Adapted from the screenplay by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio

(Through his spyglass, Davy Jones watches as the Pearl is pulled under by the Kraken)

Davy: Jack Sparrow. Our debt is settled. Definitely settled, mother(censored)er, definitely settled.

Maccus: Sir, enough. You're not Sam Jackson. There's no need to curse.

Davy: Oh, there is, there definitely is. I just plain don't like Jack Sparrow.

Maccus: Fair enough.

Palifico: Captain goes down with his ship.

Maccus: Turns to not even Jack Sparrow can best the devil.

Davy: Open the chest. Definitely open the chest, I need to see it, definitely see it!

(The chest is opened, Davy looks in and his face quivers, and the crew retreats away from him in fear as he shouts to the sky)

Davy: Damn you, definitely DAMN you, Jack Sparrow!

(Meanwhile, back at Beckett's office)

Mercer (to Beckett, who is sitting in his desk The last of our ships has returned.

Beckett: Is there any news on the chest?

Mercer: I didn't see anything on FOX News, but then again, FOX News has never been that reliable, sir. You want me to check CNN?

Beckett: Don't bother. They'll just ramble on about something they think is important, like global warming or international terrorism or the AIDS epidemic.

Mercer: But you should know, sir…one of the ships did pick up a man adrift at sea. He had these. (he drops the Letters of Marque on Beckett's desk, and Beckett opens it to look at it before looking up at Norrington, who is standing at the other end of the office)

Norrington: I took the liberty of filling out my name. (Beckett beckons Norrington over with two fingers) My God, you are short….

Beckett: I'm not short!

Norrington: You know, admitting you have a problem is half of the solution…

Beckett: Oh, half?! You're calling me a half? Is that how small you think I am?!

Norrington: Well, if you want me to be perfectly honest, I'd say you were closer to an eighth.

Mercer (to Norrington You don't have to suck up to him, sir. Master Beckett appreciates real honesty.

Beckett (to Mercer No I don't!

Norrington: Then if you want me to be really perfectly honest, I'd say you were closer to a twentieth.

Beckett: Goddamn you BOTH! I'm NOT short!

Norrington: I don't want to compromise our alliance any further, so even though I was making the overstatement of the century in calling you a twentieth, I'll just shut up and give it to you.

Beckett: Do you have the compass?

Norrington: No. Better. (he tosses a bag onto Beckett's desk, inside of which we hear a beating heart) The heart of Davy Jones.

(Beckett stares at the bag for a moment before turning to Mercer)

Beckett: You know what to do.

Mercer: Yes, sir. (exits the office, now off-screen) WOO! Party in the hizz-house!

(The remaining crew of the Black Pearl, including Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti, Cotton and his "parrot(s)", Anamaria, and Marty, with special guest Spider-Man, are paddling through the waters to Tia Dalma's shack; many natives are wading in the waters surrounding the shack, holding candles in mourning for Jack)

Spider-Man: Guys, why am I still here?

(The group silences him with a loud "SHHH!")

Gibbs: They're in mourning, lad! Show some bloody respect, will ya?

(Spider-Man nods solemnly, and the group enters Tia's shack; inside, Will throws his father's knife repeatedly onto the table top, while Tia pushes a cart of drinks around to all of them, offering the mugs to Elizabeth)

Tia: Against the cold and the sorrow.

Elizabeth: I can't drink. I'm underage.

Tia: Do you have any idea how much I paid to get these drinks?!

(Elizabeth takes a mug, but doesn't drink from it)

Tia: It's a shame. I know you're thinking that with the Pearl, you could've captured the devil, and set free your father's soul.

Will: Actually, I was thinking about using this knife to cause Lizzy some serious pain.

Tia: Oh. You two into S&M?

Elizabeth: It's not my favorite Metallica album, but I did appreciate all the effort put into it by Michael Kamen and the San Francisco Symphony and the band. It was worth the purchase, I guess.

Will: She's talking about sex, Lizzy.

Elizabeth: Oh. (to Tia) Well, he and I are sibs, so no, we're really into that kind of thing.

Will: In any case, it doesn't matter now. The Pearl's gone. Along with its captain.

Gibbs (standing at doorway Aye. And already the world seems a bit less bright. He fooled us right to the end. But I guess that honest streak finally won out. To Jack Sparrow!

Ragetti: Never another like Captain Jack. Narf.

Pintel: He was a gentlemen of fortune, he was.

Anamaria: Jack Sparrow…I'm twice—wait, sorry, three times his age, and a squirrel, but if I weren't, damn, we would've been something hot.

Marty: Spew!

Elizabeth: He was a good man.

(They all drink out of their mugs, except Elizabeth)

Will (to Elizabeth If there was anything could be done to bring him back… (stands up) Elizabeth….

Tia: Would you do it? Hmm? (to Elizabeth) What…would you? What would any of you be willing to do? Would you sail to the ends of the earth, and beyond, to fetch back witty Jack and his precious Pearl?

Gibbs: Aye.

Pintel: Aye.

Ragetti: Poit. Aye.

Squit: Awk! Aye!

Pesto (bopping Squit on the head You give pigeons a bad name! (noticing everyone stare at them) I mean…aye.

Bobby: Aye.

Anamaria: Aye. I'd love to be in another movie. Paychecks make nice friends.

Marty: Aye.

Elizabeth: Yes.

Anamaria: Bitch! You say "aye" like the rest of us!

Elizabeth: Aye.

Will (whispered Aye.

Tia: All right. But if you're going to brave the weird, and haunted shores, at world's end, then…you will need a captain who knows those waters.

(A man wearing boots descends the stairs into the room, and everyone stands up and stares in surprise at the man)

Tia: This is my favorite part….

Barbossa: So tells meses, what's becomes of my shipses?

Will: …Oh snap.

(Barbossa bites into a green apple and the juice dribbles down his chin, while Jack the monkey turns and snarls at the camera)