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"Chapter 1: Joy, Pain, and Unseen Darkness

"Naruto, get your ass out of bed or I am going to come in there and make you!"

Naruto groggily opened his eyes at the sound of the shout. He knew full well that his older brother would follow through on his threat, but he just couldn't find the will power to put his body into motion. So, deciding he would take all the laziness he could get. He closed his eyes again and waited for the inevitable.

It came sooner than he had hoped. Suddenly the door slammed open and hard footsteps marched towards the bed.

"Damn it Naruto, get your ass up, NOW!" The 'Now' was emphasized with the bed being flipped over and Naruto landing unceremoniously on the hard floor.

"Itai, do you have to be so rough when getting someone up Nii-san?" Naruto whined as he got up off the floor. He only saw his brother's back for a second as he walked out the door.

"Sasuke's already waiting in the living room," his brother's irritated voice came back, "and if we don't hurry we won't be able to get to the academy without being spotted. So get your ass moving!"

Naruto just sighed and began digging through his dresser for his cloths. Sometimes, when the day started like this, he would miss the days were he was living alone with no one telling him what to do. That feeling would always be short lived however as soon as he also recalled the pain of being alone. Naruto knew that no matter how hard his brother was on him, he would never stop thanking Kami-sama that his brother had come into his life.

Quickly finishing getting dressed, Naruto headed into the living room. He saw Sasuke sitting on the couch with an impatient expression on his face. Apparently he heard Naruto come in, because he turned around to look at him.

"Jeez, dobe, why can't you ever be ready on time?" Sasuke said in an annoyed voice. "Jagaa and I have been ready for at least ten minutes now." Sasuke was wearing his usual blue high collard shirt and white shorts, his blue shinobi sandals were sitting in the door way.

"Shut up, teme!" Although Naruto and Sasuke had become friends years ago, they still made insulting each other there favorite past time. After their quick exchange Naruto looked around to see his brother coming from the kitchen with a cup of instant ramen.

"Here." Jagaa said as he handed Naruto the cup, "I don't want to hear you complaining because you didn't get breakfast again." Jagaa was also dressed as he always was. He wore a black hoodie and some black shinobi pants that were tucked into the top of his soft leather combat boots. His outfit covered almost every inch of his body except his face and some of his neck, but he also wore dark black sunglasses that completely hid his eyes from the world. The black hilt of his straight-bladed katana was showing over his right shoulder and his dark blonde hair was in his normal, almost military style hair cut.

Naruto began to slurp down the noodles as fast as he could without spilling anything on his clothes, knowing his brother would kick the crap out of him if he did. Naruto's outfit looked almost exactly like his brothers, except for being dark blue with his famous red swirl on the back of his hoodie, and he wore standard blue shinobi sandals instead of boots. Years ago Jagaa had actually burned his famous orange jumpsuit, and told him if he ever caught Naruto in something like that again, that he would beat him to within an inch of his life. Thus ending the days of the orange horror. He had also, at the suggestion of his brother, traded his goggles for a dark blue bandana. he had also grown out his hair a bit longer and it didn't seem to defy gravity as much as it did before. (Think how it was after the time skip)

"So how are we going to get there today?" Sasuke asked as he stood up from the couch.

"I think we should go with route 3 today." Jagaa said as he looked at the map of Konoha hanging on the wall. "We haven't used it in a while so it is the least likely to be being watched."

Both Sasuke and Naruto nodded their approval as Naruto tossed his empty ramen cup in the trash. "Yosh, lets get going already." Naruto yelled while pumping his fist in the air. He then received a glare from Sasuke and punch to the head from Jagaa.

"You were the one who made us late in the first place, and what did I tell you about yelling for no reason?" Jagaa said as Naruto rubbed his head in pain.

"Gomen Nii-san." Naruto said wincing. His brother had been literally pounding modesty and silence into Naruto for years now. He had said that the reason other kids found it so easy to hate him was because he was so damn annoying most of the time. Though Naruto hated to admit it, the other kids had started to treat him with a lot more tolerance once he had started to settle down.

"As much as I love to see you smack Naruto around, I do think he is right about leaving." Sasuke said from the side.

"I guess your right. We have wasted too much time as it is." Jagaa responded, "Let's go."


About ten minutes later they were closing in on the academy. Just as they were about to round the last corner, Jagaa let out a curse, "Shit!" and suddenly threw his arm back stopping the two boys behind him. "I don't believe this, they're guarding the fucking entrance."

