The Ghost Child and the Ghostbusters

Chapter 20: Epilogue

It had been a couple of days since the battle with Morbius and the town was getting back to normal, although it would take a few weeks to undo all the damage it was slowly being finished off. But that was normal for the town as they had gone through this many times. The Ghostbusters were in the mayor's office talking about their payment, Peter was leaning against the desk looking at the mayor.

"Well you got some good news, some bad news and some news you'll most likely not want to hear." Peter grinned at the man.

"Well what could be bad news you solved the ghost problem didn't you?" He asked them.

"Well we did help to stop that Morbius guy from turning the world into an undead only club and your town from being his new capital city so that's the good news." Peter informed him.

Ray crossed his arms as he took up the next part. "Unfortunately this place has what portals that lead into the realm of ghosts so you're problem it looks like won't be solved anytime soon. This isn't just a nest of ghosts we're talking about, it's like a damn with a few leaks in it. And we can't stay here indefinitely we're needed back in New York."

The mayor slumped into his chair, "Well that's just great, so where does that leave me?"

"Well it seems this town has a few people that deal with the smaller problems as it is, such as Danny Phantom and The Fentons." Winston said, the Mayor winced at those names now he knew what they meant by news he didn't want to head. This wasn't the kind of news he wanted to hear, plus the fact that he never liked the Fentons or that ghost boy to begin with.

"Please anyone but them," He sighed feeling a headache coming on. "The boy's a ghost shouldn't you have caught him? And the Fentons are worthless."

"Well first off Phantom actually has saved this town and with the fight with Morbius he helped us as did the Fentons," Egon adjusted his glasses. "And without their help we wouldn't have been able to stop Morbius so you have them to thank for saving your city as much as us."

The Mayor didn't want to hear it but he had to spin this the right way, with everything going on he needed to be seen as the one that brought those that saved the city. If not then the people could turn against him and the next election was coming up, with a good enough PR spin he could be nearly guarantied the win. "Fine then...Anything else?"

Peter grinned as he wrote something on a page and then ripped it out of the small book and handed it to him. "Yes...Our bill."

The Mayor took it and he paled at the amount, sometimes it just wasn't worth being the mayor of this city.

-Fenton Home-

Danny and his friends and his sister were in the lab putting away the damaged equipment. They would get to repairing it later or so his dad said, since they were busy making a more permanent version of an ecto containment unit for the basement. They would have to think of giving it its own power source in case of a blackout as well as any other problems that the Ghostbusters had also ran into as well with their own versions. Jazz was moving some old equipment out of the way and Slimer was helping himself.

He found a strange looking device and always the curious one he poked it not sure what it did. He managed to turn it on and muttered something, and a translation suddenly spoke out. "What is this thing? Fear me!"

That got everyone's attention as Jazz looked at the device, "Oh yeah the Ghost Gagger I forgot about that thing."

"Hey this thing can actually make what I say understandable. Fear me!" Slimer's translations came out. He frowned at that last part. "Why does it keep saying fear me? Fear me! Stop it! Fear me! I said cut it out you stupid machine! Fear me!"

At this Slimer was losing his temper with it. Danny scratched his head at that, the device always seemed to add 'Fear me!' to whatever a ghost said for some reason. He just saw it as another bug that his dad had to work out, although now he was watching as Jazz was trying to get a bat out of Slimer's hands as he was going to bash the machine.

"Just another average day in our lives huh?" Tucker said deadpanned seeing that.

"Yeah you'd think we'd be less surprised by this kind of stuff." He nodded his head.

Tucker gave his friend a nudge with his elbow and had a smirk on his face. "So then how are things going with Sam now that she's your girl? You know I just knew you two would eventually get it together although it figures that it takes a near death experience for you two to get it out."

"Yeah I know I should have said something sooner."

"Dude, continental drift moves faster than you and Sam did when it came to telling each other how you felt. Honestly thought besides that I'm glad you two finally got it out in the open, sure it was funny but it was kind of getting now I don't have to worry about her stuffing me into a locker if I bring it up again." Tucker said.

Danny rolled his eyes at that but all in all he was glad to have finally told Sam how he felt. They were still feeling out the whole relationship thing but so far so good. In fact it was kind of like before, they hung out, went to movies, talked about their likes and dislikes, went and ate together. The only difference was that sometimes Tucker wouldn't be there, and of course more intimate contact. Holding hands, and kissing being the major ones, he grinned as he remembered the taste of Sam's lips on his. Oh yeah he was definitely glad that she was his girlfriend and not just his best friend at the moment.

Although he knew Tucker had a bit more trouble with the girl's department, "Hey man sorry that we haven't been around much the past few days. I know the three of us are tight and all but...well..."

"You just wanted some alone time I get it and don't worry, I already got a date set up for tomorrow anyway." Tucker smiled.

"What? With who?" Danny was both surprised and glad although more surprised than anything. Not like Tucker couldn't get a date it was just that he and Tucker weren't exactly the most popular guys in school. The one and only time they had to fend off most girls in the school had been that time he was a judge for the high school beauty contest and every girl in that tried to persuade them both.

