sighed. "It would have been nice flying beside my brother."

Were you not there when he was born? Saphira asked. He nodded his head.

"I just did not pay close attention to the youngling. Forgive me, Mother."

What is there to forgive, child? Silence fell on the group as they continued to walk down the path. It was quiet for almost two hours until Lunalese broke the silence.

This is boring our child.

- - - - - - - - -

"Guardian!" Equinox called out anxiously. "Griffin…he is hatching!"

Can I kill him after he comes out? Equinox shot her new mate a deathly glare and turned to stare at the cracked egg in front of her. What?

"You know what, my dear," Equinox growled. "He told us that he will leave us be after he hatches."

He cannot just hop out and fly away, can he?

"Well no…?"

He cannot hunt on his own yet, can he? Guardian drew out the last part of the sentence to add emphasis.

"What is your point?"

I cannot leave until I am mature enough, Griffin suddenly announced. Please…silence while I come out.

Very well.

- - - - - - - -

Eragon placed his hand on Draecion and smiled as he pressed his brow against the rider's palm. Draecion was a dusky brown color with golden eyes, just like his shell before he hatched.

I told you that you are a handsome grandfather, Saphira chuckled in Eragon's mind. He snickered and gently rustled Draecion's scaly forehead.

"Yes, I know." He lowered his head to smile at the dragonet and then turned to face Saphira. "I really hope that this Great Seer bears good news for us."

"So this person is actually Ebath's mate?" Saphira turned away from Eragon to look at Draken.

Yes, Saphira replied. None of us know what to expect. Suddenly, Eragon stopped, causing Draecion to smash into his left heel. The dragonet whimpered and sulked back to Lunalese as Draken asked why he halted so abruptly.

"There!" Eragon pointed to a large carvern with smoke gently flowing out into the sky from the entrance.

I suppose Ebath is done with her? Saphira asked. Eragon nodded and proceeded towards the cave with his family padding beside him.

The climb up into the cave was quite simple, except for a few rocks laid out on the pathway. Draecion grew tired from walking so Saphira gently hoisted him up with her mouth to carry him.

"Ebath?" Eragon asked as he entered the cavern.
"Shadeslayer," an unfamiliar voice called for him. "Come; bring your family as well." Eragon motioned for the other dragons to enter as he walked inside. In the end of the cave lay Ebath on a wool blanket with Royan propped up against the wall of the cavern. Both appeared to not be breathing.

"What happened?" Eragon asked. A female elf stepped from the shadows with features very similar to Arya's except her eyes were ruby red and her skin was fairly darker. On her head was a strange headdress with two bones crossed in the front of her brow.

"I am next," she replied. "Before I pass with my family, I must share my envisions."

"You killed them?" Draken asked worriedly. The prophet nodded her head and clasped her hands.

"They gave me permission to…since we are all going to perish anyways." Eragon growled but Saphira pressed her snout against his shoulder for comfort.

"What do you wish to tell us?" She stepped to the middle of the cave and tossed some wood into a fire that she created some time ago.

"Look into the flames, dragons of the new age. Watch the fire's deathly dance twist about in your mind." Draecion inched forward and whimpered slightly as the fire intensified."Draecion, I see a terrible fate for you, young one. It is too soon to tell exactly, but pain and despair is doomed on you. I also see pain in your parents' future as well." The sorceress sighed. "Humans are so cruel, noble dragons. Evil corrupts the bravest man and beast. Beware Griffin, Eragon. After he hatches, expect great trouble from him in distant lands. Raise Bowen well, Eragon. Teach him that not all evil can be prevented…and teach him that the wrongdoer is the only one at fault."

"This makes no sense," Eragon muttered. He watched as the prophet unsheathed a small dagger from her cloak.

"Nothing makes sense until after it happens, Rider. One day, the dragon race will also fall like the elves…?"

Impossible, Saphira said proudly. If they all die, Me and Eragon are both immortal. We can just reproduce new ones to keep it going.

"No you cannot." She sighed and sat down next to the fire with her legs crossed Indian-style. "If my vision proved correct, Eragon promised that he would provide you with no more children…during your final son's birth."

No. Eragon nodded at Saphira with a grim look on his face.

"Our selfishness has doomed our kind, Saphira. If this prophecy comes true, we are at fault for them not coming back."

"Father!" Draken called out. "Do not say such a thing! Covin'thra is expecting too is she not. And what about Equinox and Guardian? Sure they will be hybrids, but they will have a heart of a dragon, will they not?"

I agree with our son. It is impossible for our race to die again.

"Keep an eye on your son, Eragon. In due time, he will be the betrayer of the dragon race."

"What?" Before she had the chance to answer, the prophet thrust the dagger into her left breast and through her heart, forcing her to collapse into the fire. Embers tossed up into the air as the fire leapt onto her skin. Eragon and the entire family turned away in disgust as the smell of burning flesh filled the cave.

"Can that be true?" Draken asked. "Is my child…are we all doomed?"

"I never told anyone about my vow to Saphira and she knew it. If that is not prophecy, I do not know what is. Draken, I have made a horrible mistake."

The End of Book One. God it has been one heck of a journey, hasn't it? I would love to see all my reviewers stay up with the next book…Probably called "Angela's Gift II-The Life of Bowen. Look for that sometime. For the final time of this story.