Naruto and Sasuke were almost too frightened to look, but their curiosity finally got the best of them. Cautiously they leaned over to the edge of the building and saw the living nightmare that all three boys shared. Fangirls!

They were everywhere. Not just in front of the entrance either. It looked as if they had spread themselves out to have someone watching every possible approach the three of them could take. It also appeared that they had joined forces. All three groups, one devoted to each boy, were intermingled with each other in order to keep the boys from going towards a group that was not interested in him, and gaining entrance that way. Needles to say the boys were terrified of going anywhere near that group of females.

Naruto some times wanted to kill his brother for being the cause of Naruto having his own fan girls. How could a simple change of clothes cause this many problems?


"Naruto get in here now or I am going to drag you in by your hair! Do you understand me?" Jagaa was standing on the inside of the class room door yelling at his otouto who was refusing to come through the door.

"I don't want to, I feel weird in these clothes." Naruto's sullen reply came back.

"Well you look a hell of a lot better than you did in that orange monstrosity. Now you have five seconds to be through that door or you are seriously going to regret it!" Jagaa's tone left absolutely no room for arguments.

Reluctantly, Naruto slowly came into the room wearing the cloths that closely resembled his brothers.

Jagaa did not miss the gasp of surprise that went through the room, and he sure as hell didn't miss the very approving looks Naruto was getting from practically all the females present. 'Mission accomplished' he thought with a slightly evil smirk. 'Prepare to know the pain of fan girls Uzumaki Naruto.'

As Naruto and Jagaa went to take their seats, a body of a boy who had just been shoved out of his seat landed in front of Naruto. He looked over to where the boy had been sitting to see, to his shock, a girl looking at him with seductive eyes and patting the seat next to her. "You can sit by me Naruto."

Suddenly a chorus of female voices began around him.

"No sit by me Naruto!" and "No way Naruto wants to sit by me, don't you Naruto"

As the girls began to close in around him, eyeing him hungrily and begging him to sit with them, he heard what sounded like almost maniacal laughter. Looking up he saw that it was coming from none other than his brother.

It was at that moment Naruto realized his life was about to get a whole lot more complicated.

///Flashback End///

"Damn it!" Sasuke said with fear in his eyes, "They've gotten smarter, there's no way we can slip by without them seeing us! What are we going to do?"

"Well, there is one chance we might have to get in, but its going to be risky." Jagaa said in the tone of a man facing death. "We will have to try to rush past them, while using bunshins to distract them. It may be what we need to get by, but if they catch the real you, it's all over."

"Nani, but I suck at bunshin! I'll be caught for sure!" Naruto was looking extremely worried now.

"Try using henge to turn into me or Jagaa." Sasuke said, "At least if you are caught by one of our fan girls, there is a chance they will let you go out of disappointment, and you can make an escape before one of your catches you."

With that last bit of planning, the three looked at each other with determined expressions. Jagaa extended his hand first, followed by the other two who put theirs on top of his.

"It has been my greatest pleasure to know both of you." Jagaa said in a solemn voice. "May we survive to see each other again." Both the others nodded, and all three of them turned. They then charged into the mass of raging hormones in a glorious and inspiring display of courage that would have left all fan girl sufferers with profound respect and admiration for the trio.


The three boys walked into their class with the air of triumphant war heroes. It had been touch and go there for a while. There had been so many fan girls that the bunshins had turned out to be a useless decoy. All three had quickly been captured. But with quick thinking that involved the using the kawarimi no jutsu and replacing themselves with some of the other fan girls, the trio had managed to escape from certain doom.

Sasuke's relief was short lived though, as his two worst fan girls known as Yamanaka Ino and Haruno Sakura arrived on the scene and immediately sprinted towards him. Jagaa and Naruto barely had time to jump out of the way as the two girls glomped the poor Uchiha.

"Back off Ino-pig, Sasuke wants to be with me not you!" The pink haired Sakura shouted.

"Fat chance forehead, you just can't accept the fact that Sasuke likes me and not you! Isn't that right Sasuke-kun?" The blonde finished knowing that she was making the other girl absolutely furious.

Truth be told, Ino only took every opportunity to hang on Sasuke for that reason alone, to irritate Sakura. Sure Ino still thought Sasuke was gorgeous, and definitely still wouldn't mind winning him. It was just that lately it did not seem as important to do so.

