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Chapter 1

Naruto walked around the hell hole called Konoha…at least he thought it was Konoha. Naruto is only three years old and already he was totally and completely alone. Everyone ignored him and when he wanted attention, they looked at him with hateful eyes. Naruto was completely isolated and he wanted nothing more at that age was to rip everyone to pieces.

But he was only three, and you couldn't really do anything to a full grown and experienced ninja. Naruto kept his anger bottled up and put on a smile. He vowed to himself that what ever happened, what ever they called him or did something to him, he was only going to smile and keep his anger inside. The anger that was bottled up so tightly, Naruto began to wonder if it was even there.

All the time, he felt totally alone. That feeling always wore you down, making you think things that are not true, making you believe lies. Naruto knew what was in him, why they hated him because one day, it told him of what he was itself.

Naruto was alone in the forest. He stood there for who knows how long, trying to bring his anger down. Stupid adults, Naruto thought, his anger going down instantly. Naruto sat down to watch the leaves in the breeze, since there was nothing else to do. He closed his eyes and lay down to sleep. In the midst of the dreaming realm and reality, Naruto was suddenly pulled into a new place. He landed in some water that stank badly. Naruto got up and was face to face with a giant red eye.

Naruto just stood there looking at the eye in wonder. He didn't know if it was a dream, or if he was actually transported to this place while he was sleeping. He decided that it was something like a dream. A weird sounding growl escaped the being in front of him, and Naruto suddenly looked confused.

"You are smart for one so young." It said. Naruto just watched it in wonder, and then finally found his voice.

"You are the demon that is inside of me?" He asked, smiling slightly.

"Yes, I am known as the Kyuubi. And you are going to be flesh-bag or weakling from now on." It said, watching Naruto. He only nodded, smiling at the nicknames.

"I never had a nickname like those before!" Naruto said enthusiastically. The Kyuubi only frowned, wondering what was with this human. Oh well, he is only three in human years.

"You are to listen to everything and anything I say from now on." The Kyuubi stated, seeing if his vessel would react badly. Naruto only nodded.

"Will we be like friends?" He asked, hoping the answer would be yes. The Kyuubi only chuckled at this. But spark of interest rose in him.

"Yes, we will be something like friends." Naruto smiled again, happy that he finally had a friend. The Kyuubi, well, he had other plans.

"Listen up," Naruto instantly settled down. "Since no one else cares for you, I will train you. You will do exactly what I tell you and no objections." The Kyuubi stated, watching Naruto closely. Naruto only nodded, looking happier than before. The Nine Tail only found this amusing.

"The first thing you will do is leave this pathetic place. No one here loves you, so why stay… Leave now." The Kyuubi commanded, watching as Naruto nodded, and then disappeared.

The Kyuubi knew that the boy was going to get strong enough so he could take over. His plan was in motion.

Naruto woke up and stretched. He remembered the Kyuubi's orders and walked to the entrance to the Village. In times like this, the guards usually slept instead of watching, so Naruto got by easily. Naruto entered the forest beyond and stood there, not knowing what to do. He lay down on the ground and tried to get some sleep. Right before he fell asleep, He was yanked away and back into the place he was in before.

Naruto got up and looked around. He looked at the cage to find that the eye was no longer there. Naruto walked up to the bars to see if he could hear the Kyuubi's breathing. His hands grasped the bars and he stuck his head in to get a better look. All was silent. Just when Naruto was about to take his head out of between the huge bars, a claw or something struck his head, making him fly backwards.

Naruto took the pain without crying out. That itself made the Kyuubi respect the little flesh-bag a bit. Naruto stood up with a smile on his face, not even rubbing the places where the Kyuubi was certain he landed.

"What do I do now…Umm…What do I call you?" Naruto asked, smile fading a bit.

"You may call me master or Kyuubi-sama. As to what you need to do now… survive."

Naruto only pouted, as if saying, is that all? Kyuubi made the same weird noise and said, "We can't have you falling asleep when ever you need me…" The Kyuubi thought a moment then said, "Come here, weakling. I will give you something." An excited looking Naruto came forward and stood only a few feet from the Kyuubi's prison bars. The Kyuubi motioned for Naruto to come closer and Naruto instantly obeyed. As soon as Naruto came within inches from the bars did the Kyuubi thrust the claw on his left paw out and right through Naruto. Naruto screamed out, being thrown back.

Naruto screamed even more and felt as if his head was going to explode. Naruto didn't cry though. He just screamed and screamed as the pain intensified, filling the seconds with agony. After a bit, the pain in Naruto's head lessened as a new pain raked his body. Naruto felt as if his flesh was being ripped apart, and bones shattered. He screamed and screamed, waiting for the pain to go away.

The Kyuubi watched in interest. The pathetic three year old human in front of him was only screaming, not crying. Such pain would have the toughest ninja crying in seconds. Maybe the flesh-bag in front of him never learned how to cry, being alone all his life. The Kyuubi knew that the pain was not lessened at all, knowing himself that he had just given Naruto a ninth of his power. Any more than that at such a young age would rip his body apart.

The pain in Naruto's body faded. He lay there for a couple of minutes, shivering violently. Then his shivering ceased and he stood up on unaccustomed legs. Whatever the Kyuubi did to him, it had made him a lot stronger than any teenage ninja. Naruto tested the body out by running around and jumping from place to place. He stopped and looked at the giant eyes that were watching him.

"What did you do, Kyuubi-sama?" Naruto asked, standing still.

"I have made you a lot stronger than any teenage ninja. Now you should be able to hear my voice without having to fall asleep. Now you must train and grow. I will teach you the many jutsu's I know, but only when you are ready. Now be gone." Naruto smiled before he disappeared from the Kyuubi's cell. There may be a future for the boy yet.

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