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The Ghost Child and the Ghostbusters

Chapter 1: Who you gonna call?

It was just your average day in Amity Park, a nice sunny day, perfect weather. It was a very nice and relaxing day. In the middle of downtown people were going about their business just doing whatever they did that day. Some were just walking their pets, children looking through the glass of a toy store at all the things they were saving up to buy. Someone was washing the front of the store; all in all it was a pretty quiet day.

That is until a form fell from the sky crashing into a parked car denting the top of it, people ran screaming as a second figure hovered above the first form. He was a large pale looking ghost with armour with high-tech weapons. He had a mane of green glowing ghost hair and a skull like face. He laughed as he lorded over the smaller form beneath him.

He was Skulker, the great hunter of the Ghost Zone. He spent his time hunting down the rarest of ghost for his ever growing collection and he was currently battling once again his all time favourite prey and most elusive, the Halfa (Half ghost-half human) Danny Phantom.

The second form of Danny slowly got up shaking the cobwebs out of his head. He was a young man of over fourteen years old in a black and white costume with a white D like symbol on his chest. He had white hair with green glowing eyes. Danny was not in a good mood besides the obvious of being turned into a hood ornament.

He had just been minding his business with his two close friends Sam and Tucker when his ghost sense went off, so of course he went to see who was causing trouble, turning into his alter ego of Danny Phantom and soon found himself in the familiar brawl with Skulker. "Come on Skulker do we really have to do this?"

"Oh trust me Ghost Child we do," He grinned as he raised his hand with a gauntlet weapon attached to it and fired off several rounds of high powered ectoplasmic energy. Danny's eyes widened as he turned intangible at the last moment, the rounds passing through him harmlessly. The car wasn't so fortunate and blew up from the impact.

'Oh man I hope that guy had insurance for that.' Danny thought, he really hated how much damage these little fights could cause. Although what he didn't know was that the insurance companies made a killing with all the new ghost insurance policies people started to take out ever since ghosts started to show up in the city.

Danny flew up and turned tangible as he slammed into the bigger ghost making him fly off and slam into a building. "Oh come on Skulker, how many times have we done this? I mean you know how it goes, you show up, cause trouble. Call me Ghost Child a few times then we fight and I usually end up kicking your ugly butt and sending you back into the Ghost Zone again. I mean it's like hat? Twenty-four to nothing?"

"I seem to recall a few defeats of your own Ghost Child," He said back as he got up and pulled out a heavy looking weapon and fired again, not letting up on the momentum of the fight.

Danny rolled his eyes, "Okay so maybe you got a few points in there but I'm way ahead-Hey watch it with those!" The last shot had nearly taken Danny's hair off as he was dodging all the shots. "Okay now I'm getting pissed."

With that he fired his own ecto energy blasts at Skulker, the larger ghost was quick despite his size and dodged many of Danny's shots. 'Come on Danny think, you've beaten him before so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Man this sucks we were planning on seeing that new movie this afternoon too. Oh well maybe we can catch the late show.'

Danny put his mind back into the fight as he narrowly missed some type of ghost catching net that his old foe fired at him. Danny dropped from the sky and dropped through the street into the sewers below, Skulker stood there scanning the area wondering what he was up to. Just then he burst out from the street and turned tangible at the last moment to deliver an uppercut to Skulker. He grunted from the blow flying several feet away and making a small groove into the street from it.

The Ghost Hunter grunted as he picked himself up, "A nice shot brat but it will take more then that to stop me." He pulled out a pair of guns and started to fire at Danny.

"Oh man," He groaned trying to dodge the shots. He hid behind another parked car and tried to think. He needed to get in a bit closer and keep him preoccupied too since he had to use the Fenton Thermos an invention of his parents that he used to catch ghosts. Mainly it was just a metallic looking thermos that could pull in a ghost and hold them.

He had a small plan although it would depend on how riled up Skulker could get, "Hey Skulker! You shoot like a girl. How did you catch all those ghosts that you 'claim' to have gotten anyway? They just felt sorry for you and they let you take them?"

"Why you insolent little brat! I'll have you know my name is feared in the Ghost Zone for a very good reason. One which you'll soon find out personally!" He kept on firing at the vehicle until it was a smoking pile of ruin. "Ha! Let's see you run now-what!?"

He looked as the smoke cleared to see that Danny wasn't there any long. It was then that he felt a presence behind him and turned to see Danny with the Fenton Thermos at the ready and a smile on his face. He had turned invisible and had gotten behind Skulker while he had been trying to fry his hiding spot.

