AN: I forgot to say this but this takes place after the episode 'Reality Trip' before 'Eye for and Eye' in Season 3 so it's kind of between seasons 2 and 3.

The Ghost Child and the Ghostbusters

Chapter 3: Welcome to Amity Park

On the road to Amity Park the Ecto-1 was roaming the highway, Winston was driving as Egon was next to him reading up on history of the town. Ray was there behind them with Peter and Slimer was also with them although he was riding on the roof since Peter was still angry with him and the team thought it was best to keep him out of the way. In fact they didn't know Slimer had tagged along until they left New York State when a cooler of food they brought was suddenly found empty and full of slime.

"Are we there yet?" Peter asked sloughed in the back his brown jumpsuit that was a shade lighter then his hair, was a little out of place as he tugged it back into place.

"Peter, man you've asked that eight times in the past hour give it a rest will you?" Winston said over his shoulder feeling a little stressed at this. At times Peter could be like a spoiled kid when he was bored it was one of the reasons they hated these cross country trips but they couldn't have flown Ecto-1 here in such a short amount of time so they went for the long way there.

"Yeah but I'm getting bored there is nothing out here, my gameboy died two hours ago and Egon won' let me get new batteries, and Ray's breath is kind of bad after that lunch he had."

"Hey," Ray protested although he did have extra onions with that hot dog he had, his tan suit was lucky to get any stains given how he had eaten that thing.

"We're nearly there Peter," Egon said from the front as he was reading a print out of the town.

Peter leaned forward to look at the sheets over his shoulder, "Okay Egon time to share with the rest of the class. What's got you so interesting in those pages? No wait let me guess this place was buried on some Indian holy land or something, or some crazy and very bad guy lived here, died and then cursed the land?"

"Actually what has me so nothing." Now everyone was paying attention, "Before all the ghosts started to show up there was no supernatural activity in this region. It was pretty much if you will excuse the pun a 'dead zone' for the dead. There is nothing major that happened in this area that would account for all the ghosts showing up at least nothing supernatural."

"But that makes no sense," Ray said. "I mean there has to be something, a witch coven? Some order that was looking into the supernatural or some eccentric looking for immortality?"

"Man that's weird usually there is something that causes stuff like this," Winston may not have been a scientist like the others but after years of experience on the job he picked up a few things here and there.

"I've checked it all out there is nothing supernatural in the town's history," Egon then pulled out another sheet, "However there does appear to be a married couple that moved to the town that research into the paranormal. They claim to be some type of 'ghost hunters', they published a few papers on the subject and I looked them up. They were very unorthodox and although many of their theories were pure conjecture and little actual research they did make a few interesting theories."

"Maybe we should look them up," Peter suggested to them. "After all if they are in the business they may know something about all of these ghosts showing up. You got an address on them?"

"Yes and I think you may be right, it would help our investigation."

"Well guys we can ask them soon because looks like we're here," Winston said as they passed the sign that said 'Welcome to Amity Park' on the side of the road. They drove into town and it looked fairly normal and pretty typical small town that you'd expect. They got a few strange looks from how their car looked but it was only a passing glance. With Jack Fenton living in the town they've seen a lot stranger things. They moved through the town looking around as they tried to find their way to the Fenton's home.

"You know this is a nice place," Ray said looking out the window. "Hard to believe they got a ghost problem. Hey check the PK meter and see what kind of reaction we get."

Egon pulled out the handheld device, it had a rounded handle at the bottom with a square box with a readout screen on it with a few dials on it. He pulled out the top part a thing piece of metal that had two red scanners, they were long, slender and rounded with yellow lights at the tips. At first he got a reading but he knew that had to be Slimer who had gone to sleep in the now empty icebox in the back. He fiddled with the dials to filter him out and then went back to scanning.

At first he got nothing major and then he picked up a very large reading of ecto energy in one direction, then he picked up at least two ghosts signatures in another. One of them looked to be nothing more then a class five phantasm the same level as Slimer. But the other had very high readings, it was a ten easy if not maybe more. "Winston head to the east and keep going."

