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The water swirled around like a pounding wave, every part of the heat from the water kneading out those achy muscles holding her together. She sighed out loud as she tried to hit the remote to up the pulsing on the spa bath mat, it was the best thing she bought. The noise from the machine was putting her to sleep; she needed something to keep her awake.

And then that something came pounding on the bathroom door.

"Bree McIntyre, if you don't get your fat hide out of that tub... I'm gonna..." The threat stopped. Bree put down the remote and looked at the clock on the wall. Holy crap it was 5PM. She had been in there nearly 2 hours. She looked at her pruned fingers and decided to listen to the threatening voice for once, she did know best when it came to her and her brood.

Bree leaned over to knock on the door so the woman could come help her out of the tub. It was harder for Bree to move around now that she was carrying extra weight on her body.

The door opened slowly revealing a dark skinned woman with one nasty scowl, making Bree laugh.

"Child I will take a switch to you if you scare me again, one hour is fine but soaking for two, come on now."

"I'm sorry, I really am Missouri, so are you going to help me out of this tub or what, I'm sure you have fixed supper and I'm starving."

"You should be, you have hardly eaten all day. I'll help you come on."

"Thanks." Bree replied as Missouri took her elbow to help her out of the tub. Bree got out of the tub successfully and grabbed her robe to place it around her. She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror, once a flat muscled stomach had turned fuller, rounder.

"Holy crap, I'm freaking hot." Bree sat down on the toilet for a second. "I'll be down in a minute Missouri."

Missouri nodded and gave her a worried look as she went down the stairs, she has made Bree promise that she would call Dean and tell him about her condition. She hadn't yet, claiming that she couldn't deal with his crap still. They still talked once a week and the more they talked the harder it was for her to keep this a secret. She once pondered about telling Sam, or at least John, knowing that John wouldn't tell Dean.

Missouri told her that it wasn't right to tell Sam or John and not tell Dean, he was the one responsible for her condition not them. The thing was Dean would step up to the plate, and that was what scared the crap out of her.

Once Missouri left to go down to set the table, Bree stood up and waddled to her room. She heard the buzz of her cell phone and smiled at little bit.


"Bree, it's Sam how are you?"

"I'm good Sam, how are you guys? Is something wrong? Is that why you called, did something happen to Dean?" Concern filled her voice as she asked him.

"No, Dean is fine, actually he doesn't know that I'm calling you. Um Bree, I've had a few dreams and one I think was a vision, I need to come out and see you as soon as I can. When is good for you?"

"Sam, I'm fine, everything is good. I'm with Missouri. What's going on?"

"Listen, I'm about an hour away I told Dad and Dean I had to check something out with Sarah, but I need to see for myself that you're okay. I'll be there soon." With that the line went dead, leaving a usually calm Bree in a panicked state.

She got dressed and rushed as fast as she could down the stairs, she found Missouri standing over the kitchen table placing a third plate down, Missouri looked up at her and smiled.

"It was only a matter of time before he would be coming sweetie, why don't you go lay down and rest some what before Sam gets here, I'm going out for a little while so you to can talk to Sam."

Bree only nodded as she walked into the living room and lay down on the couch, not to worried about how in the world she was going to get back off the couch. She closed her eyes and sighed out loud.

"I heard that."

Bree chuckled under her breath; she rested her hand on her stomach, as she rolled onto her side. Her mind began to wander back to when she found out that she was pregnant.

Five months before

Bree had quit the whole stage acting; she still went to auditions for smaller roles such as commercials and voiceovers for radio. She had agreed to go out partying with her newfound friend Renee. They had gone to a new club and drank like you would never believe. This was two months after Dean had left. For the most Bree had kept to herself, there'd be more police and more interviews she didn't want to deal with after Jamie's death. Then his family blamed her for his death saying she somehow was connect, maybe had a jealous lover.

Bree had put up with enough and decided she needed to get on with her life, so clubbing started to be a part of the normal, she really didn't drink enough to be hung over in the mornings, maybe a little dizzy. Then Dean called to tell about a girl named Cassie. He told her everything, how her father was killed how they spent one night of heated angry passion and how she dumped him again. They had a huge fight she told him that it was fine, she understood and to not worry about it she still loved him no matter how pissed off she had been at the time.

Dean hadn't expect that she was going to forgive him, he had to push her buttons. He told her that she never even crossed his mind, with that she had hung up the phone called Renee. She had turned off the cell phone and put it in her top drawer. She knew what Dean was trying to pull, to push her, trying to piss her off.

Bree wasn't sure how much she drank, but it was a lot. She didn't even remember how she got home, but once she had gotten home, there was one down right pissed off Dean Winchester sitting on her stoop.