For quite a while now, her thoughts had been invaded by the image of another boy as well. That boy being the former loudest, most obnoxious person in Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto. Even in the midst of glomping Sasuke, she could still remember clearly the day her feelings had started to change for Naruto.


Ino was ten years old and helping her mother in the flower shop by watering all the plants while her mother took care of the customers. She was working by the front door when she heard it open. Looking over to see who had come in, she was shocked to see a mass of bright blonde hair, and a very nervous Naruto standing just inside the door looking as if he was going to bolt at any moment.

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" Ino asked in confusion. Not once that she could remember had he ever come into her family's store.

"W-well, the thing is." He stated nervously, surprising the young girl even more. "The thing is that my brother says I need to find something to do that will help me learn to be calm and patient." He said this with a little distaste in his voice. "He then told me I should try gardening and that I should come here to find out more about it, and maybe buy a plant or to." Naruto looked very much like someone had a kunai to his throat and was forcing him to do there bidding. Ino could not help but let out a little snigger at the boys obvious reluctance to be there.

"Well mamas busy with another customer right now but maybe I can help you." Ino stated confidently. After all she had been helping her mother for years so she knew a thing or two about plants.

"Thanks Ino, you have no idea how clueless I am on these things." Naruto stated with obvious relief.

Ino started by telling him all about the different types of flowers available and what they meant. After about twenty minutes, the two were talking about anything and everything. After around two hours or so, Naruto was holding a single potted bush and a couple packets of seeds, along with a book to help beginning gardeners.

"Thanks for all your help Ino. I don't know what I would have done without you."

"No problem Naruto, it was actually a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. Make sure to come back if you ever need any help, or if you decide to get more plants."

"Sure thing Ino-chan, well I'll see you later." With that Naruto began to jog of in the direction of his house.

As Ino went back to work she was suddenly hit by what he had said as he left. 'Ino-chan since when have I ever been Ino-chan.' She thought that she should be furious with him for the term of affection, but for some reason it didn't sound so bad.

///Flashback End///

Naruto still came to the flower shop often and still called her Ino-chan when they were talking alone. But when they were at school, he never let on that they really knew each other outside of it. She was still trying to figure out how she felt about that.

As he watched Sasuke struggling to free himself from his assailants, Jagaa heard a slight chuckle coming from his side. He looked over to see Naruto apparently trying to hold back his laughter at the scene.

"Poor Sasuke, eh." He said with a large grin. " We are fortunate enough that Ino and Sakura scare so many fan girls that even ours don't try to come after us when there around. Sasuke is the only one who has to suffer while we are actually in class."

Even as he watched his otouto laugh, Jagaa could see the hidden pain behind it. Naruto was trying to hide it, but Jagaa had figured it out a long time ago. Ever since the first day Naruto had started coming back from the flower shop with a gentle smile on his face, and the slight pain that showed through every time Sasuke was got his daily glompings.

Naruto really likes Ino.

But being the type of person he was he would never act on it. That fact alone was enough to make Jagaa want to strangle his brother, especially since he could also tell that Ino didn't put as much heart into glomping Sasuke as she used to. This made him wonder if her feelings for him were lessening and Naruto might have a chance. If only he could find a way to confirm it. But for now he just had to watch in silent frustration as his otouto hid his pain from the world behind his mask yet again.

Deciding enough was enough, Jagaa used his ace in the whole to stop the glomping session and pull his brother out of his depression.

"Well today is the day of the exam, so I guess it is time to prove to you both that I am right about how we can get Iruka-sensei one last time." He knew that the bait would work, so he just sat back and waited for them to bite.

Sasuke and Naruto's attention immediately turned from the fangirls to Jagaa, with Sasuke practically throwing the two girls off him in order to respond. "There is no way I will believe it until I see it!" He stated with defiance.

"I agree Nii-san!" Naruto said, "There is just no way it could be true!"

"Well Iruka-sensei should be here any minute, so we will be able to test my theory then wont we?" Jagaa said with a bit of a smirk.

As if on cue, Iruka walked through the door and started yelling for the class to settle down. He froze up however when he saw the slightly evil looks his three, as he liked to playfully call them, archenemies were giving him. He knew what was about to happen.

"Iruka-sensei, today is the day we will finally finish this once and for all!" Jagaa stated, the challenge in his voice clearly evident.

"Do your worst boys, I withstood your last attack and I feel no need to fear this one." It was true, he had survived their last attempt on him. He now felt if he could survive that with no blood loss, he could take anything.

