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It was Dean's job to worry whenever Sam woke up screaming. He griped his brother's arm and squeezed it, trying to get through to Sam. He seemed like he was still in a daze. Dean hated to see Sam look this way, eyes all round and scared, his skin pale and pasty, his skin trembling for a little bit more until the vision or nightmare had past.

"Sam? Can you hear me man, where are you inside that massive head of yours?" he tried to joke.

Sam looked up at Dean his eyes filled to the brim with unshed tears; he tried to blink them away. Dean lifted up his hand and wiped them out with his thumb.

"Sam, you can tell me what ever is bothering you, you can trust me Sam, you know that."

Sam nodded then looked over at Bree, who was still sleeping peacefully; she let out a sigh and started to roll over to her other side. Sam smiled , if he remembered correctly she loved to sleep on her stomach, he was guessing that the fact she couldn't do that now just pissed her off. He had to tell his brother , he had to before Bree had the chance.

Dean stood back up and watched as Sam placed his feet on the ground , he motioned for Dean to follow him down the stairs so they didn't wake up Bree.

Dean never liked when Sam acted like this , it made him very nervous, he loved and trusted his brother but the vision thing still bothered him a lot. He followed Sam out the door to the front porch.

"Sam, stop , I think we are out of Bree's hearing . So do you want to tell me what is going on? or do you want to find a hill to go talk on because if memory serves me right there is a hill 20 minutes from here. "

"Dean, Bree she can't have these babies, she is going to die in child birth. There is no miracle cure for this ,nothing . She goes to the hospital during labor , we have to sit and wait then a nurse tells you she is gone. You just fall at Bobby's feet. " Sam blurted out and quickly regretted.

" Maybe , she can get a C-section, right that would curb the death sentence. If it was a carefully laid out plan, right. Hospitals do those al lthe time" Dean looked up at his brother hopefully .

"I don't know about that one Dean , I only know that in regular child birth she dies. Come on back to bed ,before the birds start chgirpping " Sam tried .

"Nah , you go ahead I want to sit out here for a little bit. "

Sam nodded as if he understood , but he didn't not by a long shot. Jess died one two three , not being thrown to the edge every time then brought back. Some thing evil killed Jess, not mother nature or God or who ever was in charge of life nad death. Sam opened and closed the door trying to be as quiet as he could , but Bree was already sitting up looking towards the door.

"He is outside on the porch , he said he was going to stay there for a while" Sam told her as he yawned climbing back into his bed. Bree nodded in his direction ,before grabbing her robe to go and get Dean. She had awoken to the lack of body heat on her back. She found Dean sitting right where Sam said he was , just staring out into space. Bree walked over to him, sat behind him, placing her head on his shoulder and sighed.

"This sucks" he said in an almost whisper.

Bree smiled despite how blue Dean was " I know baby, but we will get through this some how" she promised as she wrapped her arms around him and sat silently for a few minutes before shivering in the early morning air. Dean helped Bree stand up and led her back to bed, she was right they could get thought this ,they just had to figure out how.

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