Tucker smiled at his friend, "Got a date with this girl Ashley, looks like when you fight off an army of dead and undead and save the entire town, it really gets you noticed by the girls."

A little while later the Ghostbusters were parked outside of the Fenton home. They were here to say they're goodbyes to everyone. When they got there they found the Fentons, Sam and Tucker and Val all there. Jack went up to Peter and shook the man's hand.

"Man that sure was something, I can't say I ever had such a great and epic battle like that. It's certainly one for the books and I think I should thank you boys too." Jack said with his usual huge smile.

"Oh?" Peter asked.

"Yeah thanks to you all my family seems to be closer than ever and with my boy's powers the Fentons will be unstoppable. The ghosts that attack this city from now on will never know what hit it!" He was worked up about thoughts of his son and him fighting ghosts together.

Danny heard all of this and groaned, not that he didn't like the idea of fighting ghosts with his family but all in all...Well they weren't as good as he was when you got down to it. When Jazz tried to help things only got worse and they didn't even know that they had a ghost right under their noses all this time. But he had to admit he wouldn't have to lie to them all the time and the next time they asked where he was or why he was late, he could just tell the truth. Knowing his dad instead of a punishment he'd want to hear all the details.

Plus he guessed having some more backup couldn't hurt. He looked to Val as she was talking with the Ghostbusters as well. It was nice that she wasn't his enemy anymore. Things were still a little awkward with them, but not as bad thankfully.

"Well after everything I'm still glad I got you meet you all," Val said to Winston and Ray.

"Yeah you're a pretty tough too, I'd love to be able to study that suit of yours sometimes." Ray smiled wondering what he would make of it.

"Yeah well I need it, but I could send you guys anything I can figure out." She offered and Ray was eager to take it. They had trading some of their knowledge and were getting enough back to play with to keep him and Egon busy for months or even more than that, there were so many possibilities.

"Yeah just remember not all ghosts are the bad guys." Winston smiled letting her know that it was just advice and not a criticism.

She nodded her head and looked over at Danny, she had been wrong about so many things. Turns out that Danny Phantom wasn't as bad as she had thought, since she had a very long talk with Danny and they managed to clarify a few things. Although a part of her would miss it, Danny sure gave her a run for her money and now she didn't have anyone to look forward to hunting. She guessed that it just meant she could focus on other ghosts and particularly a certain half-ghost. Vlad had shown his true colors to not only her but everyone there and she was sure to give him some payback for everything that he had done.

So now maybe she did have someone to look forward to hunting, and maybe she could get him before Danny. She smiled at that, one game ends and another starts up it would seem. Plus at least now she felt she was closer to Danny and his friends, she got to get to know them better and it was nice having others that got the whole ghost hunting thing. She couldn't talk about that to her other friends but at least with them they understood her. Although a part of her was kind of sorry to see Danny with Sam.

Sure she had to admit that they were nice together, they were currently being a little playful and laughed at something. She remembered when Danny used to make her laugh like that and a part of her always missed it. She really had liked it when she had dated Danny but she called it off when she thought he would only get hurt in her hunting. Now she saw things differently and a part of her wondered what would have happened if she had known all of this before hand? Would she had never let him go? She liked to think so and now she knew that she had her chance with Danny, it was time to try and move on and let Sam have her chance.

She liked Sam as well, they had gotten along those few days and in the fight together. She was definitely someone she could have watching her back although if things with her and Danny broke up, she might still make a play for him that is maybe asking her if it was okay. But for the moment a smile crept onto her face seeing how happy they were at the moment.

Everyone said their goodbyes, Danny and his parents were already making plans on e-mailing them, Jazz was thinking of going into Parapsychology and asked for advice in that subject and any places where she could learn about that. She could just see herself one day, while her family focused on the physical things about ghosts she wanted to work on the mental. Seeing Morbius showed that some ghosts just couldn't let go and maybe there were ways to help those kinds of ghosts find peace.

Danny was the last to say goodbye to them all as they were getting inside of their car. "You know at first I wasn't sure what to make of you guys. I was so worried about what you would do when you found Danny Phantom, but all in all I'm glad you guys came here."

"Hey no problem kid," Peter smiled at him. "Just keep up the good work and if you need any more advice you know who to call." He winked at him as Danny gave a small smile as he cast a sidelong look at Sam.

"You never know," he said back as he stepped away from them as they pulled out. Everyone gathered together to wave them off as they made their long journey back to New York city.

After a few days of traveling the Ghostbusters made it back to the old converted firehouse that they turned into their business and home. They pulled into the first floor and parked it, all of them stretched out as they started to take out all the equipment. The packs would need to be recharged and all the ghosts would need to be put away, and Winston wanted to clean up Ecto-1, all that traveling made it look kind of dirty.

"Hey guys so how were things?" Janine asked from behind her desk seeing the boys return.

"Well it was one hell of a trip that's for sure," Winston said stretching out as he was carrying the traps. Peter and Ray were hauling out the new portable containment unit; although portable it was still pretty heavy.