The trio took their positions next to each other. "Are you prepared Iruka-sensei?" Jagaa asked. The entire class was on the edge of there seat, excited to find out what would happen with this finale challenge.

"Do your worst boys." Iruka said confidently.

"Let's do it!" Naruto yelled. And soon three voices yelled henge all at once.

And there they were, the source of all his prior blood loss. Iruka could only brace him self for what they would throw at him this time.

Furthest to the right stood a beauty with bright blonde hair put up in two pig tails and gorgeous blue eyes. Even the whisker marks only seemed to add to her beauty. Next to her stood the second beauty. This girl had long free falling brown hair and beautiful bright green eyes that rivaled even the blue of the blonde. Finally there came the last of his worries, the just as equally beautiful black eyed angel. Her pitch black hair was in a single pony tail that ran down her back.

Last time they had rushed him, and began rubbing their perfect bodies against him. But Iruka had boldly withstood, and thwarted the blood that wished to flee from his nose. He knew he was prepared for anything they might throw at him. That was until he realized that it was not him, that they planned on rubbing on. Oh no, it was so much more devastating than that.

The three beautiful girls began rubbing on, each other!

The brown haired girl stood behind the blonde, slowly caressing her down her side and across her stomach, while at the same time the blacked haired girl was crouched low, with her face very close to you know were on the blonde, and stroked the blonde's legs sensually while looking at him with longing in her eyes.

"Iruka-sama," the brown haired girl said pleadingly. "Please don't leave us to do this alone." After that she took her bottom lip in between her teeth, while looking at him with a sensual pout.

Now in Iruka's defense, he had held up incredibly up to that point. But at those words, and that final look, he did what any other non gay, red blooded male would have done. He got a nose bleed that launched him over his desk, and straight into the black board, where after falling to the ground, he lost enough blood to make everyone present start to wonder if he would truly survive.

With three puffs of smoke, the trio of boys once again stood where previously the objects of all men's desires had stood. Naruto and Sasuke stood with looks of shock on their face, and Jagaa with a triumphant one on his.

"Ha I told you it would work and you didn't believe me. Now pay up!" Jagaa said with a huge grin, as the two other boys sullenly took out there wallets and handed him some money.

"I just don't get it!" Sasuke suddenly shouted. "Why would it work when we rubbed on each other, but not when we rubbed on him?"

"Yeah, it doesn't make sense. Wouldn't any guy rather have the beautiful women rubbing on him than each other?" Naruto said with a confused look.

"Oh my poor, innocent little boys, it is times like this that shows how much you truly have to learn." Jagaa said with a sympathetic smile. "One day you will understand the joys of seeing women engaging each other in such activities and more. And then, truly, ye shall be considered men!"

Naruto and Sasuke looked at the boy in front of them who was grinning from ear to ear at their confusion, then at each other, then at the rest of the class to see there reaction to Jagaa's speech. Most of the boys looked as confused as they felt, though there were some that were nodding their heads solemnly in agreement, and some were even blushing deep scarlet, along with every girl in the room.

"The three of you get to you seats NOW!" Iruka yelled having finally come back to the world of consciousness. He had Kleenex shoved up both nostrils to stop the blood flow and did not seem pleased to have lost so spectacularly to the three boys. 'Damn' he thought. 'I should have known not to underestimate Jagaa.' The only pleasure he could pull from his defeat, was the knowledge that this was the last time they would be able to do that to him.

"All right, now that we are all here. It is time to start your graduation exams!"

Everyone in the classroom tensed up in excitement at Iruka's announcement. After four years of training, they were finally going to be able to become shinobi.

Naruto was easily the most excited, and the most nervous of them all. He wanted nothing more than to pass and make his brother proud, but he knew he was screwed if they gave the Bunshin no Jutsu for the exam final. Of all the skills they had learned, Naruto could almost keep up with his brother and Sasuke in everything but that, with his clones always coming out sickly or dead.

Naruto's thoughts once again turned to Jagaa, the two year older brother he idolized. He looked behind him to where his brother sat, and silently started to snigger. He remembered time when the Hokage had first asked Jagaa if he was interested in becoming a shinobi of the leaf. Jagaa had only tilted his head to the side, and calmly asked "What the hell is a shinobi?" It was quickly decided he would have to start from year one in Naruto's class.

Jagaa's first day at the academy had been interesting to say the least. Naruto let his mind wander back to his favorite part of it.