Winston saw how the readers were pointed nearly parallel showing the high reading Egon had to be getting. He put on the siren as the wailing sound and lights kicked on as they started to speed in the general direction. Egon started to give out directions and they soon came upon some type of fast food joint. "You sure this is the place?" Peter asked Egon.

Then people came running out screaming, "Okay that sells me, let's saddle up and earn ourselves a pay check." Peter reached into the back for his protonpack.


Danny had just went to his favourite place to have a bite to eat after school with his friends when all of a sudden some ghost had shown up. It was some strange yellow looking one, with hair that shot straight up like he had been electrocuted. The Ghost was zipping around the area with incredible speed. Danny had gone into the bathroom to go ghost while Tucker and Sam stuck behind when all the people started screaming and running out of the place.

"You know is it me or do these guys seem to just be drawn to Danny some days?" Tucker asked Sam as they were under a table since the ghost had opened up with some type of electrical attacks as it laughed out loud.

"It does seem like that doesn't it?" Sam went into digging into her backpack for any ghost hunting supplies she might still have on her. Working with Danny for so long she had learned to try and keep any of the Fenton ghost equipment that she felt she could either carry or wouldn't be missed by his parents.

She hoped that she had something like the Specter Deflector, Jack o' Nine Tails, or the Ghost Gloves would be nice too. Unfortunately she couldn't seem to find anything in her backpack. "Darn, Tucker you got any ghost gear on you?"

"Nope sorry Sam I think I left anything I had in my locker at school." He hadn't planned on taking it since he was already busy with all the research and the fact since the school got attacked it seemed once a week, he figured it would be handy to keep them in his locker just in case. Although now he kind of wished that he had taken a spare Thermos with him at this point.

"That's right humans fear the Electo-Ghost!" The yellow ghost said to no one in particular.

"Hey sparky why not try me on for size!" Danny fired his ghost energy at the ghost who quickly dodged the shot laughing. Danny kept on trying to hit the ghost but he soon found out that the ghost moved like electricity as well which didn't help things.

"Great I had to face a ghost that is like trying to catch a kid on a sugar rush." Danny muttered as he flew out of the way of a return attack.

"This is the great Danny Phantom I heard so much about?" The Electro-Ghost gloated, "You really don't seem that tough to me."

"Yeah well at least I don't look like a freaky banana in spandex." Danny shot back. This only seemed to make the ghost a bit more angrier as his white eyes took on a slight electrical discharge.

"Oh you are so going to get-AH!" He shrieked as a cold beverage hit him in the back. He turned to see Sam and Tucker armed with drinks as they threw them at the Ghost. "Hey stop that!"

Danny grinned as his friends helped to keep him distracted and fired his own energy at the Electro-Ghost. The ghost went flying into a table knocking it over and spilling the contents all over the place as well.

Just then the door kicked in and in walked four men in different coloured jumpsuits, with strange devices strapped to their backs. They held long devices that looked like some type of weapon that had a cable running to the devices on the back a faint hum could be heard from them too. The Ghost, Danny and his friends looked at the new comers for a moment as Peter stepped forward smiling and looking confident, "Anyone seen a ghost?"

The others were frozen for a moment until the ghost spoke up, "Hey who the hell are you guys?"

"We're the Ghostbusters and we're hear to clean up this town," Ray grinned as he aimed his weapon at the ghosts he really loved this part of the job.

The ghost even though had never met the Ghostbusters he had heard of them. No ghost that went up against them was ever seen of again for the most part. He had heard of how they capture ghosts and locked them up never to be let out, and he also heard of all the ghosts that they had gone up against, they had taken down some heavy hitters and they hadn't taken down just ghosts either. They had gone up against vampires, were-wolves, spirits, demons, and even gods.

Phantom he felt he could take he was just a kid with ghost powers but this was totally out of his league. And he really didn't want to be captured by them so he looked at the Ghostbusters and then at Danny and launched himself at the ghost boy. Danny thought he was going to attack again but he just gripped his suit pleading.

"Take me! Take me away now! Please don't let them take me!" The ghost said and Danny was at a loss this had never happened before. "Come on where is that thermos thing?"

He started to make a grab for it looking for it on Danny, "Hey stop that! What do you think you're doing?" Danny saw him take the Fenton Thermos and was frantically trying to activate it.

