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"Sadie, you really need to chill." Margaret told her best friend Sadie Hawthorne.

"CHILL, how can I chill?!? Margaret, Chris is here! At our school dance, I haven't seen him since we were at the Wow and almost kissed! And now he's here! And Ben's here too. What am I gonna do???" Sadie exclaimed nervously.

"Just relax." Margaret told her. "Chris knows you like Ben, he wouldn't try to mess that up, would he?"

"But Ben hates Chris, a lot! Ever since he saw us together that night." Sadie responded. "What should I do?"

"I don't know. Have you talked to Chris at all tonight?" She asked Sadie.

"No, I just saw him get here. I mean what is he doing here, anyway? He doesn't even go here!" Sadie told Margaret.

"Maybe you could just try to avoid him or something if you are that worried about it." Just as she said that, Margaret noticed Chris Danvers heading their way. "Or not." She breathed.

"What?" Sadie looked around and noticed Chris also. "Oh great."

"S-Sadie, hey." Chris greeted her. "Hi Margaret."

"Hi." Both Sadie and Margaret said in unison, unexcitedly.

"How come you're here?" Margaret asked Chris. He just looked at her nervously.

"Oh, um… One of my friends invited me along…" He said. "Margaret, can I talk to Sadie?"

"Oh, umm…" Margaret glanced at her best friend, not wanting to leave her alone. "Well… I guess so." She slowly walked away and went to go find Rain to see what he was up to.

"Thanks." He said as Margaret left. "You look… Really pretty." He told Sadie, trying to sound more confident than he really was.

"Thanks… What do you wanna talk to me about?" Sadie asked, hoping Ben wouldn't see her talking to him.

"Well… I wanted to tell you something. Ever since that night at the Acropolis Wow, I haven't really..."

He was interrupted. Just at that second, Ben had came up to them, cooly put his arm over Sadie's shoulder, and said, "Hey Red. So what's going on here?"

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