They were going over different weapons a shinobi will use, and came to the most know and used of them all. The Kunai! Every student was required to take a few and throw them at the target.

Sasuke of course got a perfect score. Most of the students had made them at least a most of theirs stick. Hell even Naruto had planted one in the target. Jagaa however, not only didn't stick the target, he missed every shot by at least ten feet.

However he didn't seem to mind at all when the other students (except Naruto didn't want to and Sasuke who never did anyways) started to laugh. He just shrugged and said, "I don't like how these things feel."

The others were probably about to start telling him to 'stop making up excuses' or something. When they noticed he was walking back towards the weapons table. This time however, instead of picking up a kunai, he grabbed a stack of Shuriken.

He started walking back to the throwing line again, but before he had even gotten there he had already started throwing them. The shock that went through students and teachers alike was highly evident as the watched the first one hit in the dead center. The ones following landed within millimeters to the left and right of the first, and the next ones next to those and so on. In the end there were ten shuriken in the target and not one of them outside the bull's-eye.

As every one stared at him with dumbfounded expressions, the teachers asked him if he had ever used shuriken before. "Not that I can remember." Was the answer they received. When another teacher asked how he had managed to use them so well without training. Jagaa just shrugged casually and stated "I like the way they feel."

///Flashback End///

To this day, Jagaa could was completely unrivaled at using shuriken, and completely hopeless when it came to kunai. In fact, his favorite thing to do when they had kunai practice, was to throw all the shuriken he carried at the furthest away tree, very clearly and neatly spelling ' I Hate Kunai '.

Naruto still laughed hysterically every time he did it.

Across the room from Naruto, Sasuke was also looking back at Jagaa and thinking back to the day he had showed up. Unlike Naruto however, his thoughts were not on the kunai incident. Sasuke's thoughts were focused on later in the day. The event that had been the reason Jagaa always sat in the back right corner of class where no one could get behind him without being seen first.


The class had just come back inside from there lesson on shinobi weapons, and Sasuke was none too pleased. He had scored perfectly with his kunai, and the new kid had failed miserably. But Jagaa had more than made up for with how he had excelled in shuriken. Sasuke was positive that even he would not be able to keep that many shuriken within the small circle that was the bull's-eye.

It was for this reason a very pissed off Uchiha was glaring at the sunglass wearing kid, and managed to see exactly what happened.

Naruto was talking to Jagaa, most likely about his display with the shuriken. When a boy sitting behind them reached out and touched Jagaa's shoulder to get his attention.

Almost to fast for Sasuke to follow, the boy was suddenly flung over Jagaa, landing solidly on his back on the desk in front of him. Jagaa's sword was halfway out of it's sheath before Naruto realized what was happening and, after grabbing his arm to keep the sword from being drawn, started yelling Jagaa's name.

Jagaa seemed to freeze at first, then he slowly looked at Naruto. As if remembering where he was, he let his sword slide back into its sheath. At the same time he began to apologize to the boy he had just attacked.

Sasuke had felt something though. He didn't know what it was, but it had made him a bit nervous. He had also wondered what kind of life makes someone so young so quick to attack. Even though Sasuke had been being trained since he was little, he did not have an attack reflex like that. Can you imagine what would have happened to all those glomping girls if he did?

After that, Iruka had made that back right corner Jagaa's permanent seat in order to avoid anything like that happening again in the future.

///Flashback End///

That incident had also marked him as a fan girl target instantly from that point on. The way he had reacted, combined with his choice of clothes that hid most of his body, not to mention the sunglasses he wore that hid his eyes so effectively, made him the target of all the 'Mystery Man' lovers. It also did not help that, no matter how open he may seem these days. He outright refused to answer any questions about his past. The little that he could remember that was.

However before Sasuke could muse on his current train of thought any longer, he was brought back to the present when Iruka began to make the announcement that the test was about to start.

"We are now going to begin taking you one at a time into the next room. We will be going in the order of clan names. Meaning Jagaa, seeing as you have no clan name, you will go first." Iruka stated.

"Hai, Hai." Jagaa sighed as he got up. That was one of the other things people found strange about him. He was legally Naruto's brother, but he refused to take on his clan name. When someone would ask him about his decision, he would simply state, "I wont taint anyone else's name, especially Naruto's." Then he would simply go about his business, leaving the questioner to wonder what he could possibly mean with his statement.