"Come on, come on how do you get this thing to work!?" Suddenly he hit the right button and was sucked up into it and Danny swore the ghost was laughing as he disappeared into it. He caught the device as everyone was looking at the scene not sure what to make of that.

"O-kay...That was definitely a new one on me," Then he looked up at the Ghostbusters and given the reaction of the ghost maybe he should look up what his friends had dug up on these guys. "Uh...hi?"

The Ghostbusters looked at each other not sure what just happened, "Any thoughts?" Peter asked them.

"Yeah...One down and one to go. Blast him! " Ray said grinning as his protonpack hummed to life as he fired a twisting energy beam at Danny. As far as Ray figured it was just one less ghost to deal with, although it was certainly a strange looking ghost it looked almost normal if it wasn't just floating there in the strange suit.

"Whoa!" Danny narrowly missed the beam he wasn't sure what it would do to him but he didn't want to find out. 'Great they just had to show up and they're just as trigger happy as my parents.'

"Okay guys you know the drill," Peter said as he moved to one side.

"Oh yeah divide and conqueror," Winston moved off to the other side as Ray took up the center and Egon the middle as he went to scanning the area. He pointed and shouted out where Danny was hiding and three beams aimed at the area. One went high the other low and the other in the center. They knew well not to cross the streams of energy since that was very bad and only as a very last resort did they ever actually did cross them.

Danny had to phase through the floor when it hit him, why was he running he could just stay like this. He flew up through the floor, "Hey Ghostdudes I don't suppose we can just call it a day huh?"

"Let me think about that?" Peter said to him looking like he was thinking on it but then shrugged, "Nope sorry." He fired his beam and Danny turned intangible but when the beam passed through him it was like his entire body just went numb for a second. He was so socked by it that he lost his concentration and fell behind the order counter.

"Oh man this is bad," Tucker said from his spot off to the side so far they had been ignored by the Ghostbusters for the moment. "You got any ideas Sam?"

"Yeah give a distraction for Danny to bolt," The young goth looked around and decided to just run out into the middle of things. Peter was about to get a clear shot at Danny when Sam ran into his view he pulled his aim at the last minute as the beam of energy hit the roof making a small hole.

"Hey watch it kid I nearly fried you." Peter was thankful that he had good reaction skills.

"OH my god you got to save us, there are ghosts all around the place." She gushed out at him like putting on a good act. Tucker got what she was doing and ran over to join in, he looked over at Danny and gave a wink to him as he joined in. The Ghostsbusters soon found their hands full with the teens and Danny took that chance to make his escape. He knew he owed his friends another one but he was more worried about what happened when that beam had hit him.

It was weird like when you get a small electrical shock through your arm only this was his entire body. He phased through one of the walls and found himself in the back alley he hid the thermos and turned back into Danny. He reached the doors just in time to hear Sam go on about how they got separated from their friend who was still missing.

"It's okay we'll find him," Ray said scanning for the ghost.

"Hey guys it's okay I snuck out the back." Danny walked in and both Tucker and Sam went over trying to convince the Ghostbusters that they were glad to see him.

"Well that's taken care of but you kids go, we got a little clean up here to deal with." Peter told them with a smile.

"Oh sure thing we'll be going now, right guys?" Sam asked and both teens agreed as they went off.

Peter looked to the others, "Nice kids if a bit on the strange side. Now were is that fashion victim of a ghost go?" The Ghostbusters went on searching but after ten minutes and Egon checking the area they found that the ghost had gone from the area. They were a bit disappointed that they had let the ghost get away but there would be other ghosts.

Now that the ghost energies were gone Egon was still getting a massive reading in one area of the town. It had a strange reading but a slightly familiar one to it. "Guys I think we should investigate this. I'm still getting a reading here and from the looks of it, it reads like some type of rip or portal in our world. But I can't be sure what it is but it could be some doorway into a supernatural realm."

"Think that could be the cause of all the ghosts?" Winston asked the tall scientist.

Egon fixed his small red glasses on his face, "Could be something at any rate we should investigate it."

