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"Hey Sadie." Margaret greeted Sadie when she answered the phone Saturday afternoon, the day after the dance. Sadie was working on some of her homework when she heard the phone ring.

"Hey Margaret." Sadie responded. She was still pretty upset about the night before.

"How are you?" Margaret asked.

"Eh… Mad. But otherwise good, thanks." She said.

"Sorry!" Margaret said.

"How was the rest of your night?" Sadie asked Margaret.

"It was pretty fun. Rain actually makes a pretty decent date." She said laughing. "It was very entertaining watching him try to dance. Keyword being try!"

Sadie laughed too. "I bet!"

"Chris was looking for you last night." Margaret said in a more serious voice.

"Yeah, I forgot I said I'd talk to him later. I was too mad at Ben." Sadie said quietly. She hated that she was mad at Ben, but she knew he deserved it for acting like that last night.

"Well Chris just said he wouldn't worry about talking to you. He saw how much you liked Ben and he decided he wasn't going to mess with it." Sadie didn't respond. "So Sadie, can you hang out today?" Margaret asked after a pause. For some reason Sadie thought she sounded suspicious.

"Um, yeah, I think so." Sadie said. "What did you have in mind?"

"Um, I was thinking you could meet me at the school gym. Maybe shoot some hoops or something?" Margaret said in as serious of a voice as she could.

"Did you fall and hit your head or something? You hate sports!"

"Well, I think it's the perfect opportunity to learn… I mean you never know when you're gonna get into a showdown with Ben's ex-girlfriend again." She laughed, then got quiet when she didn't hear Sadie laugh.

"I don't like sports any more than you do." Sadie said. "Why don't we just go to the mall or something?"

"Just be there okay?" Margaret said.

"Alright, whatever you say." Sadie said. "What time?"

"Be there at 4, okay?"

"Okay." She said. She knew Margaret had to have something in mind to cheer Sadie up, but she had no idea what.

"I have to go, I'll talk to you later!" Margaret said.

"Alright, bye!"


Sadie finished her homework and put it in her binder. She glanced at the paper she had written Ben's name all over the other day and smiled. She felt horrible inside. Even though they just got into a fight last night, if you could even call it a fight, it seemed like an eternity. She liked Ben too much, and the fact that she already missed him showed just how much she liked him. She just really hated to be in a fight with him. She looked at the clock and realized that it was already 3:30, so she jumped up and put on some jeans, a shirt, and a zip-up hoodie to go shoot some hoops with Margaret. She thought it was pretty weird that her friend actually wanted to play sports, but she figured Margaret had some sort of something funny planned to help cheer Sadie up.

Sadie headed to the school gym, and arrived right at 4:00 to meet Margaret. When she got there, she noticed that the lights were off in the gym. She entered and figured that Margaret hadn't gotten there, so she cut on the lights and headed over to the rack of basketballs and picked one up. Even though she didn't care for basketball, she started dribbling and shooting. She made several baskets before she heard a voice behind her.

"Wow, Red, you sure have improved since the last time I've seen you play!"

Sadie turned around to see Ben standing at the entrance to the gym.

"How come you're here?" Sadie asked. "Where's Margaret?"

"I asked Margaret to see if you could meet her here, because I knew you wouldn't wanna see me after last night." Ben said walking closer to Sadie. She didn't say anything, she just bounced her basketball loudly. "Look, Red, I just wanted to apologize."

Sadie just blinked. She didn't know what to say to Ben.

"I'm sorry that I acted like such a jerk at the dance. I saw you talking to Chris, and I dunno, I just got really jealous, I guess…" He said. "I overreacted and I'm here to tell you I'm sorry."

She looked into his eyes and knew he was telling the truth. "Why were you jealous?"


"How come you were jealous? I mean you know I like you, don't you?" Sadie asked, blushing because she admitted to him that she liked him.

"Well it just seemed like you and Chris had so much in common, I mean…" Ben said, then realized what Sadie said and smiled at her. Any anger that Sadie had suddenly melted away when she saw him smile. He continued speaking. "And I think I may have been kind of looking for an excuse, too…"

"An excuse? For what?" Sadie asked him.

"Umm… Well I was planning on asking you something last night, and I think I may have been kind of scared to, or something, and I think I was looking for an excuse not to ask…" He said quietly.

"Ben Harrison was scared of something?" Sadie said, trying not to act like she knew what he was going to ask her. He laughed a little. Then Sadie added, "So, what were you going to ask me?"

"Well… I was gonna ask you… I was gonna ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend last night…" He said. There, I finally said it.

Sadie didn't know if he was asking her to be his girlfriend just then, though. So she decided to say, "Why would you be scared to ask me that?"

"Well… I was afraid to ask you that because I got to thinking about how Heidi had hurt me… And I dunno I was just scared you would say no or something and I know it was stupid because I know you would never hurt me but I just got scared, which I know is completely not me, but still I just…" He went on until Sadie interrupted him.

"Yes." She said boldly.


"Yes, I'd like to be your girlfriend." She said smiling at him. He didn't say anything, but he just smiled at her. Finally, after looking at each other for a minute, Ben spoke.

"So I feel bad we never got to dance last night… So wanna dance now?" He asked her.

"What? There's no music." Sadie said.

"So?" He replied smiling at her. He put his hands around her waste and pulled her closer. She gave in and put her hands around his neck and they danced silently without music, both smiling the whole time. After a few minutes, Ben leaned in and kissed Sadie on the lips.

"Sorry about last night." He said quietly after he pulled away. She just smiled at him, glad that he finally asked her out.

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