Is this right?

By: ShamenKing

Rating: Uh, T for Teen, I guess.

Warnings: It's freaking gay and ZaDR, so if you clicked on this by mistake, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! RUN, RUN AWAY AND NEVER RETUUUUUUURN! And if you meant to click on this, ENJOY!

Disclaimer: I don't own Invader Zim. Okay?

Summary: Why do I feel this way around him? I-is this right? What will dad think of me when he learns his only son is…gay? And besides that, STILL into the paranormal. Maybe everyone was right, maybe I AM crazy…

Chapter Ten

"I can't believe it." I mumbled, spent. It was too much. Way too much. Not only had I forgotten most key things from my past, I had completely forgotten about the most important thing of all. "Why didn't I realize it earlier."

Zim watched me carefully. I pulled up away from him, staring at him fearfully. He was taller than I had remembered, but except that, he looked exactly the same. Of course it had to be him that would crash back into my life. "What did you mean by…now that we're fully bonded I have to know?" The alien reached a hand out, but I pressed against the back of the booth. No touchy.

He sighed and leaned back. "…Bonded. We're bonded now. Forever. It's…kind of hard to explain to a --"

"Human?" I whispered and he nodded slowly. My eyes clenched shut tightly. "So. You lied to me."

"Huh?" Zim looked up, narrowing his eyes. Just how I remembered him. "LIED to you!! HOW DARE --" He had raised a claw to point fiercely at my forehead.

I smirked. "You said you were here peacefully. If I remember correctly, you were trying to DESTROY the Earth, right?" It was a long shot, I had thought, but of all the movies I had watched, the aliens always wanted to take over the Earth. I really don't remember why he had been here, but I sure did remember what he looked like. He haunted my dreams.

He looked like he wanted to protest, then stopped thoughtfully. "Zim did not lie to Dib." A flash of serrated teeth. "Zim is no longer Irken. So Zim no longer wishes for conquest, though it is fun."

"…You're kidding, right?" I said, tapping my fingers against the table top. Zim rolled his eyes as I reached out for a donut. "What?"

He rapped his knuckles against his chin. "Nothing, nothing…but I said what I said." I gave him a doubtful stare. The donut was so sweet and I downed it with a gulp of the cooling coffee. I motioned for him to go on. "Zim is no longer considered an Irken. Zim is now part of the Resisty. A…resistance group. Against the Irken Empire."

"That's a stupid name…" I mumbled between bites of the donut, still giving him a doubting stare.

"I didn't pick it out! It was some idiot's idea…" Zim reached out and grabbed a donut for himself. As soon as he took a bite, he let out a tiny moan of pleasure. "Mmm…it's been such a long time since Zim has eaten a donut." He murmured, his mouth full. I didn't bother him for a moment as he ate it carefully. Tearing off chunks with his sharp teeth. It was kind of…well, I blushed. I watched, enchanted as that graceful tongue of his licked his lips. "Besides, we're bonded, which means you're officially part of the Resisty now. Stupid name or not."

I choked on the donut and a few heads turned. With a wane smile, I waved and they all turned or left immediately. I leaned in. "What do you mean?!"

Zim rolled his eyes and leaned forward as well. "Now that we're bonded, you're now part of the Resisty. Or do you want Earth to be taken over?" Came the snide reply. As confusing as it was, it actually hit a sore spot I didn't know I had. Earth.

"…What do you mean…? You're ra --" I paused, reconsidering my words. "The…eh, Irkens are going to attack Earth?"

An exasperated sigh. "They've already infiltrated. Haven't you noticed? And Zim thought you had a brain in that huge head of yours." An almost smile crept onto Zim's face as he spoke the last words. My face heated up. Only Gaz had mocked my head after therapy. Ugh, I hated remembering stuff. My head ached as I remembered that he had been the first to actually confront me about the size of my head. Who ever said it was a mystery to me.

"My head's normal size, thank you very much." I retorted tartly, then grabbed his hand, pulling him close, a little alarmed. "Already infiltrated?! They have someone here!?"