-Ghost Zone-

In one part of the Ghost Zone stood a massive looking prison, this was the prison of the ghost known only as Walker. He was the self proclaimed warden that imposes the 'laws' of the Ghost Zone although sometimes it seems only Walker knows the actual laws. In the stone prison in his office was Walker himself a tall, broad shouldered ghost all dressed in white. He had on a suit with a black hat as he was looking over the files of several new inmates to his prison. So far it was a good day although he still had one thorn in his side.

Danny Phantom.

That boy had not only escaped his prison and his justice, but kept on defying him at every turn. He had even tried to enter the human world, sent minions and a prisoner after him but so far the boy was elusive. It was no wonder that Danny had gotten to Walker's number one spot on his most wanted list. But he pushed such thoughts aside for the moment he would deal with Danny later, being warden of this prison took up a lot of time.

At that moment the alarms kicked in as the screeching sound rang through the complex. Walker shot up thinking it was an escape attempt well he would show them, he wouldn't let anyone else escape from his watch. He got into the hall as his deputies were running through the halls. "What is it, what's going on?" He demanded from one of them.

"We got a breach someone just broke the outer wall and is actually breaking into the prison sir."

Walker's green eyes narrowed, "So someone it trying to break out a friend huh? Well then it's time to show this ghost that I run this prison and only I say when someone can leave."

He gathered up several more of his men as he went into the main section where the prisoners were kept. He expected a full on riot or escape attempt but the sight he found stunned him. There were all the doors ripped open but all the ghosts were still there in fact they were just standing there with blank looks on their faces. A closer look showed that they all had black eyes and their forms were thinner then normal.

He saw one of the inmates, a huge ghost that was now so thin the prison suit was just hanging off of him. They all wore blank expressions on their faces looking like zombies. "What in the Ghost Zone is going on here?" He looked over the prisoners as they didn't even react to his presence.

"Fan out I want to know what is going on here!" Walker ordered his men.

"There is no need for that Walker," Came a cool voice and Walker took a look there in the shadows a form emerged. It was in a black cloak and he couldn't see much of the face with the exception that he had the same dark eyes as the rest of them. There was also something else, Walker could almost believe that he sensed a strong power flow off this stranger.

"I don't know who you are but you're going to spend a lot of time in solitary," Walker threatened but the figure just laughed and it was a chilling laugh at that.

"Pathetic, you think your kind can stop me. I am the Lord of the Dead, raised once more; I am the Dark Spectre ruler of all that is passed on. I am Morbius." The figure told him and Walker wasn't familiar with that term after all Morbius' name had been all but forgotten my history but it would be a meeting that Walker would always remember in the future.

"Arrest this lunatic." Walker commanded as he and his men ran forward they fired their ghost energy at him but Morbius only raised his hands and it was like he was feeding off of it. Soon Walker saw what had happened to his prisoners when Morbius grabbed one of his men. He cried out as black energy snaked around him and his ghost body started to thing as Morbius drained the ghost. He moved like a shadow without sound and swiftly like the wind as he moved among his men.

One by one they fell and they were drained of their energy, becoming thing as their eyes took on the blackness of the one that had taken their energy. Soon only Walker was left but he stood his ground he had his duty and he wouldn't abandon it, even if it looked like he was outclassed. "Just what have you done to them?" He looked at the forms of his men.

"You'll soon find out, now grab him my minions," At Morbius' command all of the other ghosts surged at Walker totally under Morbius' control. Walker tried to struggle but more and more ghosts swarmed him until he was being crushed by the weight of them all. Then he saw the feet of the cloak and looked up into those black soulless eyes of Morbius and the last thing he remembered was the greyish hand gripping his face. It was cold like death and he cried out as he felt himself being drained, not only his energy but it was like his mind was being ripped from his body.

Then there was only the darkness surrounding him, he was floating in pure darkness with no body, no sound, no nothing.

Morbius pulled away his hand as he looked at Walker, now looking like a shadow of his former self with the pure black eyes and slack emotionless face. He grinned under his mask feeling Walker's power flow through him, he was definitely a powerful ghost and he could feel his powers rising. "Soon my minions I'll have my powers back to their original levels and maybe even more so. Then the world of man will once more belong to the Dread Lord."

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