Jagaa gave Naruto a quick encouraging grin as he began to walk out the door, which Naruto gave back in full force. As soon as Jagaa had left though, a fairly worried look took its place, as he silently prayed to Kami. "Please let it be anything but Bunshin no Jutsu."


"Where is he?" Jagaa asked.

Sasuke only nodded in the direction of the swing. Where Naruto sat, looking sad and alone.

"Damn it, out of all the things they have to choose from, they just had to go and make it the bunshin." Jagaa said sadly. Shaking his head he turned to Sasuke. "Let's go see what we can do for him."

Sasuke nodded, and both of them began to walk to Naruto. Until they were suddenly stopped by a group of swooning fan girls who just had to congratulate them.

'Shit, why now?' Jagaa thought furiously. He was getting ready to just shove his way through, when he noticed something. Of the two normal front runners of the Sasuke horde, one was missing. Glancing around quickly he managed to spot Ino. The sight he saw almost made want to shout in triumph.

Ino was standing slightly apart from the crowd, looking directly at Naruto, with sadness filling her eyes. She was currently in a mental debate with herself. On one hand she wanted to go over and try to cheer Naruto up, but on the other she was afraid that by trying she would just make him feel worse. To top that off, Naruto had usually acted a bit distant with her when they were at school, so she wasn't sure if he wanted her to even act like she cared. So she just stood there, completely unable to decide if she should move forward or back.

Jagaa could practically see what Ino was thinking right now. He could only hope that she would make the decision to go to Naruto. As he stood there mentally cheering her on, he saw her face take on a slightly surprised look. Following her gaze back to Naruto, Jagaa began to curse every god he could think of just to be sure he got the one that seemed determined to screw up Naruto's life.

Standing by Naruto was none other than Mizuki. He was talking with Naruto and seemed to have asked him to go somewhere some where with him, since Naruto started to get off the swing.

Jagaa was determined to stop Naruto from going anywhere, and was just about to rush forward to stop him, when he was suddenly knocked back by a fan girl who had just slammed into his stomach as she wrapped her arms around him and started to congratulate him. Having temporarily lost sight of Naruto, Jagaa instantly looked to the swing to see that both Naruto and Mizuki were gone. He then looked at Ino to see her walking away with a forlorn expression on her face.

Jagaa yet again began cursing whatever god seemed to hate Naruto so much. He was also wondering how much trouble he would get in if he stuck a few shuriken up Mizuki's ass for screwing up Ino's chance to comfort Naruto.


Naruto sat with Mizuki on the roof that Mizuki had lead them to. Neither had spoken since they got here. They had just been staring at the setting sun.

"Naruto, Iruka didn't want to fail you, you know." Mizuki finally said. "He just wants you to be strong, since he sees so much of himself in you. He also knows how much you love your brother, but he wants you to see that Jagaa can't always be there to make everything right again."

"I know that!" Naruto said, barley holding back his tears. "It's just that I wanted so badly to make him proud of me! To show him he didn't always have to be there to make it right, that I could take care of myself, but I screwed up and now I can't even face him!" He buried his face in his knees knowing that he could not hold back the tears for long, and not wanting Mizuki to see him cry.

"You know Naruto, there may just be a way for you to still pass the exam, and show your brother exactly what you wanted to." Mizuki said

Naruto's face shot up instantly, his face longing for any hope, no matter how small it might be.


Jagaa and Sasuke had been searching for Naruto for several hours now. They had looked everywhere they could possibly think of him to go with no luck.

Sasuke had decided to go check the apartment again to see if Naruto had gone home while they were out searching, which left Jagaa searching alone on the outskirts of the village. He was considering going to check at the Hokage monument again, when he spotted Mizuki moving along the rooftops a ways away, moving towards an area of the forest that Jagaa had yet to check.

Even though Jagaa still wanted to carry out his shuriken idea, he knew he had more important things to worry about right now, so he decided to save it for later. "Well, he was the last person I saw Naruto with. Maybe he'll know where to find him." Jagaa mused to himself. Picking up his pace he headed in the direction Mizuki had gone.


Naruto couldn't to anything as he watched Mizuki getting ready to throw the fuma shuriken. Still being in shock after what he had been told, every thing seemed to be going in slow motion. His mind was racing as he saw the weapon start to fly towards him.

It can't be true can it? Am I really a demon? All the glares, all the beatings were because I'm the demon who killed so many people!

But I'm not a demon, I can't be!