"Got ya," He simply said activating the device, green energy came out and Skulker cried out in defiance as he was pulled into it. "Whew, well I'll deal with you later. First things first, I'm going to check on the others and see if we can salvage the rest of the day. Then it's back to the Ghost Zone for you Skulker." Danny Phantom said to the device as he flew off not noticing the TV crew that had been at the scene.

"That was the scene today in downtown as once again a battle between ghosts happened." Came the reporter on the large TV. The image was turned off as it was sitting in the large office of the mayor of Amity Park. He was behind his desk after watching the report and he wasn't happy, not at all. All these ghosts were ruining his town and they had to be stopped. Those Fentons were practically useless, had they ever caught one ghost? He couldn't remember and then there was that mysterious red glad figure as well. He needed help, real help.

He had looked into various ghost hunters before but there was one group that he felt that could maybe help him out. They couldn't have been reached last time but maybe he would have better luck. At least they seemed to be experienced professionals. He pushed the intercom on his desk for his secretary, "Grace, get me the Ghostbusters."

-New York-

In Manhattan at an intersection stood an old fire house that was a few stories tall and rectangular in shape. Although it had been converted a few years ago by its new owners, the sign at the front showing a white ghost in a red circle with e line through it was proof of that. It was the headquarters of the Ghostbusters, the most famed group of men that fought the paranormal. It was however a slow time for them, they were in another lull in ghost activity.

This happened now and then, hitting a dry spell wasn't something new. At times they liked the down time although too much of this was never good for business. One time when it got so bad they literally turned their ghost equipment into catching human criminals. But they weren't at that point just yet.

In the main lobby/garage of the building Ecto-1 their modified old medical examiner car was being worked on by Winston Zeddemore, he wore a light blue jumpsuit, had dark skin with short black hair. Unlike the others he had joined up later and wasn't a scientist. He was just your average joe who just answered a help wanted add. Although little did he know that he would find a job and in a way a brotherhood. He and the others were as close as friends could get, they worked and lived together, fought together and they made him feel a part of this little family.

He also had his own skills, like that of a grade A mechanic so Ecto-1 was always running smoothly. He was also the most level headed one of the group, balancing out the rest of the team. He was currently under Ecto-1 working out a few kinks that got into the 'old girl' now and then. The car had been heavily modified, from the white paint job to all the ghost equipment put on top of it that looked like it came out of a sci-fi novel. All that extra weight really did a number on the shocks.

Sitting at her desk was their secretary Janine Melnitz, she was bored with no phone calls. So she was doing her nails in green paint. Her glasses were slipping slightly as she adjusted them and ran a hand through her short red hair. She sighed, it always seemed like either she was too busy or just really bored. The guys got all the excitement out of the job while she just got to stay here in this place. Although to be fair she did have her moments, like when the Sandman was putting all of New York asleep she managed to dream herself up as a Ghostbuster and save the day. That memory always made her feel proud and brought on a smile.

Although there were negative points about the job, like how they left her on a modified treadmill to power the containment unit so all the ghost didn't get out when New York was blacked out by a spirit. She never really fully forgave them for forgetting about her for so long. Then there were other parts like when she accidently released the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from that book. So why was it she stuck around? Well the guys would be lost without her, Slimer needed her too and then there was another reason.

She liked the boys, one in particular. Out of all the men why did she have to fall for Egon Spengler? Sure he was cute in a scientist type of thing, but he was so clueless it seemed. She had tried flirting so many ways but nothing worked. At times she thought they may get somewhere but then other times it was like he was totally oblivious to her feelings about him. He was always so nice to her too so she couldn't be mad at him, not really.

She sighed again and decided to finish off her nails, thinking about her love life or lack there of just depressed her.

Upstairs in the lap two of the others were working on another experiment. Ray Stantz who was about average height, with light brown hair was working with his counter part Egon. The two even though both very smart were totally different in everything else. Egon was blond, very tall and thing while Ray was a little on the heavy side, not fat he just had a little extra weight mainly around the waist. Ray was always so eager and in a way had a childlike innocence to him, strange for a grown man.

Egon was totally different, he was the most serious and reserved out of the entire group. At the moment they were working on a new device that they hoped would help them out with certain Beings they came across. They didn't just handle ghosts they also dealt with Powers, spirits, Ectoplasmic entities, demons, and the occasional God or Being. The last grouping usually ended up being the most difficult and dangerous they face. Usually in one of those end of the world type of things.

"Okay so hopefully this device will strip away the layers of power or ecto-energy that is fuelling that target." Egon was working on the final calibrations for this phase of the device. They had been working on this on and off for over six months but it would hopefully be worth it.