"Of course they do, idiot!" Zim scoffed. "That's the first step of Infiltration. The Invader has to exploit the human's weaknesses. That was why I needed to find out more about the Earth's weaknesses. To protect it."

The Big, Big Book of Everything Lethal. No wonder. "…You're protecting Earth?" I swallowed thickly. "Why?"

Zim huffed and pulled his hand away. I felt a leg slip against mine and I pressed further against it. He didn't move away, nor did he answer. But it didn't matter. "Who is it? I have to know."

"HAH!" Zim screamed. There was no one to turn their heads to stare by now. Only the waitress and cashier. The alien lowered his voice. "Hah! Zim will never tell Dib…NEVER!"

I frowned. Standing, I walked around the table and pushed Zim over gently, then sat down next to him. I smiled and leaned in closer to him and he instinctively leaned back a bit. He was playing a part after all, I thought. "I thought you loved me…" I whispered, grazing my lips over his own. He responded by running a hand on my thigh.

"…Well…" He mumbled to himself. Weighing the pros and cons. "I don't really…" The wormy tongue slipped through his lips, parting them and wettening them. They shone temptingly, teasingly. I pressed my lips flush against his. Distracted neither of us saw the waitress walk over and clear off the table, assuming we were finished. I pulled back for a breath of fresh air and he watched me with unblinking eyes. "It's…someone named…Tenn. She's an Invader."

"Tenn?" I asked, picturing her. One of Gaz's cronies name was Tenn. The Third goth with menacing red eyes and black hair. "One of Gaz's…friends name is Tenn."

"That's the one." Zim nodded. "That's no human."

"Then…why did she give me --"

"To stay in character. Those two do anything your sister says, yes? That's probably it."

"I see…" I sighed and leaned down to press my head against his chest. A clawed hand ran through my hair, then something pulled on my scythe. I whined and shifted slightly so that half of myself was laid over his lap. It didn't occur to me that this, a long time ago, was my enemy. Well, that was some time ago… "Zim, do you really like me?"

The ministrations halted, but soon started up again with a fervor. "That's…" He started, but I smiled. I knew anyway.

I nuzzled my face into the open skin on his tummy. It was soft and I kissed it lightly. I shifted so that I was sitting on the bench fully, then laid down so that my head was on his lap. He stared down at me. "Thanks."

"Zim doesn't understand." He scrunched up his face, still combing a hand through my hair. I mewled deep in my throat and arched my back to get more contact.

"It doesn't matter. I just needed to say it." I closed my eyes. Half my legs were off the bench, bent at the knee. I was totally comfortable. "My dad's gonna have a fit when he realizes that I've skipped school again."

Zim bit his lip. "He'll have more of a fit when he realizes that you're never going home again."

My eyes immediately snapped open. "What?" I said breathlessly. Never go home?

"Like I said, we're bonded. Forever."

"Humans don't live forever…"

"Now you do. Now that we're bonded…you can get a PAK attached to your back that'll stop your aging process and you'll live as long as I do." He was smiling. Apparently, he thought this was good news. I didn't really want to live forever. Did I? My heart raced a little.

I clenched my mouth shut. "What if I don't want to." It wasn't a question.

Zim suddenly didn't answer and he continued to stroke my hair. The comforting gesture was just that. A comforting gesture, but it was fast becoming an annoyance. Why wasn't he talking? And…why couldn't I hear the insistent chatter in my head in anymore? I concentrated and even I was wondering what I was doing. But then I heard it.

What does he mean by that?

I knew it, he hates me.

Now that he remembers, he'll expose me.

He'll remember his promises to show my guts to everyone.

Why did I have to seek him out?

And it was quiet again. "I don't hate you…"

He didn't speak, those eyes sliding shut slowly. The lithe fingers never left my head. Once again I leaned into them. "Zim…needs to check in with the Resisty soon. You'll have to show yourself as an Ambassador of Earth. Lard Nar cannot know we are bonded," Not that he'll even know what it means.

I felt like running off, but I also felt like taking up his offer of using a PAK. I knew that I had always been envious of those PAK-legs of his. My head began to pound and I stopped thinking right away. "…I'm so confused, Zim."