But what if I am? Does that mean I really do deserve to die?

No it wasn't me! I didn't do it I never asked for this. I can't really be a demon!

Can I

Naruto's conscious mind again noticed the shuriken coming at him and he knew that he was going to die. Demon or human it wouldn't matter soon. He found that strangely comforting. He vaguely registered the injured Iruka running towards him, but it didn't matter. Naruto knew it was too late. He closed his eyes and waited for the end to come.


Those two sounds caused Naruto's eyes to snap open. Directly in front of him was Iruka, apparently planning to take the hit for Naruto.

The look on his face though, said that was not what had happened.

Iruka turned his head to face behind him, and Naruto leaned over to look around his sensei.

Jagaa stood about six feet behind Iruka with his sword drawn, and in a position that looked as if he had just used a downward slash, while the Fuma Shuriken was embedded in the ground just behind Iruka's feet.

Seeing his older brother there made Naruto both happy, and terrified at the same time. He had no idea what Jagaa had heard. If he had heard that Naruto had a demon inside him, how would he react? Would he start to see Naruto as a demon as well? Would he leave him alone again? Just thinking these things hurt more than Naruto would have ever thought possible. He was on the verge of breaking down in tears when Jagaa spoke, his voice low but still very clear.

"Naruto, tell me! Just who and what you are?"

Naruto couldn't believe it. His brother really did think he was a demon. He felt like his heart was falling apart, making razor sharp shards to continue tearing at his insides. His head fell in defeat and heartache.

"Since you can't seem to answer then I'll do it for you." Jagaa said straightening up and re-sheathing his sword with his back to Naruto and Iruka.

"You are a lazy ass in the morning that has to be dragged out of bed to be on time for school. You tend to be loud and obnoxious and used to wear the most frightening clothes I have ever seen. You are currently one of the most fan girl wanted boys in school and the best friend of Uchiha Sasuke." Jagaa looked up at the sky as he continued. "You are also one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. Someone who can make anyone feel better just by being around them. You are someone who has stayed kind and caring even when being treated like shit by the people around you. You are Uzumaki Naruto. But most importantly…" Jagaa then turned around and looked directly at Naruto, a gentle smile on his face.

"You are my otouto, and that is all that matters."

Naruto couldn't speak as he looked at his brother. Every thing he had just heard slowly seeped into his mind, and he fully understood what Jagaa had just said. Before he could stop himself, and he doubt he would have anyways. He just threw himself at his brother and hugged him tightly as the tears fell. He didn't care if anyone saw him crying. He didn't care what that he had been told he was a demon. He didn't even care anymore about what had happened to him in the past. All he cared about was that his brother still saw him exactly as he did before, as his otouto.

Standing behind them, Iruka could not stop his own tears from forming as he watched the two brothers. He could practically feel the love the two brothers had for each other, and he could not help but feel proud of and happy for both of them.

The touching moment was short lived though, as the forgotten Mizuki decided he had had enough and jumped down from his spot in the tree.

"Hmff, I had hoped that you only accepted that thing because you were ignorant of what he was, but it would seem that you are no better than that demon you call a brother!" Mizuki said with nasty sneer

Both Naruto and Jagaa looked over at the sneering Mizuki. They slowly broke apart, Naruto glaring at the traitor teacher in anger.

Jagaa's hand had begun to rise to the hilt of his sword again, when it was suddenly stopped by Naruto. "Nii-san, could you let me handle him?" Naruto asked. Jagaa looked at Naruto, and was about to tell Naruto that he would take care of it, but then he saw the look in the deep blue eyes of his otouto. Jagaa did not want to let him, knowing that Naruto could get hurt. But deep down, he also knew that Naruto needed this.

"All right, but you better kick his ass." Jagaa said

Naruto nodded with confidence. Turning to Mizuki, he smirked at the traitor. "Oy, Mizuki-teme, I just figured out a way to accomplish my goal without having to graduate!" Naruto made a cross shape seal and yelled "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Iruka could only look on in amazement as he saw hundreds of Naruto's suddenly filling the forest. In the trees, on the ground surrounding them they were everywhere. From what Iruka could tell Jagaa had been shocked as well when all the clones appeared, but now he seemed to also have a slightly confused frown.

Mizuki only had one thing on his frightened mind as the hundreds of Narutos closed in on him.

"I am so fucked!"


"Okay Naruto, you can open them now."

