Almost a month before Z-day….

Scientist Robert D. Raymond had discovered a substance in Haiti translated as zombie powder. In his studies he had found that the word 'Zombie,' meant spirit in Haiti. He also learned from the natives that this zombie powder, when in brutal contact with one whom is quote on quote ' infected' , as Robert labeled it, will turn into a zombie.

When the scientist had learned of this, he demanded a sample of this zombie powder. Some how he got a sample and took it back to his lab in London. He had scampered off before he could learn more. With his sample, he had tested it on the normal testing animal such as a rat…but it did not work.

One night Robert was going through his notes when he saw something peculiar. It was a piece of paper with very messy handwriting and bad English. It said:

Zombie is slave.

"Huh…strange….what does this mean?" Robert scratched his head and threw the piece of paper away.

A couple days later Robert had a moment of clarity. He had decided to test what he had left of the zombie powder on a human. So, he went to the pub a couple of miles away from his lab and duped a man into getting into his car. Of course, this man was a drunkard, so it was easy.

Luckily the drunkard was so smashed that he was not aware of the circumstances. The scientist had strapped the man to a slab and injected a solution made of water and the zombie powder into the drunkard's arm. The effects were not there right away. So, in disappointment he released the man back into the community.