Chapter One:

"I'm tellin you Warren, a good road trip is what we all need!"

"Uh huh." Said Warren Peace uncertainly to his boyfriend. The couple stood in front of a used car dealership in the edge of Maxville, surveying the cars. "How exactly?"

"You know." Will said "Blow off some steam. It's been so tense."

"True. But I'm still failing to see how stuffing the five of us in a car and trekking across America is gonna fix that."

Will smiled evilly and brushed his hand lightly across the front of Warren's tight black pants, causing him to breathe in sharply.

"Cuz I wanna." Will said, brushing his hand across them again, and needing the front of the material like a kitten. Warren closed his eyes and let out a small sigh. "You wanna keep me happy don't ya?"

Warren nodded and gulped loudly, his eyes still closed tightly.

"So we can?"

"Yeah." Warren said quietly

"Great!" Will shouted, before quickly removing his hand and flashing Warren another grin "Let's look."

Warren looked stunned and slightly amused "Did you just..."


"...To trick me into saying yes?"


"You sure you're the son of a hero?"


A/N: Just a short little piece aimed at setting up the next story. Couple of months after the last. This is set to be more fun, but knowing my writing style, tears and pain probably. But i don't think im gonna kill of anyone else. I like them all lol. Ethan and Zach just... no. :)

Love ya, any ideas, please share :)

Dylan Stratus