"Yeah that is if this works, we never did figure out how to test something like this." Ray was a little worried it was a good idea on paper but it was kind of hard to test to see if it would actually work.

Egon nodded his head, "Yes, unfortunately to test it out we would need a being of immense power and I seriously doubt one will just show up and hold still long for us to test it out."

"Could we try someone from the Containment Unit? How about Samhaine? He's the spirit of all Halloween after all, a major power." Ray asked him cheerfully thinking it was a good idea. Egon just shot him a look like he was nuts, letting out a spirit that once tried to turn the entire world into a never ending Halloween night with ghost running all around the world was not a good idea.

Thankfully Ray got the point and didn't say anything else as they went to work. "Okay let's try powering her up and see what happens." Ray said after fifteen more minutes of work. He really hoped it would work, they stood back as Egon went to a small computer station and started up the process. There was a loud humming noise which was a good sign but then it just wavered and there was a winding down sound as it just fizzled out, some smoke raising off it.

Both men sighed something else was wrong with it now, "Maybe the particle flow is off." Egon offered.

"Or maybe we need to recalibrate the power flow?" Neither one knew where to start only that they had more work ahead of them. But before that happened a large and very familiar yell went out. Both men looked at each other and they knew that yell. It was Peter Venkman's, and he only let out that yell that was a mixture of disgust and anger for one thing.

"Oh boy I wonder what Slimer did this time?" Ray said although he knew the answer or at least could guess. In fact at that moment their friendly ghost Slimer came through the doors screaming leaving a trail of green slime where he passed through the door. The little slimeball of a ghost was pretty much harmless unless you were food, somehow Slimer could eat and eat and just not stop. He flew behind Ray in his strangle babbling noise with only words like Ray and Peter being the only clear words.

Then the door was kicked in with an enraged Peter there with the proton pack strapped to his back. He was a little taller with brown hair, kind of the handsome sort that is if he wasn't covered in green slime. "Where is he? That little Spud has slimmed me for the last time! I swear this time I'm blasting him."

"Peter would you please not have that in here, we have valued equipment that I really not get damaged." Egon said stepping in front of him.

"But I really wanted to blast him this time Egon, this is the third time this month he's slimmed me and my dry cleaner won't take my clothing anymore." Thankfully at that point a sound was heard from below them. It was actually the phone, it hadn't rang in a week and everyone was getting eager for a job.

"Is that the phone?" Ray yelled out excitedly as he ran to the pool on this floor something he wanted to keep from the old fire fighter days. He jumped onto it and slid down, Winston was already by Janine's desk listening to her talk on the phone when Ray arrived. Peter followed suit however since he was covered in slime his ride down the poll was a lot faster with him landing hard on his ass.

He grumbled something about frying a certain ghost later as he limped to the desk.

"Okay sure, yeah we'd love to help clean up your town. Huh huh, yeah sure, oh yeah they're professionals you can trust them. Okay sure they'll be right over." Janine smiled as he put down the phone seeing all the eager faces. "We got a job!"

"Great where is it?" Ray asked looking like a kid in a candy store.

"It's in some town called Amity Park, the mayor himself called us to help with the ghost problem in it."

"Oh yeah I heard of it, that place has an unusual amount of ghost activity for a city of it's size." Ray remembered reading about the town. He always hoped to go there actually since it was such a hot spot.

"Yeah I remember hearing about some things in that town too," Winston agreed remembering a few news stories, if he recalled there was something of a ghost kid that showed up now and then as well.

"Well how come we never went there before if the place is so haunted?" Peter asked looking for a towel he kept behind Janine's workstation which was like a small little office. After being slimed so many times he put towels in certain places just for this kind of emergency. "I'm surprised they never called out for help before now."

"Actually they did, I remember getting a call to join up with this ghost hunting bounty they had awhile ago." Janine told him and saw his surprised looked added in that they were out of town on another case and couldn't have joined up. Peter nodded accepting it, after so many cases they kind of just blurred together most of the time and he wasn't sure which out of town job they had been on at that time. So he just let it drop.

"This could be very good opportunity to study a full on haunting on this level," Egon was walking down the stairs after seeing Peter's fall he decided to take the safer way. "Amity Park has a level equal to that of New York even though it isn't even the size of Manhattan. That level of ghost activity is unusual and there has to be a reason why so many ghosts keep showing up there."

"Well then let's get packing then, that is as soon as I take a shower." Peter walked up the stairs to the living area where the bathroom was.

Chapter 2: Guess who is coming to town?