Naruto slowly opened his eyes when he heard Iruka's voice, only to see said Chuunin sitting in front of him with no hitai-ate on his forehead, and a widely grinning Jagaa standing behind him.

"Congratulations Naruto, you passed." Iruka said with huge smile. Naruto losing all control jumped onto the injured man and started fiercely hugging and thanking him. After a loud 'Itai' from Iruka, Naruto backed off and started apologizing while rubbing the back of his head. He felt a gentle hand come to rest on his shouler and looked up at the face of his older brother. Who, with a gentle smile, said the words that completed turning one of the worst days in Naruto's life, into one of the best.

"I'm proud of you otouto."

Naruto was completely happy now. He knew there was no way this day could get any better.

"Well, my injuries don't seem as bad as I first though. So why don't I take you both out for some ramen to celebrate your graduation." Iruka said

Okay, now there was no way it could get any better. Naruto started jumping up and down screaming 'ramen' at the top of his voice. No matter how many times Jagaa tried to teach Naruto about having more control, his newly acquired discipline always seemed to disappear at the very mention of ramen.

"You two go on ahead." Jagaa said. "I'll catch up once I deal with Mizuki." Iruka figured he must have meant handing him over to ANBU or something, so he agreed. With Naruto's help, he stood up, and the two of them began leaving the forest in the direction of 'Ichiraku's'.


Mizuki groaned as consciousness slowly returned to him, his body feeling like he had just rolled down a very rocky mountain. The last thing he remembered was the hundreds of Naruto clones closing in on him from all sides.

"God damned demon brat!" Mizuki said as he painfully opened his eyes. "I swear I am going to…" whatever he had planned on saying died on his lips when he saw who was standing over him.

Mizuki felt like he was looking at the devil himself as he stared up at Jagaa. There was no emotion, no facial expression, and because of his sunglasses no way to see his eyes, just a feeling of icy calm that froze Mizuki to his soul.

"You were right about one thing tonight Mizuki." Jagaa said in calm voice. "I am no better than Naruto. No one is better than Naruto. His love and kindness knows no bounds, even to the point that he willingly spares someone that tried to kill him!" He said the last part with a little more force in his voice.

"That is why I will never be better than Naruto, I am not so forgiving." Jagaa's hand reached up and gripped the hilt of his sword. It made a steely hiss as it slowly came out of its sheath. "I am also a firm believer in the saying 'dead enemies don't cause more problems'." He reversed his grip on his sword and struck.

Mizuki could only watch in horror as the sword came free. The killing intent that had begun to radiate off Jagaa with the drawing of his sword was incredible, even though the icy calm never left him. 'Who the hell is he' was the last thing that ran through his mind just before Jagaa's sword drove into his heart.


Jagaa wiped his sword using a piece of the now dead Mizuki's shirt. He didn't even need to turn around to know who had just shown up at the scene. He was actually surprised it took them this long. "I plan on going to see the Hokage some time tomorrow. Tonight I need to make sure that Naruto is really okay after every thing that happened to him today." He said to the group standing behind him. Re-sheathing his sword he then turned around to look at the group of four ANBU he had grown familiar with through the years.

"Couldn't you have waited to kill Mizuki until after we questioned him?" The man who was the leader and wore a painted eagle mask asked with a slight sigh. "He might have had some connections we needed to know about."

"Well then don't take so long to get here next time." Jagaa said with a slight smirk as he started to walk away. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to meet Naruto and Iruka-sensei for some ramen."

The four ANBU watched him in silence as he walked away. Finally the man in the eagle mask turned to his three subordinates. "Well, lets get this cleaned up before we report to the Hokage."


Jagaa walked up to the ramen stand where Iruka and Naruto were already eating happily. Iruka seemed to be trying to tell Naruto of the dangers that the life of a shinobi would entail, but Naruto was to busy slurping his noodles to pay much attention. Jagaa could not help but smile at the scene.

"Sorry it took so long." Jagaa said as he sat down next to Naruto.

"That wasn't long at all really." Iruka said, while Naruto continued to slurp. "What did you end up doing with Mizuki?"

"A group of ANBU showed up, so I just left the cleanup to them." Jagaa stated in an offhanded manner as he was handed a bowl of ramen by Ayame.

"Well at least we know that Mizuki will be taken care of. I hope they give him an appropriate punishment." Iruka said seriously.

"Don't worry sensei, I am positive he was dealt with appropriately." Jagaa said. He then began slurping noodles right along side Naruto.

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