A Collection of YuGiOh! Romantic One-shots

By Silver Hunteress

Disclaimer: I own nothing so don't try to sue me, you won't get anything.

Warnings: YAOI Don't like? LEAVE NOW! Odd pairings. My twisted mind. Swearing.


Warning: YY x YB, Darkshipping, swearing slight lime

Summary: Yami and Bakura play a game. But who won?

Must not jump him,
thought Bakura, eyebrow twitching as he tried to restrain himself. The pharaoh was making such a task extremely difficult. He fucking knew that he was taunting the former tomb-robber!

"Move already, pharaoh," growled the pale yami.

The other smirked teasingly, "Patience is a virtue, Bakura." Pale, slender fingers grasped the pale hardness as he seductively whispered, "Bishop to E-5."

The other spirit silently groaned in frustration. Yami was drawing the chess game out just to torture him. Bakura was playing as badly as he could just so the sexy king could ravish him.

Weird he knew, but to Bakura there was nothing sexier than the way Yami looked when he was playing a game the extreme hardness between his legs served as a testament to that. There were possibly only two things more erotic, that taunting little victory smirk and how he looked when the couple was screwing like rabbits in the spring.

Bakura swiftly moved, leaving his king completely unguarded. Yami calmly captured the other's knight leaving him with a rook, a bishop, tree pawns, and his king backed into a corner. At this rate, the thief would come on his own . . .

Finally sexually frustrated beyond belief, Bakura launched himself across the table with a savage growl, latching his lips on his lover's neck and quickly divesting the clothes from both bodies. That was when he saw the taunting victory smirk; Yami'd been waiting for the tomb-robber to snap.

"Bastard," Bakura muttered around the earlobe he was now sucking on before pulling back.

Yami's smirk grew, "I win." The former king gasped as he felt a saliva-slicked finger enter him then heard a low chuckle, "Did you now?"

A pleased moan was the only answer as a looser claimed his prize.