Background: This is based on a music video I made. Buffy (still the Slayer) and Spike (still a vampire) are together, Willow and Xander are relationshipless.

Chapter One

The sun had already risen over the horizon but Buffy and Spike remained unaware. Even though his crypt had a few windows Spike tended to keep his bed out of the sunlight; maybe it had something to do with the incredible annoyance of waking up in flames. He opened his eyes and looked at his girlfriend who was peacefully sleeping beneath the covers. He ran the back of his hand against her cheek, which made her breath deep and open her eyes. "Hey you," she said with a smile and a stretch.

"Hey." Spike's eyes searched every part of her face, getting in as much of her as he could.

Buffy reached down on the floor for her square faced watch with a brown band. "Crap!" She flipped the sheets off her body and started snatching her clothes from the floor.

"And so it begins."

"You really need to get an alarm clock." Buffy slipped on her black thong and olive green skirt.

"And plug it in next to the lava lamp and coffee maker," Spike joked. He turned to his back and enjoyed the bed which molded around his body.

She bent down and grabbed the white long sleeved shirt she had on last night and started looking for her other white sneaker. "Where the hell is my other- got it." Buffy plopped down in a chair that used to be red but was now a faded, peachish color. "All right, I'll see you later." She held her torso over his body as she gave him a kiss. Spike placed his right hand on the back of her head and pulled her in as close as he could. She pulled away, knowing his tongue could easily talk her into an early morning shag. She grabbed her little black backpack before reaching the door. "Love you," she said.

Sunnydale High School was being jammed with students that would crowd the halls for the next three minutes. Buffy ran inside and went straight for her locker. She turned the dial quickly and lifted the latch.

"Buffy, surprised to see you here," Xander said as he approached her, "I would've thought Slayer's went to heaven."

"Yeah no kidding. There should be a special program for me: three slayed is one missed period." She removed her Geography book and shut her locker. "Where's Willow?"

"She's helping Giles with some demony stuff."

"What kind of demony stuff?"

"The kind that involves demons and the stuff they do."

Buffy smiled and nodded. She led the way to the library where Willow was on the computer at the desk and Giles was in his office, book in hand. "Hey Will."

"Hey Buffy."

"Buffy." Giles walked out of his office and placed his glasses back on his nose. "You're cutting it a little close today."

"It's not my fault. I would've been here earlier helping with the demon research and prophecy filing but… I wasn't."

"Yes, I see that."

"My alarm didn't go off."

"I didn't know those kind of watches had alarms. And in case you didn't catch the sarcasm, I'm suggesting you slept at the Crypt Keepers last night," Xander cleared.

"Don't call him that. I know you two-" Buffy's eyes shut tightly and her head bent down. She turned to the desk and grabbed onto it for stability.

"Buffy, you all right?" Giles said. He and Xander went to her side and put a hand on her back for extra support. Willow stopped typing on the computer and added herself to the concerned group.

"I'm fine, I just got a sudden dizzy spell."

Giles recalled, "Didn't this happen yesterday?"

"And the day before that, but it's no big. Probably just dehydration or something." The bell rang its deadly noise but everyone kept their attention on Buffy. She took a breath and stood up straight. "I'm okay. We better get to class."

"Are you sure-" Xander started to say but Buffy interrupted him.

"You know how Mr. Landers hates when people are late." Buffy headed out the door and to her first class.

"Keep an eye on her," Giles said with a hint of worry. "And tell her to come here after school."

"We will," the red head agreed.

"On it G."

Giles turned to Xander. "Please don't call me that."

When the last bell rang everyone rose in triumph; another day, another end of the boring. Buffy carefully got up from her desk, not wanting to pass out like she did before second period. Thankfully she was in the nurse's office and, as far as she knew, Xander and Willow hadn't heard about it. She did follow Giles instructions to meet him in the library and didn't have to rely on her non-existent acting skills because she was feeling better. "Hey Giles."

"Buffy. How are you feeling?"

"Tip top." She put her bag on the desk and grazed its surface with her skirt as she lifted herself onto it. "So what's the what?"


"Well you wanted me to meet you here and you had Willow in here this morning doing demon research. Those tend to be the two main ingredients in the 'Buffy needs to kick some ass' cake."

"Oh well I just wanted to make sure you were feeling better and wanted to suggest you staying in tonight."

Buffy's gaze became questionable. "I will after I do some slaying."

"I mean, stay away from the slaying. If you're not up to par to your normal capacity then you can get seriously injured."

"And here I was afraid you'd say I could die."

Giles looked at her with disapproval, knowing that she meant that sarcastically. "That's not funny."

Buffy slid off the counter and stood with no trouble. "Giles, I'm the Slayer. That means I'm the one that goes out there."

"But it's not safe given your condition."

"What condition? I feel fine. Plus I'll have Spike with me." Giles remained quiet and looked at the floor. "Do you really feel I'm that incapable?"