"You know we need an easier way to carry this thing." Peter grunted as they went to the stairs leading into the basement.

"Or maybe we can make a really long cable that we can just hook it up to. Remember when we did something similar with the main unit downstairs?" Ray asked as they slowly made it to the stairs.

"What is that thing?" She asked seeing the large object she hadn't seen it before and knew that they hadn't taken it with them.

"Souvenir." Peter told her as they carried it down the long flight of stairs. "I swear we need an elevator in this place, with two super brains you'd think it would be easy to make one." He muttered more to himself.

Egon was placing all the backs against the lockers as she went up to him. "Well you guys got a few more calls while you were gone but I told them that you'd do it as soon as you got back, but seeing you all maybe get a good nights sleep first."

Egon nodded his head, "That is a very good idea at the moment we're in no shape and we need to recharged the equipment."

"So you have a good time?" She asked smiling a bit.

He looked at her and thought about it, "It was certainly fascinating, we fought a very unique ghost, learned a bit more about other ghost dimensions, met a couple of people in our line of work that I think we'll be trading information back and forth. Plus I have already a few new ideas I want to try out as soon as I can." He went into some of the more technical stuff. She didn't understand a word of what he was saying but that never mattered to her before. She just nodded her head here and there, smiled and let him talk. He usually got the most fired up when he talked about science for some reason and it was nice seeing him like this.

Egon stopped when he realized what she was doing, "Oh sorry I'm boring you aren't I?"

"No not at all." She lied.

"Well anyway it's a long story," He thought about something for a moment. "I could tell you over a cup of coffee if you want."

She eyes literally lightened up at that, she never expected him to do anything like this. It was unexpected but not unwanted. "Yeah sure I'd like that." She smiled as they went upstairs to the kitchen to get a cup. The other boys finally came back up just in time to see the two of them walking upstairs together.

At first they weren't sure what to make of it but Peter smirked maybe his friend was finally going to try and open up a bit to her. It was about time as well, the others knew she was crazy for him for some reason that he couldn't fathom but he literally couldn't remember the last time he had seen Egon with a woman. Or ever now that he thought about it, he was usually too busy with his work, but seeing this he figured they should leave the two of them alone. Besides he could bug him later about it anyway.

'Go get her you mad scientist you,' He thought to him as he sighed seeing the proton packs. "Aw man we're going to have to recharge those too aren't we?"

-Ghost Zone-

In his personal citadel in the Ghost Zone the great ghost Clockwork was looking over the heroes one more time. He was pleased that all was well and no one had a clue as to his little altering of events. Morbius had managed to alter things from how they were supposed to go so he had to fix things as best he could. One of those had been to ensure that Danny survived that explosion. It had been no accident when Danny had found himself on that rooftop at that moment.

After the explosion and the ghosts were free he could see the flow of time again without Morbius overshadowing it. And he didn't like the changes, one had been that Danny had died in that explosion and Morbius wasn't as defeated as he had been. He would have killed the others and gone back to taking over the world, so Clockwork had just altered one moment. Just as Danny had gotten his powers he teleported the boy, it had been close a bit too close actually. But because Danny had died, his powers would have gone back to Morbius making him still strong enough to fight off Clockwork's powers.

So with Danny alive, Morbius wouldn't have those powers and would be very weaker. There were a few other changes to the timeline that had been but maybe it was for the best. He could see the future again and so far besides a few bumps here and there it seemed to be a very good one. He sighed as he closed off the image, all was well, the damn Observers were off his back for the time being so all was well.

He walked through his home and came upon the two Fenton Thermoses that he had placed on a shelf. "Well looks like you two are getting along, at least you two will have some company for eternity." He said with a mocking smile on his face. The slightly tended one held Dan Phantom, the evil version of Danny from that alternate timeline who instead of being wiped out of existence was now outside of time. And of course his new prisoner Morbius, once more sealed away and unlike this time no one was going to just let him out.

Clockwork turned away and went back to his work, he was always busy but there was nothing like job security.

Inside the thermos Morbius floated inside of it, his robes still in tatters and his face once more hid by the hood. He held his wife's body close to him stroking her face. "Yes my love we're together again...I know I love you too...Yes it's wonderful to be together after all this time and time is all we have my love." He said as if talking to someone.

To his mind she was totally alive and happy, he had his human body again and they were happy once more. It was like before she had died the times when the sun seemed to shine forever on their life. "Yes my dear we can go into town for the day I know of a lovely new dress that you'll love...I know I spoil you but you are my princess and deserve to be treated as one. I would do anything for you my love...Anything..."

He sat there stroking her peaceful face as though she looked to be sleeping, but she was just as cold as the earth. But Morbius wouldn't see it, he just kept talking to her and holding her never wanting to let his love go.

The End

Well there you go that's it for this one, I'm not sure about a sequel. I had thought of a fic after this with a new type of crossover based on an image of a Danny Phantom version of Ghost Rider. It was kind of cool and I think a fic called The Ghost Child and the Ghost Rider could be cool. But for another Ghostbusters crossover well I don't think so, this was just something I wanted to do and now that it's over I want to get back into a few other things.