Everything was so dark...

Wormmon... Daisuke... Miyako... Takeru... Iori... Hikari... Can you hear me? It's cold. It's too cold. And everything is so dark... I'm scared. Something is coming after me. I can't run away. I don't know where I am. Please... Help me... Help me...

Ken was curled up in the middle of the darkness, his head hidden between his arms, over his knees. He was trembling, but he didn't know if it was because the fear or because of the strange cold that suddenly have taken posession of him.

Suddenly, he heared that voice again... Ken… Ken, come with us. We need you, Ken...

No please, leave me, what do you want from me? Leave me...

Ken got up and started to run, he couldn't bear listen those voices; he ran away, desperatly, suddenly, he tripped and fell into the ground, and that thing was approaching him, more and more near... more near... He got up and ran again; now he was cornered, he hadn't an escape, he was trapped in the darkness... It all was dark... and cold. So cold...

No… please, leave me. Don't touch me, leave me alone… LEAVE ME!

"Ken, please! What's wrong?"

Ken was shaking in his bed, immersed in a terrible nightmare, with his eyelids strongly closed in a desperate gesture of fear. He mumbled something that was hardly understandable. He was trying to scream, but anything escaped of his throat. The little Digimon skaked his human friend, more and more scared.


And then, he opened his eyes and woke up of a sudden, holding back a scream. He was gasping for breath, his forehead covered in sweat.

"Ken! Are you all right?"

The boy gulped with difficulty, still panting. His mouth was dry. His eyes looked around the room, unable to stop in a concrete place.

"Wormmon..." he said in a whisper, with a voice that he didn't recognize as his.

"What's has happened? Was... Was it a nightmare?" asked the little Digimon.

Ken said nothing, but he hugged the Digimon, shivering with violence. He was totally terrified.

"Wormmon… you are here…"

Wormmon looked alarm when he realised the intensity with which his heart was beating. He felt his whole body was trembling, and the bed clothes were soaked in sweat.

It had been a dream… just a dream… just a dream… he repeated to himself once and once again, like if he were trying to calm himself.

"Ken, are you all right? You're... you're trembling!"

Ken moved away, embarrassed.

"I'm… I'm sorry…"

"Do you want me to call your parents? Are you sure you're all right?"

"Don't worry, I'm much better now…It was only a nightmare"

The boy wrapped himself with the blanket. He hasn't been able to control his trembling hands yet. He closed his eyes, strongly, trying to calm down himself, but the nightmare in his mind, once and once again... He startled when he heared Wormmon's voice calling him. Ken turned around, looking at his Digimon.

"Wormmon… Let's try to sleep, shall we?"

"But Ken..."
"I feel better, I promise. It only was a nightmare" he smiled and closed his eyes, trying to make him see there's nothing going wrong.

Wormmon's look went for an instant to the desk. He thought he had seen something sparkling there... It was possible? Ken's crest was shining?

He looked at Ken again. The boy have fallen asleep again. His breath was quiet than before. Wormmon approached him, very carefully.

"Ken, what have you dreamt? What could fright you so much?" he asked himself.

He snuggled up at his side, closed his eyes and fell asleep.