A/N: Yes I realize that my last update kind of went into crazy town but I shall redeem myself and make it better. This whole story is a little crazy. Maybe it's me. All feedback is appreciated. This chapter will be kind of rushed because I'm going to New York and I probably won't have any motivation afterwards. Also happy birthday to Billy Shakespeare!!

The media had been notified. Tawny knew she was doing the right thing; she, a mere sixth grader, knew that what the principal had done was wrong. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Her parents had been so surprised when she asked to do something about it. They shouldn't have been that surprised, she had always been very smart. So after her request, it was more of a plea because she was still extremely upset, her father called up one of his lawyer friends. Legal action was going to be taken. This was going to be big; never mind big this was going to monstrously huge. Jamie's parents had wanted nothing to do with the whole matter. In fact they had pulled Jamie out of school and begun home schooling him.

Tawny hadn't talked to Louis yet she didn't know if she would. She had no idea if he knew what he had done. She hoped to the god she didn't believe in that he hadn't intentionally thrown them to the mercy of the homophobic principal. Maybe he hadn't known that the principal had some personal bias in cases like this. This made the older man a really sucky principal in Tawny's opinion. As her father's lawyer friend kept telling her; her opinion was indeed correct. She had this feeling of foreboding. This sense that something big was about go down and she was to be right in the middle of it. She wasn't scared exactly, just a little unsure. She knew that change was coming and that people would look at her differently. This was the beginning of her thick skinned approach; the "I don't give a shit about what anyone thinks" method.

That was how it was when she went back to school. Everyone was talking about the weird Goth chick who was suing the school. There were the kids who would whisper and the ones who would taunt her; but there was one reaction which completely caught her off guard. It was her third day back from her suspension and she was on her way to lunch to sit with Tom. That is until she saw Louis Stevens waving like a madman trying to get her attention. Against her better judgment she made her way towards him.

"Tawny can we talk?" Louis asked almost nervously.

"We already are talking Louis." Tawny said flatly, her patience was wearing it had been a long morning and it looked to extend throughout her day.

"I meant in private." He muttered looking around nervously. She decided that she would follow him now that she was completely curious about what he had to say to her. They walked into an empty hallway and she leaned against a locker as Louis looked at her nervously.

"Tawny I just wanted to say that I didn't mean for everything to happen the way it did. It was only supposed to be a little prank to teach that queer a lesson. No one got hurt and it was no big deal. I didn't mean for it to go this far; and you were never supposed to get in trouble. What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry." Tawny couldn't remember ever hearing Louis sound so sincere.

"Well I accept your apology but you should really apologize to 'that queer' Jamie, I mean look how much you disrupted his life. And what was it all for, just a dumb little kiss? You outed him to his parents and that sucks really bad for him. I mean look at how they pulled him out of school. Even if you don't agree with his lifestyle or however you want to put it no one deserves to be humiliated like that. If you want us to be good then go and talk to Jamie he deserves more of an apology than me. Besides it wasn't your fault that I stopped your little prank it was mine and it's the Principal's fault for being insensitive and politically incorrect." With that Tawny turned and went back to the cafeteria to eat her lunch with Tom leaving Louis in the dust still mulling over her words.