She made him go into the house where they spent most of the night fighting, he had slammed her against the wall, she in returned punched him more than once. At one point they ended up on the floor having some rough sex, then took it to the bedroom, where the verbal shit got heavy and she told him that she wasn't one of his random whores. In return he told her to quite acting like one.

After the hateful words were said she watched Dean walk out of the bedroom, even though she was drunk she knew that she had to fix this before he left. She grabbed his arm begging him not to leave; he shook her off leaving her in her room and walked down the stairs. Bree remembered going into her bathroom and loosing all the contents in her stomach. She rinsed out her mouth and brushed her teeth before going back into her bed. She knew he hadn't left, the Impala was still in the drive.

It was when she heard the front door open and close she started to sob, her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. She wasn't sure how long she lay on the floor, the tears making a small pool on the ground. After a few minutes she got up and lay down on her bed, a few minutes after that, Dean came back into her room; she could see the tears that refused to fall. She lay on her side, still sobbing lightly. They had never fought like that before. It scared her a little; even when they drank together they never fought.

Dean had curled around her, placing his arms around her telling her he was so sorry and that he loved her so much, that he didn't want to loose her over a stupid thing like Cassie. That was how they fell asleep.

In the morning it was hang over galore, her stomach and head were throbbing in time with each other. Dean had stayed for the whole day as she drifted in and out of the real world, making sure she drank plenty of fluids and ate something. Well the eating didn't go so well and she chalked it up to the binge drinking that she and Renee did the night before.

Dean left about five that night he told her he would call her later to make sure she was really okay. He kissed her cheek gave her a wink and then he was gone.

About a week later she was still visiting the toilet every now and then, realizing what might have been going on. She went to the doctor and he smiled when he told her she was pregnant with not one but two babies. That info rolled around her head for weeks before Missouri called her and told her she wanted her to live with her for a while.

It was hard in the beginning but it got better as the months moved along. Bree could once again eat chicken wings. She and Missouri kept each other company, while Bree had a few side jobs. It wasn't like she really needed the money and Missouri once asked her when she thought that she had gotten pregnant.

"Well right before Dean left for Pittsburgh."

Missouri only rolled her eyes and smiled she had known for a while but wanted Bree to come out and say it.

Bree heard the front door open and close, she heard Missouri greet whoever it was then she heard her say;

"She's laying down in the living room. I'm going out for a little while. I have some thing's I need to go shopping for, with taking care of her I don't much time to myself. Bree, Sam will help you."

The front door again open then shut.


Sam walked into the living room and saw Bree lying on the couch, she propped herself and waved at him, he cocked his eyebrow and gave back a nervous smile.

"Could you help me up, Missouri made us dinner and I'm starving, but I just can't get the maneuver down to get off the couch yet."

Sam nodded as he walked over and all of his brain cells seemed to leave his head when he opened his mouth and said.

"How long have you been like this, unable to get off the couch?"

Bree chuckled, because that was a statement that Dean would have made but quickly forgave Sam.

"Well the couch thing just started and I've been pregnant for about five months."

"That explains a lot in my visions," Sam looked down at his feet and sighed. "My brother doesn't know, does he?"

"What visions?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow, "And no I haven't told him yet, I am one hundred percent sure that they are his."

Sam's grip on her loosened when she said 'they'. He really wasn't sure what to be thinking but the vision just kept bothering him. He followed her into the kitchen and saw that Missouri made chili for them. Bree told him to sit down and that really she was all right before he would sit down and eat.

"So what have you guys been doing?"

"Dad, thinks that after we took out the demon, something has taken its place and isn't as strong but nastier. He has a garage that he and Dean take care of. Dad still-hunts on occasion. Jo gave up trying to get with my brother and Dean is happy as a clam working on the classic cars. I'm trying to get into a community college in Pittsburgh and hoping to go back to Stanford eventually. What about you?"

"Missouri has kept me very busy, I have a few commercials I do, ads for radio, a Purina one commercial. Puttering around the house. Sometimes I wish my dad was still alive and my mom just because... Well they'd love to have grandkids."

Bree told him the other things she had been doing, then asked again about Sam's vision, he wouldn't look at her and took a deep breath, he didn't want her to freak the hell out of her like it did to him when he had the vision, Dean and John had to calm him down.

"Bree." He started, she glared at him.

"You can tell me Sam, it won't scare me I promise what ever it is I can handle it."

Sam sucked in a deep breath. "Okay, I'm not sure when this takes place, but you're having a baby..." He paused, "You died."

Bree sighed as she cleared the dishes away. "I've faced death more than once, maybe it is just my time. If it comes down to me or the kids, I want Dean to choose the kids no matter what Sammy."

Just then Sam's cell rang, "It's Dean, maybe now would be a good time to tell him." Sam suggested as he held out the phone.

Bree frowned at the cell before taking it in hand and flipping it open. "Hey Dean."

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