His head quickly rose, offended she even suggested it. "I never said that. I just don't want you going out there and getting hurt."

Buffy prepared to say something but decided not too. She shut her mouth and looked away for a moment. "Fine. I'll stay in." She grabbed her bag and headed towards the door. Before leaving she turned to him and said, "Do I get brownie points for this?" Giles laughed, glad she lightened the mood. "I'm gonna bring this up the next time I do something wrong. Not that I will… do something wrong." Again Giles laughed. Buffy took that as her exit and left him alone in the library.

As night slowly approached Buffy thought about things to do with her mother to keep her mind off slaying. However by planning things, she kept thinking about how she won't be out there. At least if she were the one , even if she had a couple dizzy spells, she would have a better chance staying alive than Willow and Xander, let's be honest. And Spike would be with her. Once she found him.

In the end she decided to go out. She kissed her mother goodnight and headed out down the unlit street. This is when normal girls would get the blood rush of fear and think about things jumping out in the night and killing them. Buffy however was prepared for that surprise and had no problems staying calm. She ventured into Spike's graveyard first, hoping he was still home, waiting for her. She pushed open his door and peered into the pitch black crypt. "Spike?"

No answer.

"Anybody undead?" Her head turned abruptly when she heard the sound of someone grunting and a slight struggle. She ran half speed towards the noise and came across a vampire going in for a bite. She ripped the suited vamp off the victim and prepared to fight. He ran towards her and swung at her face but Buffy blocked it with her arm and kicked him in the side. She grabbed hold of his head and flipped him to the ground. One swift jab of her stake and he was dust.

"Buffy," someone familiar spoke.

She turned her head. Crap.

"What are you doing out here? I thought you were staying home and Xander and I… Xander. Xander?" Willow called. She didn't say where the vamp and tossed him, she was too busy preparing to strike with her stake. They heard grunting in the nearby bushes and he slowly rose from the ground.

"That is in no way on my 'things to do again' list. Not that vampires have any type of morals." He rubbed his head with his hand and paused when he saw the Slayer. "Buffy?"

"Yes, they do still call me that."

"What are you doing out here? I thought you were getting a nice dose of bed rest and chicken soup."

"Well I'm not."

"She only have tomato?" Xander joked.


Her head perked up like a dog that was asked to go for a walk. She could pinpoint that voice in a crowd of a hundred people. And obviously one vampire. "Spike?"

"There you are. I was gettin' worried. Ya weren't at my crypt at your usual time."

"Yeah I had some stuff to deal with."

"She had some dizzy and fainting spells to deal with," Willow added.


"Buffy's been getting dizzy spells the past couple days and Giles told her to take the night off, which she didn't follow."

"If no one tells him, then I did follow it," Buffy rationalized.

"I thought you said it was nothin'?" Spike asked.

"It is nothing, hence I'm here. Now will everyone just-" Buffy's body slowly started to sway back and forth. She rested her right hand on her forehead and felt a rush from the cool touch of her fingers.

"Buffy?" everyone said.

Spike put a hand on her arm and the other around her back. "We should get you home."

"I'm just dehydrated. It'll stop-" Buffy collapsed. Spike's grip quickly tightened around her waist so she wouldn't fall to the ground. He took his left arm and used it to hold her legs. He shifted her so her head was resting against his shoulder instead of dangling over his right arm.

"We gotta get her to the hospital," Xander informed.

"That's what I'm doin' ya git." Spike rushed past them and started running towards the main road.

"What the heck is a git?" he asked Willow as they followed him.

"Not now Xander."

"Well I thought insults should only be used during 'non-passed out friends' times."

Thankfully the graveyard they were at was only a couple bocks from the hospital. Spike rushed into the emergency room and yelled, "Help." Two orderlies ran to his aid with an empty bed. He placed her on the clean white surface and followed them as they pushed it down the hall.

"What happened?" the brown haired woman asked.

"We were walkin' 'round town and she collapsed."

"Did you drink anything or do any drugs?"

"No, she's clean."

"You have to stay here sir," the man told him as they ran into the swinging doors.

"She's my girlfriend."

"You still have to stay here."

Spike tightened his fists in anger but listened to them. He didn't need Buffy waking up and having one of the first things she hears be that be got thrown into jail for punching the staff.

Willow and Xander ran in and surprisingly maintained enough stamina to stay up and spot Spike still standing by the doors. "Where is she?" Willow asked as she took big gasps off air.

"In there."

"Is she gonna be okay?"

"Would I look this shirty if I knew she was gonna be okay?" Willow and Xander took a step back, expecting him to snap at any moment. "I'm gonna go get Joyce." He left behind and ran out of the hospital.

"Ya know phones work just as well."

"I have to sit down," Willow said as she walked over to one of the maroon chairs.